Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration: Sun Lotion and After Sun

Sun cream is an absolute must-have, but the majority of brands don't make it an easy product to love. Sticky formulas, thick creamy messes, heavy chemically-prepared scents... It's no wonder that applying sunscreen becomes a chore that so many of us still avoid. (If you missed my previous post on the importance of suncream, read it here - and then start applying it!) Hawaiian Tropic may be synonymous with tanning oils (which I would never recommend,) but with the launch of Silk Hydration they have a rather lovely range to offer sun lovers that doesn't put skin health at risk. Their unique ribbon technology features in both the sun lotion and aftersun, providing the wearer with up to 12 hours of hydration once it's applied.

The sun lotion contains 'nourishing antioxidants' and hydrating particles that help to keep the skin feeling and looking healthy, even while out in the sun when skin tends to sweat out all the good stuff - gross, but true. The aftersun contains cooling aloe vera, as well as ingredients to help maintain and prolong your tan when the sun goes in (or you go home.) These may not sound like exceptional or revolutionary functions, but what I do love about these two products is their suprisingly light formula, absorbing into the skin like a gel rather than a thick cream. It takes only a matter of seconds for the skin to drink the lotions up, leaving smooth limbs and a very delicate tropical scent - you certainly don't end up smelling like you've taken a dip in a carton of Um Bongo. I don't think I've ever tried such a light formula that's actually been a pleasure to use (and re-apply,) especially thanks to the mild scent that gets you in the mood for a cocktail. If you're after a more traditional formula, they also offer a range of sun creams and fab lipglosses that feature essential SPF to help protect your delicate bits. If you do use any sun products, please make sure you use the maximum protection you can find (no lower than 30 in my opinion,) and re-apply every couple of hours to make sure you remain protected. Stay safe kids!

Sun lotion currently on offer for £7.49 and aftersun on offer for £6.49 in Boots (50% off)
Find out more on their website: www.hawaiian-tropic.co.uk


  1. Anonymous30.5.13

    I love Hawaiian Topic just for the amazing smell. :)

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

  2. I used the after sun on holiday and absolutely loved it! That smell!!


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