Teeth Whitening With Dr Oliver White Smile Whitening Wands

The Dr Oliver White Smile range is a collection of smile enhancing products created by Dr Joe Oliver. One of London’s leading cosmetic dentists, whose treatments have appeared on television programmes such as Ten Years Younger, Dr Oliver continues to practice as dentist for many celebrities and high profile clients. The range contains various cosmeceutical products (from whitening toothpaste to upper lip treatment,) as Dr Oliver believes that to achieve a young and healthy looking smile, all areas of the mouth should be targeted. My teeth tend to stain easily and become dull in colour, so I was interested to find out how much difference the Dr Oliver Whitening Wands and Whitening Toothpaste could make to my smile.

The Whitening Wands (£45) are designed to be used twice daily over the course of two weeks, to achieve a bright smile without the sensitivity of intensive treatments. After brushing for at least two minutes, the teeth are dried with a clean towel and the clear whitening gel is applied by twisting the barrel of the wand and coating the teeth using the brush tip. Drying my teeth was a new experience for me, but the application of this minty gel is quick and easy: one turn of the barrel produces enough product to coat each of the teeth that are visible when smiling. A feature of this product that I found particularly helpful was the ability to apply the whitening gel only where needed; the worst of my tooth discolouration tends to be close to the gum-line, so I was able to concentrate the gel on these stains in order to even out the colour of my teeth before applying to the entire tooth surface further into the treatment. The gel must be allowed to activate for 30 minutes before eating or drinking, a point vital to the efficacy of this treatment (as I noticed reduced results even just from drinking water after application.) I found it produced better whitening results when I was able to keep my teeth exposed for as long as I could after gel application, to avoid it being diluted with saliva; smiling widely and baring my teeth for 5-10 minutes was enough to gain a much better effect without causing too much annoyance (compared to other whitening methods involving mouth guards and tooth trays.)

The Whitening Wands contain Hydrogen Peroxide that passes into the tooth to gently break down complex staining molecules over a 14 day period. This cuts down on the discomfort that can sometimes be experienced with tooth whitening products; I felt a slight increase in sensitivity only for the first couple of days of treatment. I was impressed with the results from this product - I started to see a change after the first few applications and at the end of the two weeks my teeth were much whiter and brighter than before, with even the worst of the discolouration lightened to create a uniform tooth colour. It took a small amount of dedication to keep up the routine of application and remembering not to eat or drink afterwards, but I think the results were worth the slight inconvenience.

Dr Oliver White Smile Whitening Toothpaste (£12) is non-abrasive and contains anti-tartar and anti-stain ingredients as well as fluoride to help keep teeth white. This product can be as a whitening treatment alone or in conjunction with others from the range in order to enhance the results, but replaces your normal toothpaste so you don’t need to spend extra time in the bathroom. The translucent gel has a strong minty taste and foams easily while brushing, which is a trait I look for specifically when trying a new toothpaste, as I find non-foaming types a bit unpleasant to use. As with the wands, the gel contains Hydrogen Peroxide but and is meant to be used everyday; however, there shouldn’t be any extra sensitivity or irritation. Used twice a day for 2-3 minutes, this product has really helped to keep my teeth bright and prevent discolouration creeping back after treatment with the Whitening Wands. I would thoroughly recommend both of these products if you want to whiten and brighten, but don't want to fork out the hundreds of pounds it can usually cost.

The Dr Oliver White Smile range is available from SpaceNK. The Whitening Wands cost £45.00 for a two week supply, while the Whitening Toothpaste costs £12.00.

Written by Kirsty Paterson


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  1. That's actually pretty affordable, and I'm glad to hear they work well! I wonder how they'd work with my invisalign...



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