Pippa Middleton: Princess of Style

Recently voted Style In View’s most fashionable celebrity by the public, when it comes to the Middleton sisters, it’s Kate’s wardrobe we most often lust after. But let’s not forget Pippa in the style stakes. Making waves in the fashion world with her recent appointment as Vanity Fair’s latest contributing editor, Pippa has more to offer than her more commonly noted ass-ets... With that in mind, what better excuse do we need to take a moment to examine her oft overlooked style credentials? Here are Pippa Middleton’s top fashion moments.

1. At the start of the list, anyone who needed any inspiration on how best to wear this season’s all white ensemble trend need look no further than Ms Middleton in this. We all know what an arse it can be wearing something all white, but seeing as we expect Pippa to be above anything quite so proletariat as spilling, we are free to admire her working the trend for us.

2. For tips on how to wear animal print tastefully, you could do worse than taking some style tips from Pippa. Who said leopard print has to look cheap? Team it with simple jeans for an effortless statement look. Oh Pippa, how you show us how it’s done.

3. Always one for the peplum is Pippa, and this dress is no exception. This is what Pippa does. (When she’s not writing books, planning parties or writing her Vanity Fair column, course.) Pippa knows a peplum creates curves on her otherwise boyish frame, showing off her femininity with ease.

4. It’s no surprise the girl can rock a good evening gown really, is it? It was probably a royal requirement when it was revealed she’d be an in-law. ‘Right, we’ve all seen her party in a bra and skirt, but how does she look when she does bother to get dressed in the morning?’ Ah, just look at this lovely emerald gown. And look... Not a fascinator in sight! That’s the kind of accessory that can really send a good outfit downhill.

5. And of course, no run down of Pippa’s best bits would be complete with the now famous Alexander McQueen bridesmaid dress. She might have done the unthinkable and worn white to a wedding (mon Dieu!) but let’s face it, there was no hope of overshadowing this bride. Happily, it was just attention-grabbing enough to steal her share of the headlines while launching her into the public eye in a big way - testament enough to the McQueen creation. And Pippa, of course.

Pippa, here’s looking at you.

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  1. I did snort at the Daily Mail a few days ago when they referred to what I thought a lovely outfit as 'Granny Chic' x



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