Makeup Tools: MUA Stippling Brush

I'd heard from a few bloggers that MUA's brushes were pretty good value for money. After having a look at their range, and being desperate to try a new stippling brush to achieve an airbrushed finish to the skin, I thought I'd give their brushes a go myself to find out if they really were as good as I'd been lead to believe. MUA have kept their brush design simple: both the handle and ferrule (the part that holds the bristles) are made of shiny plastic, while the brush number is written in nice big white letters on the side so you know easily which of the range it is. I personally prefer plastic handles to metal or wood - they're lightweight and easy to clean as you don't have to worry about accidentally taking off any varnish or paint. This is a duofibre flat top brush made of natural and synthetic hair, making it perfect for both creams and powders; I was surprised at how soft the hairs feel on the skin. It has a smaller and less dense head than the other stippling brushes I own, which makes it perfect for precision application and blending on the cheeks. It picks up product easily and because it has long synthetic bristles it gently buffs the product in with even light motions.

Because of its small head, this wouldn't necessarily be the brush I reach for to apply foundation. However, as it's duo-fibre it has a lot of other useful functions: it's great for applying and blending out cream blushes and contouring the cheeks, perfect for those really pigmented blushers where only a light hand is needed, as well as being perfect to use with the handle pointed downwards to apply powder highlighter to the top of the cheeks. Another, more unusual, way I've really enjoyed using this brush is for fake tan application to the face. Using a brush for tanning is something I've only recently started doing (having previously been using a mitt,) but found the tan was really clinging to any blemishes/dry patches and sticking around the hairline. With the stippling brush it's so much easier to blend into the hairline and apply very lightly over imperfect areas of the face; it really buffs the lotion in, meaning that you can build coverage or apply it just in certain areas without it looking patchy. I don't think I'll ever go back to a mitt!

I spot clean this brush with an antibacterial wipe, deep clean it at least once a week (and always after fake tan), and I haven't experienced any shedding at all to date. I've bought much more expensive brushes and after the first wash ended up with a face full of hairs, so it's really impressed me to not have to spend ages picking suspicious looking fibres off my perfect base. The Stippling Brush is part of a range of 14 makeup brushes MUA introduced at the beginning of 2013, and overall I found it a great multitasking brush that I was pleased to add to my collection.

The MUA F2 Stippling Brush is available from MUA Online for £3.00, as well as in Superdrug stores nationwide. 

Written by Kirsty Paterson


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  3. This brush looks really good for £3, bargain! It's a shame I no longer buy anything from MUA or I'd be ordering this now aha! xo

  4. Oooh, I was unsure about their brush range! But I think I might purchase it to apply cream blushes!
    Estelle x

  5. I never knew that MUA did a brush range! I was going to purchase the real techniques stippling brush but now i think I will give this one a go first.
    Really great review, Loving your blog :)
    Sam X

  6. This looks amazing! I didn't know MUA sold brushes!

  7. I love that cute pot, where's it from? :)


    1. It's from Matalan, I think it's meant to be a toothbrush holder but its too pretty for that! x

  8. I'm shocked!I didn' even know MUA did brushes!Definately something i'll be keeping my eyes open for!

    The Lightness Of Beauty

  9. Damn! Just bought the Real Techniques stippling brush! Nevermind.


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