TommyGuns Salon Opening

Last week I popped down to the Superdry store on Regent Street, London, to take a look at something special. Now Superdry isn't my normal store of choice (I can safely say, other than this one occasion, I've never even set foot in a Superdry store) but they've got something special going on in their basement. Some of you may know that they've taken over the old Austin Reed building, but what you may not have known is that there was an original art-deco hairdressing salon underneath the store which had been in place since 1929. The story goes that Austin Reed used it as a barbers for many years, eventually updating it into a spa which failed spectacularly. Not knowing what to do with the vast space, they turned it into a stock room and inevitable dumping ground until they relocated across the road and Superdry moved into the building. Being the clever sausages that they are, Superdry got TommyGuns to re-launch the salon and bring it back to its beautiful beginnings.

All of the original features remain, including the fabulous seats, the amazing lighting fixtures, the 'AR' Austin Reed plaques and detail on the ceiling, the towel warming cupboards, backwashes and even spiral marble floors. It's like taking a step back in time and into Don Draper's barber shop. You definitely wouldn't be out of place in an episode of Mad Men after visiting this place. The size of it is absolutely huge too, making it seem like a buzzing hub of hair-styling-activity that you could sit in all day and daydream. They not only offer the usual services like cutting, blowdrys, colour and highlights, but also Porn Nails and even the ladies from Bleach have gotten involved.

This is such a unique place to visit - it's a real experience to enjoy rather than another quick stop at SuperCuts. I could imagine having a hen do pampering day or a male outing pre-wedding sitting in the big chairs and sipping on a glass of something smooth. Hopefully I'm going to get a chance to try some of the treatments out for myself soon, but in the meantime have a look at some of my pictures to feast your eyes on the extravagance and elegance that is the new TommyGuns salon.

Find out all about the salon here



Scholl: keeping feet happy

I've been wanting to write a post about Scholl for some time now, but when is the right time to start talking about the unglamorous world of foot maintenance? Although right now we're all tucking our tootsies back into our socks and boots, there will be a time when we will need sandals, flipflops and glads again so we're best off being prepared. Scholl have a huge range of foot products, from your everyday must-haves to more specialist foot care (I'm talking fungus relief, cracked heels and bunions... Lovely.) We have a tendency to reject our feet all winter long, so as soon as we get a bit of sun we're embarrassed to get our feet out again without a trip to the salon. Fear not, because with the help of Scholl you can be footloose and fancy free in no time. Here are my tips for getting your feet looking ace for summer...

1. Use a foot file
It's so easy to leave feet to get manky, hard skin building up on the heels and on key areas where your shoes rub or hurt. By using a foot file or pummace stone for a few minutes a week you can make your skin smooth again, while helping to prevent worse conditions like cracked heels. This one from Scholl is fabulous - not only is it ergonomically shaped so it fits the curve of your foot perfectly, but it has an extendable section so you can get to those 'hard to reach' areas. You should file your feet when they're dry (not wet as this won't give you a smooth finish, but break the skin and do more harm) and be careful not to take too much off. Having not enough hard skin is almost as bad as too much.

2. Moisturise daily
Your feet need as much moisturiser as your face (well maybe not quite that much) so ensure you're applying some before bed practically every night. The skin will absorb more if you wear socks too, so pop them on top after you've smothered your feet in the good stuff. If you suffer from really bad hard skin, flaky or cracked heels there are also loads of great products available to help overcome the problem in as little as 7 days. I always notice a massive difference when I've regularly applied moisturiser to my feet, so make it as much of your routine as cleansing your face.

3. Target problem areas
Don't be embarrassed if you're suffering from bunions, verrucas or athletes foot. There are so many minor inflictions that people suffer from in silence, not plucking up the courage to ask or do something about it. The longer you leave it the worse it gets, so pop down to your local pharmacy and pick up some remedies to help. Scholl offer everything from a fungal nail treatment, to athletes foot remedies and corn removal systems, so you can act fast when you notice something isn't quite right.

4. Remove polish regularly 
Ever noticed your nails going yellow? It's because you leave that red polish on until it's practically classified as a relic. You should regularly remove polish and replace with another, giving your nails time to breathe in between. Always use a base coat to ensure the surface of the nail is protected from discolouration, pushing back cuticles and applying cuticle oil where necessary. Ensure you're also trimming nails regularly so they don't have a chance to break, cutting them across (rather than into a curved shape) to prevent any ingrown toenails. This will help to make a big difference to your tootsies and give you the confidence to get them out.

Hopefully these little tips will give you healthy, happy feet. What are your top tips for giving your feet an injection of glamour and care?

Find out all about the Scholl range here.


The Debenhams Beauty Awards

This year I was asked to be a judge in the Debenhams Beauty Awards again, bringing you the highlights from the beauty industry and giving the nod of approval to much loved products. After a lengthy voting process (by both judges shortlisting and the public voting from the shortlist) the results are now in. You can see all the winners on the Debenhams Facebook page and even win the whole lot, worth a whopping £1,200! They've produced a little booklet which is being inserted into some of the best women's mags, as well as making it available in store, so you can peruse the winners and make yourself a shopping list... Or should I say wish list? Here's a sneaky peek of one of the pages when I'm praising Clinique's Dramtically Different Moisturising Lotion.

PS - check out the fact that they made a grammatical error in my quote!


Babyliss Boutique

I popped down to Soho House this week to have a chat with Babyliss ambassadors Adam Reed (from hairdressers extraordinaire Percy & Reed) and Henry Holland (fashion designer and hilarious Twitterer) about the latest catwalk trends for hair. Babyliss have just released their newest range of hair styling tools and the 'Boutique' range offers salon professional quality on the high street. The hairdryer, hair straighteners and curling wand, according to Adam Reed, "the best available on the market". That's one claim from one important hairdresser! Adam used the tools at Henry's latest catwalk show to create distinct looks and he took us through three of them.

The first look was from Henry's Spring/Summer 2012 collection and involved inspiration from 'This is England' - it's not often you hear hairdressers say they were going for a 'skinhead' look. The hair was slicked back from the face and straightened to a poker straight finish, kept in place with a few grips that resembled the 'Daphne' look from when I was a kid. (Younger readers will have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about - older readers, you get me?!) Adam pulled sections away from the sides of the head to create a slightly softer look and finished it off with a lot of hairspray.

The second and third looks were from Henry's most recent show for Autumn/Winter 2012. These both involved more volume and 'style' as such, replying heavily on the waving wand from the new range to create texture. Adam started using the tool about halfway down the head to get a messy yet touchable texture, creating a deep side fridge (apparently a key look for the season) and pinning some hair to one side. This is a really wearable look that's easy to achieve in a few minutes and definitely one I'm going to have a go at myself.

The hair tools look fabulous and definitely worth a peep if you're on the shop for new ones. They're all pretty compact and lightweight, whilst maintaining the power and detail of larger tools. The colours and design bring an added element of professionalism which makes it easy to understand why Adam takes them everywhere with him. I've got a hairdryer to try myself, so more details to follow on that soon!

What do you think of the looks above? Would you wear them?


Pond's Cold Cream

Are the oldies really the goodies? I knew that Pond's classic cult product Cold Cream Cleanser had been around for some time, but who knew it was filling the bathroom cabinets of women all over the UK when Queen Elizabeth II was arising to her throne back in 1952? If a product has been around for that length of time it's testament to the quality and benefit it can bring to the skin. If you're not familiar with the classic white stuff, then Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser is a rich facial cleanser that cleans deep down without drying your skin. You use it as you would a hot cloth cleanser, applying to the face in circular motions to remove makeup and dirt, using a flannel or muslin cloth to remove with water. The formula is simple, white, fragrance free and leaves your skin soft, smooth and radiantly clean.  Its special blend of ingredients soften the skin as they deep cleanse so your complexion feels smooth - never tight or dry.

Although the cleanser does a good job of removing dirt and makeup without drying your skin or making it feel uncomfortable, it does struggle with mascara. Your skin is left feeling radiant, plump and moisturised after using, but a trace of product can still be felt on the skin. It's best to use a simple toner after to remove all traces from the surface of the face, as well as a strong dual-phase eye makeup remover to ensure you're spanking clean and dandy. There's a reason why this simple product has stood the test of time and over 60 years later is still picking up beauty awards and recommendations from industry experts - it does the job. What's even better is that it does the job for under a fiver, so you can rest easy that you're not breaking the bank. Rarely is there a product your mother, your grandmother and even your great grandmother would have used that you'd still be coveting, but Pond's seem to have the secret formula that only the likes of Coke can rely on.

Available at all good pharmacies and supermarkets RRP £4.89


The Lonely Makeup Bag

What's this about, I hear you ask? Well watch this little video preview from Bobbi Brown and find out. I do feel a bit sorry for the makeup bag though... Especially its sad little on-trend floro face.

More details to follow.
Bobbi Brown would like to apologise to your makeup bag for any inconvenience caused.

Jo Malone: Plum Blossom

And they do it again. I'm getting a bit sick of writing about how fabulous Jo Malone is, but alas, I must. The latest fragrance addition to their ever growing range is this beautiful bottle of Plum Blossom, inspired by the blush-ruffle flowers and capturing the optimism of springtime. The scent is limited edition, including subtle smells of sandalwood and musk, and has a delicate motif on the bottle to differentiate it from the rest of the fragrance range. There's even a little pink piece of rope (not unlike the curtain holders my Nan has in her living room) to help you remember which one you're supposed to pick up. A lot lighter than the other fragrances, this is definitely one which would be complemented by the Jo Malone iconic 'fragrance mixing' to bring out the different notes. It's not really strong enough on its own to be worn as a main scent, but it gives a great basis for building, as well as being perfect for spritzing all over for daytime. Get it now before it's gone.

Limited edition available from May, RRP £36.00 for the 30ml (size featured above)


Visibly Clear: Neutrogena Moisturiser

I've been a big fan of the Visibly Clear face washes and scrubs, continually reaching for them in favour of more expensive products, so I was intrigued when I saw the lucky folks in America had gotten their hands on a new Neutrogena moisturiser. It took a while to get to our shores, but as soon as it did I started putting it to the test. The formula still contains the fabulous non-descript 'microclear' technology which claims to leave skin clear, fresh and free of blackheads (those horrible dark spots which contain oxidized excess sebum trapped in pores,) but the question is, does it do you any good?

I've been using this on and off for about a month now, both in the mornings and evenings, and can say it certainly doesn't block pores or give me any spots.The formula is quite thick, but you need a little bit to rub in to the skin so as to not overload the skin. It doesn't maneuver particularly well - when you put it it kind of stays - so it's best to dab little dots onto the five points of your face (cheeks, chin, forehead, nose) and rub in softly. It absorbs within a few minutes, not leaving any excess or flaky bits, and is comfortable enough to wear under makeup. The only other moisturiser I've been using is by Jo Malone, which at £45 is about eight times the price of this. It smells delicately of grapefruit, comes in an easy to use tube and does the job well. Sometimes the simpler things in life are the best, and this pain free moisturiser just keeps me ticking along nicely.

Available now for around £4.60


Stripey Nails

I'm a little bit in love with the new Avon Pro nail varnish. I blogged about it a while back, but the more I use it the more I think it's the best range of polish I've found in a long time. The colour range is fab (it has everything from classic reds to funky oranges and pastel summery hues) and includes a vast range of effects (including matte, shimmery, metallic and classic shine) to suit every mood. You can play around with the shades because the formula is so flexible, applying like a dream and lasting for days on end. I've hardly used another brand in the last month and when I have it's been removed in favour of Avon within 48hrs. A must for any nail lover.

I'm wearing 'lemon' and 'starry sky' available here. The ring is a fake Vivienne Westwood from eBay!

Omorovicza deep cleansing mask

Having a great face mask is as essential as having a great cleanser. It's so important to regularly give your skin a 'pick me up,' getting rid of impurities while putting back some of the good stuff we all need so much. I've always used face masks ever since I was a teenager, seeing it as a ritual to be enjoyed, but as our skin ages our needs change. This deep cleansing mask from Omorovicza is rich in calcium and magnesium to actively re-energise and brighten the skin, whilst drawing out impurities, perfect for those of us that need some energising in our late twenties and beyond. The brand originates in Hungary, as does the mud included in the mask, so you'll be benefiting from all their spa expertise and ingredient knowledge! The formula also includes white clay to naturally absorb pore-clogging oil while drawing out toxins and impurities, leaving skin firmer, more supple and younger-looking. We all need a bit of that right?

The formula is very light considering it includes mud and clay, moving around the skin and creating a comfortable layer to work with. You don't need to slap it on thick - a light layer across the t-zone will do fine, as well as on any problem areas - and when it dries it doesn't crumble or leave you with a face covered in a cement-like substance. The mask is comfortable to wear for the duration and beyond (5-15mins depending on your needs) and washes off easily with a muslin cloth and water. It leaves skin feeling refreshed, clean, supple and bright, providing a fairly quick 'pick me up' either before a big night out or during a big night in. I really like this because you get the benefit of a clay mask (drawing our toxins and impurities) without the uncomfortable feeling. You can use a little to get the desired effect too, not needing to layer up half the pot to get a healthy looking complexion.

Because I'm a big fan of this mask the lovely people at Omorovicza have given me a discount code to give you 25% off the Deep Cleansing Mask. All you have to do is enter the code 'LBQ_Omorovicza' at the checkout... As it's £57 for a pot that's a pretty good deal! Not only that, but I've also got a pot of the stuff to give away to one lucky person. Just be a follower of LBQ and leave a valid email/twitter handle below in the comments so I can contact you. I spoil you don't I!

T&Cs. You must be a follower of LBQ and leave valid contact details below. Competition closes on Friday 27th April at 11.59pm. Only one winner, chosen at random, and judges decision is final. LBQ is not responsible for damage or non-delivery of prize. That's all, innit. 


Aloe Vera Amino Acid Cleanser

Faye from girldoesgeek.com is a massive fan of Asian beauty so has been keeping me in the loop with all the great products she discovers. I'm always happy to have her guest post because she comes at beauty from a completely different angle, using products and brands I've never even heard of. Today she's talking exotic cleansers...

I recently tried out My Beauty Diary's Aloe Vera Amino Acid Cleanser. I had high hopes for this cleanser as I have the strawberry yogurt version and loved it. This cleanser contains amino acids which supposedly help stimulate the production of collagen - collagen is known to have age defying properties so we can all benefit from that.

The scent of this product is very fresh, subtle and not at all overpowering. The texture is mousse-like and contains tiny exfoliating beads. You apply it by mixing with water until it foams up, then washing it off using a cloth. It left my face feeling refreshed and moisturised: the small beads helped slough off the dead skin to leave my face looking radiant and fresh. Now I'm not sure whether this product will help in the anti-ageing area as I haven't been using it long enough to notice a difference, but it works wonderfully as a cleanser and I'd recommend it for that reason alone.

If you're looking to purchase your first Asian skincare product I'd highly recommend this one. It's easy to use, performs well and is reasonably priced. I purchased mine in London's Chinatown for less than a fiver but it can also be purchased online from sasa.com and other Asian websites for about £8. Have you tried any My Beauty Diary products? Are you tempted to try this one?

Check out Faye's blog here: girldoesgeek.com


John Paul Gaultier for Diet Coke

Body art fascinates me. It's the confusion of the fact you're looking at someone in the nuddy but you can't actually see anything. Do they feel naked still, or because their nibblets are covered up do they feel like they're clothed? Anyway, Diet Coke put on a little bit of a show this week to celebrate the launch of their Jean Paul Gaultier collection in Harvey Nicols. They body painted two lovely girls and chucked them in a window to pose for a little bit while pretending to be bottles of Diet Coke. Loverly. Have a look and them creating the body art and see if you can spot some nipple...


Harry Potter was AMAZING!

If you follow me on twitter then you may have seen a few sneaky pictures of Diagon Alley or a big purple bus. I took my sister to the new Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Leavesden to see 'the making of Harry Potter' yesterday... It was fan-bloody-tastic. Better than I could have hoped or wished for, the whole studio tour was breathtaking and saw grown adults running around in excitement like small children. No detail has been missed, whole sets have been uprooted and you can get hands on with some of the most iconic sets and props. Walking into some of the rooms left me actually gasping in amazement, especially at one of the last things you see before the tour is over - I don't want to give too much away, but it's breathtaking. You can even drink butterbeer and pretend to fly on a broom! Here are a few sneaky pictures (without spoiling a lot of the amazing detail or surprises) to whet your appetite. If you're a Harry Potter fan this is an absolute must... Even if you're not it's a brilliant day out and one you'll remember for a long time to come.



Summer with NARS

A few weeks ago I went along to a NARS masterclass where I learned a lot about makeup techniques and how to get the most out of your products. What I was also privy to was the new collection hitting the shelves in time for summer, and my oh my what a collection it is. Present and correct are the usual pastel pink colours, hues of delicate greys and beige, all topped off with a slick of colour on the lip to tie it all together in one neat package. What's slightly different though is the earthy terracotta tones which give the look a more exotic finish, bringing out a bronzed goddess with a difference. All the shades are really wearable and blend perfectly to create a look for day, or stronger definition for evening.

You may have noticed the rather bold blue and purple shade below which looks a bit out of place amongst the neutral tones. These two colours are designed to line the eye and create a contrasting effect, blending out from the lashline to draw the focus into the eye. Applied by pushing the colour into the base of lashes, the result is subtle so it doesn't look crazy next to the peachy hues of the triple palette. I absolutely adore the dark blue shade - it has delicate shimmers which catch the light and it blends beautifully. You can create a really strong look with this or just use to highlight, either way this is a duo that will keep you going all year long.

I've always been a peachy-pink blusher girl, so when handed this very bold (and dark) shade of terracotta blush I was somewhat scared to dip my brush in and have a go. However, when used correctly and applied well to the cheeks and where the sun catches skin, this is really a universal shade which can bring out different dimensions of your skintone. It gives a healthy glow as it's basically right in the middle of a blush and bronzer - if I can wear it well with my English see-through skin, then anyone can. All the shades are beautiful and would form the basis of a pretty fab kit to take you into summer and out the other side; my pick of the lot is the blush and the duo eyeshadow... sound investments.

Available now. For more info see the NARS website.


Pregnant mums - free folic acid!

I can't say that I know a lot about being pregnant, nor do I have a clue as to what folic acid does - I just know it's important. Asda has announced that as part of its 'baby event' this April it's offering free folic acid to all expectant mothers, as well as all women who are trying to conceive. Apparently 3 in 10 women don't take the supplement  because they are  unaware of its vital importance, but Asda wants to ensure a three month supply is free of charge for all women trying to conceive and during the early stages of pregnancy, regardless of their postcode.

Faisal Tuddy, deputy superintendant pharmacist at Asda said: “Asda Pharmacy puts customers’ needs first, and expectant mums are no different.  Folic Acid is an essential supplement required during pregnancy to reduce a number of risks including neural tube disorders in babies so we’re delighted to  be able announce this commitment to providing folic acid free of charge to those who need it. Working in partnership with Tommy’s, we will continue to help provide support and advice for women trying for a baby, mums-to-be and new mums. Women can visit any Asda Pharmacy, at any time, for information or guidance on pregnancy starting from as early as the pre-conception stage  - and it costs nothing.”

A visit to Asda will also give women immediate access to a fully qualified health professional who can offer invaluable advice on health, diet and tips for sustaining a healthy pregnancy. Through the partnership with Tommy’s, Asda will be giving away, free of charge, the Tommy’s ‘Having a Healthy Pregnancy’ Guide - an indepth support book full of lifestyle advice on diet and nutrition, weight management, exercise, smoking cessation and general well-being to help women maximize their pregnancy health from planning through to birth. I think this is an absolutely brilliant initiative, so bravo for Asda taking a stand and proving that every little helps. (Oops wrong supermarket.)

Asda Pharmacy is available in 218 Asda stores - store locator available on www.asda.co.uk



Cowshed: be a slender cow

There aren't many brands that can make calling their customers a 'cow' a unique selling point. Cowshed has always stood out amongst the masses with their quirky names, beautiful scents and luxurious ingredients, and their new range 'Slender Cow' is no different. (What is different though is the fabulous pink colour of the range, making it pop out from your bathroom shelf.) The trio of products on offer include a detoxifying body scrub, body sculpting serum and extra firming body butter, all designed to help the gym-shy on their way to achieving smooth and firm limbs. The formulations all include a freshwater micro-algae to improve skin tone and reduce stretch marks, as well as a seaweed blend to help detoxify and rejuvinate.

The 'Slender Cow' range is a three step process designed to help in different ways. The scrub firstly removes dead skin cells, removes toxins and softens skin - the almond oil and mango butter make this smell pretty amazing too. The sculpting serum then helps to strengthen and condition the skin while adding a soft sheen to skin; the formula quickly moisturises and hydrates while giving a slight warm feeling to skin. The third step is the firming body butter which helps to provide up to 24 hours of moisture, as well as improving elasticity over time. Used all together these products will inevitably give you a gorgeous glow and super smooth limbs, especially when you use a body brush. (The good news is that if you buy all three of these at the moment you'll also get a free brush worth £16!) They feel and smell fabulous, as well as giving skin a much-needed pick-me-up. I love the look of the new range and how light the serum and moisturiser is - definitely winners and on my 'must have' list for moving into the summer months.

Available now in Cowshed stores, concessions and online. Prices range from £28.00 to £36.00.


Shimmer Brick: Bobbi Brown wannabe!

I'm quickly discovering the world of supermarket cosmetics and convincing you to pick up a lipgloss while navigating your way to the baked beans. I never knew you could get beauty products so cheaply that actually do a pretty good job. The latest offering from George at ASDA is this shimmer brick which gives a certain Bobbi Brown number a run for its money. The brick has five delicate shades of complementary pink and bronze, which can either be worn individually or applied using a big brush to create a multi-dimensional and natural glow. The shimmer catches the light without being too strong, helping to contour cheekbones and give a sunkissed look to skin.

The original Bobbi Brown shimmer brick retails for about £20 more than this one, but the pay-off is pretty similar. The pan itself isn't as deep and the product is looser, but overall the effect can definitely be compared. I'm not entirely sure of the purpose of additional packaging, but the card sleeve makes this a little more glam than your usual supermarket purchase whilst adding a bit of protection for when you chuck in your bag. To use this in the best way, dab upwards on cheeks and on your nose/forehead where the sun would catch naturally, as well as giving your decollatage a subtle sweep of colour. ASDA is on to a winner with this range.

Available online here or in store priced £4.50.


Luxury Skincare with Harrods

The spring may have sprung, but the weather still hasn’t caught up - homes and offices are continuing to pump the central heating up to ensure that our fingers and toes stay warm through the short days. This is great to prevent us from freezing, but it’s not the best news for our delicate skin.
Thirsty skin acts as a terrible base for make-up, and when we all want to dazzle and look our best we need the best canvas to start with. But what can you do when the cold chaps your lips and the heat dries your skin? Fear not, there are fantastic products on the market that will quench the thirst and smooth the dehydration to bring our skin back to its healthy best, ready for us to face the world.

Start off with a good cleanser to nourish and cleanse the skin without stripping it and leaving it fragile. A cleansing balm is great for this time of year as it is gentle and lightly exfoliating to leave your skin soft and smooth. Eve Lom’s cleansing balm removes impurities and decongests with the use of its clever muslin cloth to leave you with beautifully pure skin, ready for moisturising. If your skin is in desperate need of a moisture boost, then try Sisley’s Black Rose Cream Mask. It moisturises upon contact with the skin and plumps and moisturises to fade signs of aging and smooth any winter distress from the skin. Its rose scent will calm and restore, leaving you radiant and glowing for the day ahead.

For protection during the day then opt for a tinted moisturiser for added nourishment to the skin. A product like Estee Lauders Beauty Benefit Creme will give you an even tone while offering an SPF to protect you in the sun. This high performance moisturiser with anti oxidant complex will give you oil free hydration and a lasting finish for the day. Whatever you choose, make sure that your skin is kept nourished and hydrated to protect it against the not so favourable weather. By choosing luxury skincare products you will not only leave skin smooth and radiant, but you’ll give yourself an at-home spa experience too!

Sponsored post on behalf of Harrods

The Apprentice: Stylfile

As an avid viewer of The Apprentice I was somewhat disappointed when the sap with the glasses one the show in 2011. He'd managed to wangle his way to the final (after being in the losing team 8 times - there's hope for us all) and Lord Sugar had crowned him the winner, much to the shock of the majority of the population. As part of the prize Tom received financial backing from Alan (we're on informal terms now) to launch a product of his choice. That product has just hit the shelves of Sainsbury's and thankfully isn't the office furniture that he originally pitched - it's the somewhat more exciting Stylfile range.

The product range is an ergonomically designed selection of nail tools that follow the natural shape of the nail bed. It includes an 'S File' nail file, 4-way buffer and 'emergency' file. Although it feels strange to use something that's not straight to file your nails, it actually makes a lot more sense. The Stylfile makes creating smooth and perfectly rounded nails much easier than with a straight file, mainly because there's absolutely no effort required. You can just glide your nail along and it creates a curve that reflects your nail's natural shape. The files are sturdy and have a plastic center between the nail files, making them practically indestructible (just don't sit on it) and able to claim they're good to use for up to a year.

My personal favourite is the 'emergency' file which is a mini version encased in a coil keyring, so you can shape your nails on the go. It's a really diddy size with all the benefits of the big one, meaning you can sort your broken nails out when you've done some damage after some serious book lifting at Uni, or tea lifting in the office. I need one of these to hang off my keys, my purse and every bag I own - it's that level of genius. I'm so pleasantly surprised that Tom has managed to pull this out of the bag and launched something genuinely useful for the busy and demanding woman of today. I can only assume his lady friends gave him a lot of help, but he can definitely hold his head up high and say to himself 'You're Hired'. 

Available in Sainsbury's and online. For more info see the website: www.stylfile.com
Nail files RRP £4.49-£4.99 each
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