30 things before 30

So as of today I have three whole months before I turn the big 3-0. On Christmas Eve I leave my twenties officially behind and enter a new era in my life. I have no idea how I've gotten here so fast, nor how I've ended up where I am, but I wouldn't have changed anything for the world. When I was a little girl I thought being 30 meant being old, boring and responsible. I can safely say I am none of those, but I have certainly experienced some fabulous things I could have never imagined. As I have only three months left to make my twenties count, I figured it was a great opportunity to force myself to do all those things I wanted to do but never got around to undertaking. So, the question is... What should I make sure I experience before I turn 30? What books should I read, which films should I see, what places should I go to, which experiences should I squeeze in to my final few months as a semi-adult? I need your help... Leave me your suggestions below and help me compile my '30 before I'm 30' list before it's too late! (Here's a cheeky photo of me when I was about 10 with my sister and cousins. Check out those floral dresses! Thankfully I managed to improve my fashion sense in later years.)

Here are a few ideas to start me off... There are 20 spaces left for you to fill, so get cracking!

1. Watch Star Wars without falling asleep.
2. Ride a horse.
3. Watch a sport that's not football.
4. Read a Mills & Boon book (just for LOLs)
5. Dress up like a Victorian lady, complete with parasol.
6. Have dinner in the OXO tower.
7. Go to Scotland for a weekend.
8. Help a charity.
9. Sew something more than a skirt hem.
10. Drink Absinthe and try not to pass out.



  1. Anonymous26.9.12

    haha! I spent the whole year thinking about doing a 30 before 30 list but I'm a major procrastinator (plus I thought finishing my PhD thesis would count as 30 things!!!) and now I just started thinking it was too late (Jan 1st). But this is inspiring!

    I wouldn't know what to recommend specifically but if you want ideas, Nicole at Making it Lovely has tons of lists that might be helpful!


    Good luck!

  2. Haha, I like number ten.
    Why not do something crazy like a skydive? Then you'd really finish off your twenties in style. Plenty of time for books and films later, hopefully :)
    Mel x


  3. What a good idea! I'd never really watched any sport til I met my fiance, who's into rugby league. It's actually quite entertaining to watch if you're looking for a sport to watch. Plus you get to see muscly men run around a field in some rather small shorts!I got laughed at when I told him they looked almost like hotpants haha. On mine I think I'd add...go on holiday to one of the many countries I've wanted to see for ages and learn to make cocktails :)x

  4. How about climb the stair at convent garden without stopping or passing out?

  5. Like this post! I can help you with 1,2,9, 8 and 5 if you like.

    I've got my own list written on a scrap of paper somewhere which I'm going to have to share soon.

  6. Great goals, let us know how you get on with completing them, I'd love to see pictures of your sewn challenge, and your charity event




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