Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Stains

The launch of the Chubby Sticks caused quite the stir in the beauty world, so it was inevitable that copies would follow. I'm a massive fan of the Clinique versions so when Revlon offered to send me their very own Balm Stains to try I was intrigued to find if they were as good as the Chubby masters. The Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains may have a long name, but they come in seven delicious shades and very handy pen-style packs. Everything I love about the Chubby Stick has been followed through to this version - the correct colour pack, the twistable end, the pointy-yet-round tip and even the added moisture. The colours are all very wearable and cover off the pink/red spectrum well, providing shades that will suit every skin tone and occasion. Each shade is quite sheer and creates a shimmering sheen on lips, rather than being an intense colour result or stain. These do provide added hydration and act like a balm, but they're not half as moisturising as the Clinique ones - they don't melt onto the lips, but have to be almost dragged to get the product to apply as well as you'd like.

Whereas the Chubby Sticks provide long-lasting moisture and colour, I found these wore off quite quickly and needed to be re-applied regularly. However, the news isn't all bad as the colour result for these is stronger and gives a more intense pigment to lips! These are half the price of their Chubby friends, so for those on a budget they're a perfect option if you want a daily balm and a splash of colour. The shades available are a lot more 'on-trend' than their Clinique counterparts (which are classic colours) so perfect for a seasonal change or in-between Autumn and Winter. If you hadn't tried the Clinique Chubby Sticks you'd be pretty impressed with these, but as an avid fan I'm always going to draw comparisons and be mildly dissappointed when others don't quite match up. However, for £7.99 each these are really quite well priced and perform at a level that's more than acceptable to 99% of makeup lovers.

Available nationwide for £7.99 and available in 7 shades.


  1. they all look sooo nice! x

  2. I think i prefer these to the Chubby sticks. They give off a lot more colour, although i do agree they aren't as moisturising.

  3. There are so many colours I want to get! I love them xx

  4. mmmm delicius!!!!
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  5. I absolutely love these, I have about 5 of them haha! They're awesome, so great to just slick on and head out the door!

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  6. In have the Honey Duce (?) one and I love it! I want the Rozendouz one, so hopefully tomorrow I can get that and another one



  7. I love chubby sticks but these are good for the price. I do find the scent a little strange though. X



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