GOSH: Smokey Eye Liners

The smokey eye is rather like the little black dress - it'll never go out of style. A subtle smokey look around the eye oozes glamour and captures the essence of Sophia Loren. Although this has been done many times before, GOSH cosmetics are launching their very own version of the double-ended smokey eye liner pencil. It's available in four different shades (black, brown, blue and plum) and includes a smudging brush at the end, with a handy cover to ensure it doesn't get covered in makeup when floating around your makeup bag. These are crayons, as opposed to the traditional khol pencil, which provides a much creamier and smudgier look. The pigment and pay-off is extremely strong, providing a deep colour with only one swipe of the tip - however, there is very little difference between the colours on the skin (as you can see by the swatches below,) so don't expect to get a bright blue or delicate purple... The packaging is quite misleading! I really like these budget buys, especially as they smudge easily and create a great smokey look for even the most novice of makeup enthusiasts.

The Smokey Eye Liners will be availble in Superdrug from August priced £5.99 each


  1. Anonymous25.7.13

    I must try this , they look good xox

  2. I love the look of these, really wearable shades too!x

  3. I used to love the Gosh eyeliners for being so waterproof, haven't bought one in a while but maybe I will try it again as you enjoy them, I kinda forgot about Gosh as a brand!


  4. I like how they haven't gone crazy with the colours! Might try these!

  5. I love these!
    Thank you for the blogpost, I definitely need to invest!!

    xx Chloe

  6. Anonymous27.9.14

    how the heck are you supposed to propel the crayon when it becomes blunt?
    I bought the Gosh smokey eye liner in Smokey Brown and now I can't find a way to get it to drop down or propel now that its become completely blunt.

    1. You sharpen it. Like a normal pencil.


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