An Express Espresso At-Home: Tassimo Coffee Machine

It's no secret I'm a coffee lover. Pretty much daily I talk about my lust for coffee, how I'm missing coffee or how I just need a really great coffee to accompany me through the afternoon. On a weekend there's only one thing on my mind (apart from mojitos) - the consumption of coffee in rather large amounts. Upon awaking from my slumber, I wander blurry-eyed into the kitchen and prepare my favourite mug for the reception of some hot, brown, liquid good stuff; until that occurs I can't seem to even find the telly remote to turn on the Hollyoaks omnibus. Although I love coffee in any format, there's nothing quite like the taste of a light and yet rich cup of freshly prepared coffee from your local coffee shop - it just doesn't compare to the instant stuff. When Tassimo offered me the opportunity to try one of their coffee machines myself, putting to test the combination of at-home coffee making with the taste of a proper cup, I believe I did a little dance - the coffee dance if you will.

Although the machine arrives in a rather large box with an overwhelming instruction booklet, it's really rather simple to use: you pop your Tassimo coffee disk into the compartment above the nozzle, the machine cleverly reads the barcode on the disk and sets itself up accordingly, press the big button and you're off. The large tank at the back of the machine holds the water and the disk compartment does all the rest; if you put in a cappuccino disk it delivers a completely different amount of liquid in a completely different way to a straightforward coffee, much to my confusion initially when I didn't really pay much attention to the instructions. (It's more fun to learn alone...!) I've had coffee machines in the past, as well as having used industrial coffee machines during my time in a restaurant while at University, and I have to admit that the machine is the easiest I've ever come across - there's no need to faff with steaming milk or grinding beans; everything is done for you so you can enjoy a great tasting beverage with only the push of a button.

What's even better is that it takes only a minute or so for you to have a hot, steaming cup: it doesn't take an age to boil the kettle, because the machine only heats up exactly what it needs. I've already been enjoying the experience a little too much, forsaking my usual Sunday trip to Costa for an at-home Costa cappuccino, and can't wait to stock up on all the different type of coffee disks available within the Tassimo range. The model I have is the Bosch TAS4212GB Tassimo (catchy) which costs around £129.95, the pods costing around £3.79 for 8-16 drinks - it's certainly not an impulse purchase, but if you're a coffee lover that will get much enjoyment from having a proper cup to start your day, then you just can't beat a good coffee investment.

Find out more on the Tassimo website here: www.tassimo.co.uk


  1. I am a coffee and green tea fiend! This looks like it'd make a fab present for my mum! Thanks for sharing :)


    XOXO Sade

  2. Want, need, kicks. Screams.

  3. I just need a really great coffee to accompany me through the afternoon. On a weekend there's only one thing on my mind (apart from mojitos) - the consumption of coffee in rather large amounts. delonghi esam3300

  4. I have the nespresso one at home, but since I don't drink that much, my flatmate has been resorting to the french press lately. maybe it's time to bust out the machine again though!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog


  5. Iam also a coffee geek :D . A La Marzocco espresso machine from Tace espresso systems has been in use in my kitchen for about a year now. I love enjoying the freedom to make a decent coffee whenever I feel like.


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