Overnight Detox Foot Patches from Patch-It

Leading an extremely busy lifestyle, anything that claims to work while I sleep is a bonus. Skincare, body treatments, detoxing - all while I slumber and don't have to worry about it? Sign me up. I remember trying a foot patch for the first time about ten years ago, cautiously attaching it to the underside of my foot before slipping into bed and not quite knowing what I would wake up to. They don't seem to have progressed far since then, but you can now get your hands on sleep patches that claim to do different things while you snooze. Patch-It are available in two different varieties - a regular detoxing version, as well as a sleep aid to help you awaken feeling revitalised. I've put both of these to the test for a couple of nights to see if they really did do what they say, and although I'm not completely convinced, they did make bedtime a little more interesting.

To use these, all you have to do is remove each patch from its packaging and affix to the underside of the foot like a plaster, taking care to ensure the pouch with the ingredients is completely touching the skin. You go to bed as normal, removing the patches and disposing of them when you awake. The stickiness of the patch is strong enough to keep it in place all night (even for the most fidgity of people,) but delicate enough to cause none of that horrendous plaster-removal feeling you get with the ugly beige things. When you remove the patch you'll notice that the pouch has turned a dark grey colour, which is supposedly all the toxins that have been removed overnight. Now there's no scientific proof whatsoever that this actually works (and it isn't just sweat,) but it's supposedly based on the ancient practice of Reflexology - whereby your feet are manipulated and cleansed as a route to other areas of the body.

Using the detox patches I didn't feel any different whatseover, but with the sleep-aid patches I did actually seem to get a better night's slumber; I awoke feeling refreshed and as though I'd had a really good quality kip, something I rarely experience without a herbal tea and a natural sleep aid. I'm not going to disgust you with a picture of my used patches, but there was definitely something being removed from the underside of my feet and it seemed to help me sleep better. Realistically you should use these every day for a week to get the proper benefit, but even as a one-off treat they're quite interesting to test... I like to think of these like a face mask for your feet. Something we use out of curioisity and indulgence, rather than targeted skincare relief.

Have you ever tried foot patches? Do you think they actually work?

Find out more on their website. The patches are available in Holland & Barrett for £3.99 (or £5.98 for two) or via Nature's Dream for £29.99 for a pack of 20.


  1. What an interesting post. I've heard of these before but never even looked for them in the stores or anything. Very helpful review!

    Best, x http://chictrends.co.uk/

  2. This is the most unusual thing I've seen on a beauty blog in a while. And I want one so much.

    Sherry x


  3. I'm beyond skeptical, yet weirdly curious. I'm bound to buy these, I know what I'm like!

  4. Haha! I saw these at Holland & Barrett the other day and was very intrigued! Will have to try them out at least once!

  5. Hmmm...interesting. I am having a hard time sleeping well and i think this might help. I'll def check on this one.

  6. I've been intrigued by these for a while but the idea is a bit ick (for the detox ones) I might give the sleep aid ones a whirl though...

    Sophs x



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