NEW: Nip+Fab Winter Body Butters

If I had to choose two things that really get me going for Autumn, it would be rich warm scents to fill the senses and rich thick creams to cover the skin. The Nip+Fab Body Butters provide both with their eyecatching Winter triple set, containing three delectable scents along with their 'beauty fixes made easy' ethos. It's hard to miss the bright green and red packaging (which reminds me a lot of a candy cane), and with three 50ml body butter filled pots advertising their wintery aromas of Spiced Apple, Winter Cherry and Sugared Almond, it's hard not to imagine being snuggled up in front of a fire from just looking at the box! The names describe the powerful scents perfectly - Spiced Apple is warm like cinnamon with a strong citrus tone; Winter Cherry, my favourite of the three, is strong and sweet like a hot cherry pie; while Sugared Almond is like a robust nut butter with a hint of musk.

Each body butter is foil sealed, which is great to keep them fresh, but they could do with a little tab to pull just to make entry a bit easier. Under the foil wrap you'll find a very thick white cream, definitely buttery, but as they're water based they massage in easily with no greasy feeling left on the skin. All three variants are hydrating and plumping, containing shea butter which is perfect for a body in need of moisture when the cold wind has been nipping at it. The warmth of the skin really brings out the warmth of each scent, which epitomise Autumn for me, and they're perfect for day or evening wear as the fragrances dissipate before they become overpowering.

The Nip+Fab Body Butter Triple Set is a great little collection that does exactly what it says on the box, with three super smelling products for just under £10. It would be the perfect way to update your body moisturisers for the colder months or, if you're already gathering present ideas, this is definitely one to keep in mind for Christmas!

The Nip+Fab Body Butter Triple Set is available from Debenhams for £9.95

Written by Kirsty Paterson


  1. I am seriously in love with NIP + FAB body butters they are divine! I get my family members to bring them over for me when they visit thats how much I love them... Thanks for sharing the Christmas ones... I'll try to get my mum to find them out as she's visiting in November. Many Thanks Clare Elise www.clareelisesparkles.com

  2. Lovely Post! - im loving the sound of sugared almond. Sounds interesting - i will try these out :) defo a good idea for a xmas pressie

  3. Oh gosh! I just want to buy these now for the pure fact that they sound like they smell amazing!


  4. I don't usually go for body butters but these look amazing! I love the sound of spiced apple :) xx



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