The hair removal industry is big business; women spend an estimated £8000 on hair removal in their lifetime and it’s no wonder: excess hair can be both annoying and embarrassing; however little or large the amount of hair, the effects can be distressing. Excess female hair can stem from hereditary, hormonal or other causes, with the most common region for hair growth being the face and neck. I have suffered from mild hair growth on my cheeks and chin, with the hair being light in colour but quite downy and noticeable. I found that waxing irritated my skin, causing breakouts, and depilatory creams, in a similar way to shaving, remove the hair at the thickest point of the shaft causing it to grow back all at once and in a way that is almost stubbly to the eye and to touch. I was at a loss until I came across the Epicare Wand - a simple, cheap and easy to use threading device that uses precision coils to remove unwanted hair. It's now a firm favourite that I couldn’t live without.

The Epicare wand is in essence a long thin spring. Its coils are precisely measured in order to catch hair effectively and pull it from the root; it's designed for use on the upper lip, cheeks and chin. The spring is steel with an antibacterial coating, which is a great addition for anyone that tends to break out after using other depilation methods that leave the follicle open to oils and bacteria. The wand is incredibly easy to use and requires nothing more than your fingers and a mirror; the coil is held by the textured rubber handles and bent upwards into an ‘inverted U’ shape, it is then placed against clean skin and the handles rolled between the fingers and thumbs to extract both coarse and fine hairs. One of the reasons I like this tool so much is that it’s quick and so simple that I often use it while watching TV, checking the mirror every now and then for areas I might have missed . As you’re pulling the hair from the root, it does hurt, but in my experience its less painful than waxing and you become less sensitive to the feeling after each session.

The Epicare wand is very effective at removing both thick and thin hairs, but if you miss a couple on the first go you can redo the area immediately without having to wait. I find that the coil isn’t as effective at removing very short hairs which, on one hand means I need to use another method on my upper lip, but on the other hand means it leaves a very natural look to the face as very tiny hairs aren’t removed, so you aren’t left with large patches of skin that are unnaturally completely free of hair. Unfortunately this tool can’t be used on eyebrows as it isn’t precise enough to catch individual hairs and there’s a danger of accidental eyelash removal, but it’s brilliant for larger areas of the face, neck, and also for patches of hair on the chest, stomach or legs.

The Epicare is available with a choice of 8 different coloured handles, and is discreet in shape so can be left on show without embarrassment. To clean the wand it can be bent and blown or shaken to remove hair from the coil, and can be wiped with alcohol sanitiser to ensure its germ and oil free. It's recommended to replace the Epicare every 12 months, but when you consider its price of just £10.95, it is much cheaper than one year’s worth of waxing or threading treatments, as well as being much more convenient. Since finding this tool I would never go back to another method of depilation and would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with excess unwanted hair, especially those whose skin is sensitive to other (more expensive) hair removal techniques.

The Epicare wands are available online from Epicare UK or Amazon.

Written by Kirsty Paterson


  1. I am gonna give this ago,I hate tweezing maxing so this sounds a lot better and less painful.thanks for sharing :) xx

  2. This sounds like my dreams come true! Definitely going to give this a go. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I don`t know, it still looks painful to me :D


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