NYC: Thrifty Neons

Today we have a little guest post for youfrom one of the quirkiest and hilarious ladies around. If you haven't already, then please check out her blog for full on awesome-weirdness!

Hello, it's make up novice Claire from TheWorldofKitsch.com again. Bringing you another selection of thrifty cosmetic picks, priced low enough to allow fellow amateurs to purchase to practice and play with. NYC is a super brand to turn to for the latest trends of neons. With Mono Eyeshadows in fuchsia, zingy lime & sky blue priced at £1.79, you can afford to try the daring colours even just for a one off night out, without being too out of pocket if you decide to bin it the next day in a hungover huff. They cost less than you pay for a Starbucks.

NYC also sent me a few classic, sleek,  black eyeliners to try out. Their Liquid Eyeliner (£2.49) goes on with a teeny tiny brush, and the High Definition Felt-tip Liner (£2.99) application is in pen form. Now I have very shaky hands, when I do use eyeliner it's in the form of literally a stubby crayon. Faced with the NYC felt-tip I felt like a primary school child about to move from crayons to, well, felt-tips. Needless to say I made a complete balls up of it. Through no fault of NYC (the eyeliner is great), I ended up looking like dear old Amy Winehouse (God rest her soul) after a particularly 'good' night out. Mascara I'm not so cackhanded at, and out of the two products I had to test, NYC Showtime Volumising Waterproof (£1.99), and NYC Skyrise Lengthening (£2.49), I much preferred the latter. Showtime didn't do much to my lashes, but Skyrise is a nifty little mascara that I'd definitely buy again those months I can't afford my favourite Benefit version.

Nail varnish time, the most interesting makeup purchase in my book. NYC have three bright new shades that would put a peacock to shame (£1.79 each). High Line Green Minute Nail is a gorgeous Wimbledon Centre Court shade. Lexington Yellow has a high shine, strong colour meaning you CAN wear yellow on your nails without looking like you've had a terrible hand/combine harvester accident. Pastel yellow, or weak yellow shades just look a bit too fresh-from-A&E for me. Their Water Street Blue now is really the business. It's what I'd call a 'Jessie J Blue'. I don't mean you're suddenly going to start vocal coaching scruffy looking whippersnappers and performing awkward live numbers with Will.i.am, Tom Jones & that weird, little, enthusiastic Rock Gnome every Saturday Night. You will however have a set of fashion friendly glossy blue nails, complete with low Price Tag (see what I did there?)

Available in Superdrug stores nationwide and online via their website.


  1. Their colours are sooo nice! :)

  2. *makes grabby hands*

    These colour look lovely.

    Also, "that weird, little, enthusiastic Rock Gnome" is such a perfect description!

  3. I'm going to get:
    The blue nail polish and some of the eye shadows!


  4. I think I'm gonna have to go and get some of these myself... She sold it to me!

  5. if i had to choose :P id choose starbucks haha its bad i know



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