GUEST POST: DIY Beauty Treatments

Firstly I want to say a big thank you to London Beauty Queen for letting do a guest blog post and secondly, my name is Stephanie and I’m a beauty product addict. I have no idea how much my addiction costs me; actually I can guess - I recently read that the average person spends £2,000 a year on beauty products. I’m not sure I would count myself as average (£2,000 a year is a huge amount to just spend on products) as I’m a big fan of DIY beauty treatments that you can do at home using ingredients already in the kitchen. Here are a couple of my favourites...

Olive Oil Hair Treatment
I discovered this a few years ago, after I'd been ill advised that olive oil helps to prolong a tan if you smother yourself in it. Well it didn't prolong my tan, but I did find that it did wonders for giving me shiny, frizz-free hair, whilst also preventing split ends. 
For this hair treatment all you need is:    
2-3 tablespoons of olive oil

All you need to do is massage the olive oil into the scalp and through the hair when dry (the thicker and longer the hair, the more oil you need). Then wrap a warm damp towel around your oiled hair and let it sit for 45 minutes allowing the oil to work its magic. Rinse out the oil by shampooing your hair at least twice, letting your hair air dry. Voila you've got smooth silky hair with a gorgeous sheen for only a few pence.

Avocado Hair Mask
If shiny frizz free hair isn't what you're after, but you do want a deep conditioning treatment without paying salon prices, then look no further than the humble avocado.
For this great hair mask all you need is:    
One egg yolk 
1/2 an avocado 
A teaspoon of extra-virgin olive oil  
One teaspoon of honey

Whisk the egg yolk, olive oil and honey together in a small bowl. Using a fork, mash in 1/2 of the avocado to the rest of the mixture. Whilst in the shower, apply the paste first to your ends and then to the rest of your hair and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse it out, double shampoo and you'll be left with beautiful conditioned hair.

Oatmeal body scrub

Luxurious body scrubs don't have to come from an expensive counter in Selfridges. A few simple ingredients is all you need to scrub your way to smooth, soft skin. This is perfect to use just before you apply fake tan (for optimum results and no streaking,) or when you want smooth, soft skin ahead of baring all in the hot weather.  
For this body scrub all you need is:

2 teaspoons each: honey, olive oil, and powdered milk
3 tablespoons finely ground sea salt (or regular salt of you can’t get hold of sea salt)
65g water

After you have mixed all ingredients together in a bowl using your hands, massage the scrub into the skin, especially around the elbows and the knees. Just jump into the shower and rinse off the scrub, finally applying a body moisturiser for extra hydration. Enjoy your soft, smooth skin! 
I hope you enjoy these DIY beauty treatment and let me know of any others that you use. Check out my blog here: merrymusing.blogspot.co.uk


  1. Great post. I am definitely trying the Avocado Mask. Sounds lovely! I never think to DIY it with products but you have inspired me!! xx

  2. Anonymous8.5.13

    This is a great post I am always trying to find something for my hair, so will be giving you mask a go. xxx


  3. Good stuff and very informative !! Keep them coming

  4. Anonymous29.5.13

    I love homemade DIY products and I'm always using them above store brought items.
    I use RAW honey on my face as a cleanser so I always have plenty of it laying around to play with for DIY skincare products and I find it goes great in both scrubs, body and face, and masks :)
    Going to try the Avacado hair mask quite soon. My locks need some TLC

    Fab post, would love to see more :)



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