Liberty London body care range

One of London's most famous stores is Liberty's. Located just behind Oxford Street and a stones throw from Carnaby Street, it's a destination frequented as much by Londoners as tourists. Liberty’s award-winning beauty hall is one year old and to celebrate they're launching a brand new range of Liberty London body products all made in the UK. The Liberty's beauty buying team were instrumental in the creation of the product; they wanted to create something extremely English with incredible quality that the discerning Liberty customer would love. The range includes hand wash, body wash, body lotion and hand lotion with quintessentially British fragrances Geranium, Lavender and Rose. "The fragrances are a perfect way to refresh and revive yourself with the uplifting scents of Geranium and Rose or a great way to relax and unwind to the calming aroma of Lavender. The washes lather up gently with a long lasting fragrance and leave your skin feeling clean and revitalised. The lotions are very light, luxurious, non-greasy and easily absorb that restore and nourish the skin."

The label was designed by the Liberty Graphics team which incorporates a reworked version of the classic Liberty print Claire-Aude, an abstract, floral print which was designed for Liberty in 1975. The body lotion is a real mix of the classic and contemporary, bringing the historical fragrance of lavender up-to-date in a modern, yet stylish pack. The lotion is light, moisturising and delicately fragranced so it's not essential to be a massive fan of the flower to use this. My mother and grandmother have always loved lavender so this reminds me of them in a nostalgic and reflective way. I'm able to use the body lotion to create the base of a fragrance on skin, overlaying with a Jo Malone perfume to create something different, refreshing and bespoke to me. I think this whole range, dipped in history, would make a delightful gift for any family member in the run-up to the festive season. It's definitely not an every day product, but for special occasions or a gift I'm sure it would bring a smile to many faces.

Liberty London body lotion available exclusively from Liberty's for £22.00


  1. Love the packaging



  2. I too love the packaging! xxxx

  3. It's cute isn't it - a real sideways step from what you'd expect.


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