NEW: Collection Cosmetics launches Colour Pro Lip Laquer

If pay day is still a bit too far away, but you need a cheeky treat to get you through, Collection cosmetics have a cute range of lip laquers to tickle your fancy. Their 'Colour Pro' range of laquers have the pigment of a lipstick, but the gloss and shine of a lipgloss, making these the perfect mid-way product if you crave colour but hate the feel of a traditional lipstick. Available in four shades (including a nude beige, pale pink, striking fuchsia and bold orange,) the laquer keeps your pout looking kissable without the dreaded drag. The precision applicator holds a lot of product to ensure it applies evenly in one swoop, while the narrow end enables you to outline the lip wherever needed. I was pleasantly surprised how strong the colours were, as well as how comfortable the glosses felt on lips - no drying or overtly sticky feeling. You do need to regularly re-apply, as with any gloss-based product, but these are fab for a pop of brightness in the daytime if lipstick is a little too much for you handle. These are definitely being added to my current top ten favourite lip colours.

The Colour Pro Lip Laquers are available in 4 shades priced £4.19 each.


  1. These is almost like they're matte lip creams, ooh I like! I'm passing a superdrug tomorrow! *Superdrug splurge ahead*

    Alice :)

  2. Anonymous14.6.13

    Lovely post and pictures Hayley. This looks like a nice little collection, all the colours are ideal for Summer.

  3. Ooh I saw these in Boots the other day and thought LBQ must have a review - came on to check before purchasing and it looks as if I'm to part with some money tomorrow! xx

    ATA|All Things Anita.. please give me some feedback on my blog! x

  4. I love these lip laquers and their price is more than affordable. I might buy some of them :) Thanks again for this excellent post.

  5. Anonymous16.6.13

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  6. Love the look of these, such lovely colours xx



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