Shop the Trend: White Sunglasses

The sun has finally graced us with its presence, so I'm sure you've had weekend full of Facebook status updates praising the heat and Twitpics of Pimms on the grass. With the sun comes the need for some stylish sunglasses, and nothing says Riveria Chic more than a pair of classic white sunnies with a 1950/60s twist. White is the perfect colour as it goes with everything, whereas black can dull and outfit and draw attention away from your radiant glow. Cats eye glasses look good on practically everyone, as their exaggerated shape isn't dependent upon suiting a certain style. Marry those two things together and you end up with a fabulously elegant summer look that will have you going from picnics in the park, to Henley Regatta via Wimbledon. These are my top picks, especially as the oversized shapes are so easy to wear - however, it's the additional detail on each of these that leaves me lusting after them. What's even better is that you can nab most of them for only £12.00 - looking chic was never any easier!

Would you dare to don a pair of white sunnies? Which are your favourite?

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