British Hairdresser of the Year Nominee: Akin Konizi

In the run-up to the British Hairdresser of the Year announcement, I'm bringing you exclusive interviews with all the nominees. Next up is Akin Konizi, HOB salons International Creative Director and current reigning champion of British Hairdresser of the Year. Here's what he had to say...

Please tell me a little about yourself...
My name is Akin Konizi and I am the International Creative Director for award-winning hairdressing group, HOB Salons. We have 24 salons in the group from London to Leeds, plus two training academies to ensure standards are maintained across the company. I've been hairdressing for over 30 years now, and I still absolutely love this industry and what I do.

How many times have you been nominated for British Hairdresser of the Year?
I was nominated for the first time for this award in 2006, and have gone on to win this accolade three times since then, securing the title in 2008, 2009 and 2011. This year I have been nominated again, so to continue my reign as the current British Hairdresser of the Year and win this for 2012 would be incredible. The Oscars of the hairdressing industry, this award is the pinnacle to any hairdresser so fingers crossed for the night.

Why do you think awards like this are so important for the industry?
Awards keep us raising the standards and profile of British Hairdressing. It is great to see what your peers are doing, whilst also giving you the chance to push your own creative boundaries.

What would it mean to you to win the accolade?
It would mean everything to be awarded this for the fourth time! I believe that being HJ’s British Hairdresser of the Year is the ultimate accolade for any hairdresser. It would enable me to continue being an Ambassador for our industry. I have always been entirely committed to the development and progression of the British hairdressing industry, raising standards across the board, whilst profiling hairdressing as the wonderful industry it is. This title would allow me to further progress this development.

What do you love most about hairdressing?
Everything about it! I still love cutting hair, but I also love teaching as well as presenting shows. I also really like hairdressers and their characteristics, and not forgetting the creativity and energy of this industry which is second to none. I just love it! Hairdressing is mostly a craft but add to that creativity, you create ‘wow’ and incredible looks. Hair is a fantastic material to work with as it is so extensive in its variation. No two heads are the same and no two people are the same so hairdressing allows you to create unique and original styles on every single client.

What are your aspirations for the next 5-10 years?
To continue what I am doing. To progress myself, my company, and the industry as a whole and to pass on everything I have learnt over the last 30 years. After that, I would love to take some time out, relax around a swimming pool and have some time to just chill.

What are your favourite products to use and why?
Wella Professionals offer a great range of professional hair products which all our salons and team use from shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, through to styling products for wet and dry hair. For me, a good hairspray is a must, so Sebastian Shaper Fierce (£15.95 @ HOB Salons) is always in my kit bag and is ideal for controlling fly away hairs and helping to keep your look in place.

Why are you different from other hairdressers?
I don’t believe I am different from other hairdressers, but I do believe I understand the value of being a maniac. My unique capabilities are to continue relentlessly and mercilessly until I achieve my desired result.

Stay tuned for more nominees in the coming days, and find out more about Akin and the HOBS salon group on their website here

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