Lush Spa: Synaesthesia Massage

"Everyone who has a Synaesthesia treatment feels wonderful" says the description on the Lush website. That's a pretty big claim and a claim I was keen to see be substantiated. After a long and stressful December, for me January is only getting worse - so it was definitely the right time when I was invited along to the Lush Spa on London's Kings Road. I didn't even know Lush offered spa treatments, let alone a massage therapy designed to provide a truly sensory experience that could leave you feeling energised with whichever emotion you choose. Synaesthesia, available in six Lush stores across the UK, is a merging of all the senses into a 'fully choreographed massage that will change your outlook on the world and leave you a changed person.' It’s more than just a massage as you choose the way you want to feel; you don't just experience a standard formula that's perfected on 1000 people before you, but a truly individual experience that you help shape from the moment you step into the secret hideaway under the store. The treatment starts with picking one of twelve emotions (including ambition, esteem, confidence, mind cleanser, energised and enlightened) which is then used to set the scene in the spa room; from the colour of the lights, to the scent, to the products used to conduct the massage, all the elements build up to create the emotion you desire.

This isn't a treatment for the shy or body concious as you strip down to your knickers and only have a towel to protect your modesty, but the therapist made me feel completely at ease and relaxed. Massage bars are used to give you a top to toe relaxing experience that not only helps to stimulate the circulation and moisturise the skin (the massage bars contain shea butter and lots of other bits of goodness,) but absorb into the skin quickly to leave you looking and feeling buff. Hot and cold stones are used to get deep down into the skin, while the movements are choreographed to a soundtrack that leaves you feeling thoroughly at ease. This is a truly 360 degree experience as you can hear the bubbling of concoctions, smell the uplifting fragrance filling the air, feel the smooth texture of the massage bar against your skin and even see the delicate coloured light and mist creating an emotional level you won't forget in a hurry. If that wasn't enough, after the 80 minute treatment you're given a cup of tea to drink to ease you back into reality, as well as a massage bar to take home and continue your enjoyment. I did feel thoroughly relaxed and energised after the session, my muscles relaxed, my skin smooth and my mind clear - totally ready to face the busy week ahead. This isn't a cheap treatment (it's £125 for 80 mins,) but you are getting a lot of product and expertise for your money; you could pay £50 for a massage and get a dodgy woman in a back room prodding you, or you could fork out for a truly sensory and relaxing experience that will stay with you all week... I know what I'd prefer.

Find out more about the Lush Spa Synaesthesia massage on their website. Available in London, Leeds, Liverpool, Poole and Edinburgh.


  1. Sounds absolutely amazing; I wonder if the mind cleanse would actually work on me? I find it almost impossible to quiet my mind at the best of times! xx

  2. Wow! I wish I could do this in the States.


  3. Oh I'd love to try this - I think I'm far too shy & self conscious though!!

    Jen xx

  4. Sascha - I'm pretty sure it would cleanse the mind for a while at least!

    Emily - I'm pretty sure they'll be bringing this to the USA soon as they do have boutiques there already.

    Jen - don't worry, they make you feel uber safe and comfy.

  5. This was going to be my birthday/Christmas present from my bf as the Liverpool spa opened just before Christmas, but I changed my mind. Really wish I hadn't now, it sounds amazing. I better get saving!

    Steph xx

  6. Anonymous8.4.13

    Thanks so much for this as it sounds like the perfect present for our friend's 30th. Love Lush!

  7. This sounds absolutely amazing, I had a massage once where they used a special aromatherapy candle that the therapist had to light and after some time she applied it on my skin - the scent and the warmth of the oil was sensational!


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