Dirt and Glitter

It's about time bath time became a bit more fun. I'm a little bit over classically great bath treats and ready for some innovative 'rough around the edges' products to put a smile on my face. When I got an email telling me about a new company producing handmade bath and beauty cosmetics I expected something ordinary, a bit rustic and totally boring. What I actually discovered was an awesome mix of unique, funny, quirky and bloody brilliant bath time beauties that I instantly shared with all my mates. These would make awesome gifts or a simple treat for yourself - I totally need the Army Man soap (who doesn't want a toy reward at the end of a good lather) and the bitchin' gold leaf bars. Never has soap been so sexy.

Prices start around £3.99. Check out their website here: www.dirtandglitter.co.uk


  1. These look great, I shall check out their website. Although not sure i fancy washing my bits & having an toy army blokes bayonet sticking in me *ouch* ;)

  2. I love the 'Not Your Basic Bitch' one! These are lovely, and would definitely make fab presents - if I didn't just want them for myself! x

  3. Oh my god, they're so cute and quirky! I know so many people who would love these...

  4. Im sure someone told me about these before....i was talking to someone the other day about this
    was it you? :P hahaha



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