Brilliant Bargain Buy: George at ASDA Nail Polish

When you think of George at ASDA, beauty products may not be the first thing that comes to your head. They currently have a growing number of affordable 'own brand' cosmetics to their name which are seldom mentioned on the internet, or by the brand itself. While their face products can be a little hit and miss, the George Quick Dry Nail Varnish is definitely worth sharing for being just as good as leading high street brands - but with a sizeable saving on the purse. With a choice of over 40 colours from nude beige to dark metallic plum and a variety of finishes there’s something to suit every taste, with pinks being in abundance. Although the packaging isn’t fancy, the bottle design makes the brush handle easy to hold, and the brush itself is classically thin and long which means it simply works as it should.

The polish is thin in texture (so spreads over the nail easily,) and while it is milky and semi-transparent on first coat, it is opaque on second coat which easily hides any possible unevenness, as long as each layer isn’t too thick. The polish makes no specific claims to its drying time except for being ‘quick’, but it dries in easily less than 90 seconds, making building up layers simple when you’re in a rush. The Quick Dry Nail Varnishes need a top coat in order for them to really shine, but they are definitely wearable on their own without. As for the finishes, these are available in a range of pure colours, shimmers and metallics. The shades are definitely worth seeing in person before buying if you can, as the ASDA website’s photos don’t do the colours justice and the product descriptions are often slightly lacking. I have only tried one metallic, Hot Pink, and unfortunately it was a bit of a let-down as the brush creates streaks in the formula on every layer, but their other finishes are fantastic and I’m particularly fond of the shimmer colours; Indigo Dazzle, one of my favourites, is a midnight blue with blue and turquoise particles running through it that look amazing in bright natural and artificial light, and would make a brilliant Christmas alternative to a traditional red.

On the nail, each Quick Dry Varnish lasts just as well as the leading high street quick drying brand - I have never found fast drying polish to be the most durable, but this is able to last me a few days without needing to touch up. One of the great things about fast drying polish, especially if polishes in general don’t last long on your nails, is that retouching any wear or chips is so quick and easy that you can constantly keep your paint job looking fresh. A slightly shimmering red-pink by the name of Gambler is the most worn colour from my collection of the George shades, and with quick touch ups of the tips here and there, my nails are always looking newly painted.

Something that is particularly brilliant about these George polishes compared to a lot of highstreet brands is that they last so long in the bottle; I’ve been known to have to repurchase the same nail varnish shade almost every month from one brand as it turns so thick and unusable so quickly, but the George polishes have stayed the same thin and usable consistency as I when I bought them several months ago. One of the main reasons I like these polishes, apart from their formula, is their value for money and quality versus the price: where you’d usually be paying between £3.50 and £6.50 for a quick drying varnish on the highstreet, the George Quick Dry Varnishes are just £1.75. It’s definitely worth picking up a few of these polishes if you pop into ASDA or are doing your weekly shop, they are excellently economical and I can’t fault their shade range.

The George Quick Dry Nail Varnishes are available online and select Asda stores for £1.75

Written by Kirsty Paterson


  1. I like the look of these the bottles are look the same as the No7 polishes.

    mybeautysleuth x


  2. I was brought a george nailvarnish as part of a gift a few years ago and it was amazing! might have to pick a few up this week! xxxxx

  3. Great post! loving the nude shade!

  4. These do sound worth a try :)


  5. Does anyone know if these are vegan/cruelty free? X


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