The tackiest nails you've ever seen?

There isn't something I often want to write about because they make me a little bit sick in my mouth, but here goes... I was given these nails in a goody bag at the recent iFabbo event and I flung them to one side without a second thought, not really noticing the 'interesting' adornments. It was only when they fell out of a bag during the standard rummage session on a Monday morning that I actually took a proper look. These may possibly be the most hideously blingtastic nails I ever did see! The nails themselves would be pretty OTT on their own - silver and gold glitter at lengths a tiger would be envious of - but the special decorations make them even more heinous. Skulls, hearts, bows, sparkles, glitter... It's like Katie Price in plastic nail form; all that's missing is a little pony on the ring finger.

The thing is though, these nails are actually well made and the detail fabulous. They could look like something out of Poundland, but for some reason Nazila nails kind of pull off the 'tacky nail' look to perfection. If you're going to go down that route I suppose you're best off doing it with a brand you can rely on to get you through the week... We all know there's nothing worse than scratching an intimate area and losing a plastic skull somewhere untoward. Could you see yourself braving the bling and wearing nails this skull-tastic?

If I've tickled your tastebuds you can check out the other collections here.


  1. Wow. Just... wow. Not quite sure what to say about these - I'm sure there's a niche market for them somewhere, but I'm not part of it I have to say.

    I'm all for decorating nails with amazing, unique designs, but I'm afraid these are a little too 'unique' for my personal taste.

  2. wow, as much as i love false nails, glitter, skulls & hearts.. i would never wear these on my nails!
    its too much haha! :) xx

  3. I LOVE these nails, I actually really love them. My only problem is when I do wear false nails they need to be super short because I cant do anything in long nails but my word im so tempted by these... who needs to txt, type, open lids, lock/open doors anywayzzz :P x x

  4. i'm really suprised!

    Nazila Love glamour normally have a much better stock than that. I actually love the majority of their stock on their website . . . maybe what they gave out at the ifabbo conference was the only nail glitz package they had in stock in large quantities

  5. When I took a first glance at them I thought 'oh they're not too bad', and then I saw the length of them, and the massive adornments (which I thought weren't actually stuck on) and I swiftly changed my mind aha.



  6. I like tacky nails from like a visual art point of view, wearing them is a different matter. I think these are for a very specific style...like Japanese nails.

  7. I actually sort of really love these...I love 'tacky' accessories! X

  8. Ha, for some reason these nails really make me laugh. I agree with you that they are beyond tacky, and I probably wouldn't go for them myself, but at the same time I can completely see some people being able to pull them off! Plus, you wouldn't have to wear the whole set at once, so maybe going for just one as a statement nail and keeping the others plain gold or silver (non-sparkly) could work? Hmmm!
    Mel x



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