Chanel at Covent Garden: Coloured Mascaras for Summer

The last time I used a coloured mascara it was fashionable to put it in your hair. Any colour other than black is just not on my radar - there's nothing more visually appealing to me than a beautiful flutter of jet black lashes. Last week I happened to be in the vicinity of Chanel's Covent Garden boutique, so stopped to chat about their new summer collection; little did I know it included four brightly coloured mascaras that could be used to create a striking ombre look on lashes that I'd be lusting after. The new collection of Imitable Mascara includes an electric blue, turquoise, pastel blue and striking canary yellow - not necessarily the shades you'd expect to see on lashes, but when used on the tips or edges of the lash line the result is somewhat striking.

 To create the look you simply apply your usual black mascara which acts as a base; add a touch of pale blue or turquoise to the outer edge of upper and lower lashes to frame the look. If you're extra daring you can even add a delicate touch of yellow to create the 'ombre' lash, which brings the two shades together and makes the unusual combination look perfectly on-trend for summer. Although I initially thought these shades would be horrendous, I have to admit we walked out the door with a sneaky bottle of turquoise. A full set of yellow lashes will inevitably look practically invisible, but used to create depth and frame the eye the shade really works. Similarly, blue and turquoise help to make a blue iris pop, especially with a complementary eyeshadow shade to bring the whole look together. Who would have thought coloured mascaras would be so aspirational? 

The mascaras are limited edition and available online or in the Chanel boutique, priced £24.00.


  1. This looks fabulous xx


  2. I like the idea of adding color to just the tips of the lashes! I don't think I'd be bold enough to pull it off, but it makes a great photo!


  3. This is perfect for a fun night out and especially for festivals! During my usual week/weekend I go for the run-of-the-mill black, maybe I should venture out a bit more!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  4. Surprisingly I love this look!

    Laura xx www.beautybestfriend.com

  5. Wow!! These are gorgeouuusss.. If only it comes in more colors.


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