Rituals: A Touch of Happiness

If we all walked around with a smile on our face and a spring in our step, the world would be a happier place. Rituals are aiming to do their bit for the good of humanity (well, temporarily) with the launch of their new Laughing Buddha collection. Containing a body cream, body scrub, shower foam, shower oil and bed perfume, the scents aim to uplift and energise with their fruity orange notes. I'm a huge fan of Rituals (their shower foam is to die for,) so this new scented range is a welcome addition to my home scents.

The body cream is rich and luxurious, leaving skin feeling hydrated and supple, while the bed perfume is great in the mornings when you've just made your bed - it energises the room and makes it feel fresh and ready for the day ahead. I'm not a huge fan of shower oils, but the Fortune Oil mixes with water to create a very light creaminess on the skin; it picks up and removes dirt without stripping the skin of moisture. Although Rituals looks like a brand that should cost the earth, the products start at £7.00 for a shower foam and move up to £15.00 for the bed fragrances. They're a brand you can rely on to provide great ingredients, fabulous performance and scents that really have a lasting impact. They're such a pleasure to use and look great in your bathroom too - who needs Molton Brown when you've got Rituals to keep you company?

The Laughing Buddha collection is available now in store and online. Prices start at £7.00.


  1. I bet these really do smell delightful xx


  2. I LOVE rituals- especially their shower stuff. I'll definitely be investing in these!


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