Alexa Chung's 'IT': Vacuous Nonsense or Style Icon on Paper?

When I first heard Alexa Chung was writing a book my initial reaction was: "hooray, we can finally find out her style secrets and how to become successful with practically no identifiable talent." As someone who initially made her name presenting teenage telly on T4 at the weekends, her progression into one of the UK's most desirable commodoties is somewhat baffling. Now a muse to Karl Lagerfeld, the ex-girlfriend of Arctic Monkey's frontman Alex, best friend to Henry Holland and Pixie Geldof, the name sake of Mulberry's iconic bag and front row at every fashion show that matters, it seems we simply can't get enough of Miss Chung... Even though nobody is really quite sure why. Sure, she dresses quite well on occasion and makes rolling out of bed and not doing your hair seem cool, but why do we have an obsession with her? Maybe the book could help me understand.

Described as "a truly one-off collection of Alexa's writing, doodles and photographs," her debut book combines stories of early style inspirations with snippets and tales from her life. Discussing her early desire for a pony so she could wear jodhpurs, how the Spice Girls introduced her to feminism (and Gucci,) and the influence vintage film stars have had on her style evolution, the book is written in very much a diary format - not unlike Alexa has jotted down a few notes on her iPad and attempted to make them all into one comprehensive book at short notice. Between the random photos of her friends pretending to win Miss Universe and multiple mentions of Wednesday Adams, there are a few useful tips; using Vaseline and brown sugar as a lip exfoliator, liquid pen liners for a strong long-lasting look and cream blushers to avoid an uncomfortable feeling on the skin. However, the majority of the book feels like you're sitting in the pub with Miss Chung and she's had a couple glasses of wine... Random stories of her modelling days, telling you to think about your outfit in the shower to save time getting dressed, lists of people with good and bad hair, as well as saying stuff like "gym clothes are tricky: you wear them so you can look good, but nobody ever looked good in Spandex."

Although the grammar and writing standard is horrendous (Alexa does not know how to use a comma) and the book incredibly vacuous, it did leave me smiling and giggling to myself. The random pictures of naked women, doodles of onions and photocopies of her travel passes may not be the most stimulating content, but Alexa does what she does best within 'IT': she puts it all out there and doesn't give a sh*t. This is never going to win awards, nor probably lead to a second stab at the book market, but it does make an awesome looking coffee table staple. Considering it's now a top ten bestseller in the UK, thousands of people must love Miss Chung enough to part with their hard earned cash. But if I were you, I'd wait until it was half price in WHSmith...

Get Alexa Chung's debut book online and in book stores nationwide priced £16.99



  1. I've had more than enough of her, yawn. Nice looking title though...it's beautifully published. I think the bad grammar would have it tossed in the fireplace before long :-)

    1. It's more of a scrapbook than a novel. Not sure who agreed to give her a book deal!

  2. Anonymous21.10.13

    I loved thisreview of her book, needless to say I won't be buying it.

    Jess xx


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