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I love accessories, jewellery and random bits of stuff I don't really need. I like it even more when it's personalised or has hidden meaning, so when I was contacted by Boutique To You and asked if I wanted to have a piece of jewellery customised I said 'hell yeah!' Boutique To You is a website that offers everything you could possibly need when searching for a gift with a little something 'extra'. From wedding favours, to baby shower or christening gifts, engraved keepsakes and charms, this is a one-stop shop for anyone planning an event, wanting to buy a fabulous gift or even just creating a meaningful keepsake for yourself. I was kindly sent this pink leather bracelet with the letters 'LBQ' engraved on a little silver plaque, which fits perfectly between the other leather bracelets I wear every day. The strap is long enough to wrap around my wrist three times, and even though it's classified as a 'girl's' bracelet it's more than adequate for a grown-up like me! The prices of all the gifts are really reasonable, especially as they include personalisation and delivery, so next time you've run out of ideas for a decent present have a look on Boutique To You.


My bracelet is £24.99 including engraving and delivery.


  1. That's amazing! You're so lucky!



  2. That's very cute and looks great with your other bracelets!


  3. This is beautiful, reminds me of the Pandora bracelets! xxx

  4. That looks great - I love the engraved detail. Always the personalised things that make a piece individual!

  5. It's really cute and really withstands everything - I haven't taken it off in a week!


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