No7 Summer of Dreams

The summer isn't particularly dreamy at the moment, but there are certainly little things we can do to brighten up our eyes. This new seasonal pack of crayons from Boots No7 range is super cute, quirky and multi-functional. Crayons aren't just for kids - these shimmering metallic shades are perfect for grown-ups too! The pack of four contains a grey, green, silver and dusty blue; two highlighting shades and two darker hues provide a great base for changing up looks or creating complementary smokey eyes.

The crayons are cute and chunky, decorated with gold and having corresponding coloured ends to make it easy to find the shade you're after. Providing a formula that's quite creamy and not at all scratchy, these little pencils are very easy to use. Having a chunky tip is perfect for creating messy eyes or blended looks, but anything that needs more definition is out of the question!

The shades really catch the light and look great around the eyeline, but you do need to ensure you don't apply over an eyeshadow as it's much harder to get the colour to stay. These work best on naked lids and powder dabbed over the top to prevent creasing or movement. I'm totally going to be using these throughout the festival season to create face art too... They're perfect for drawing hearts, stars and lightening flashes on cheeks!

Available now for £13.00 for the pack of four. 


  1. These look stunning. I really want to try these but the thickness puts me off slightly xo

  2. I do hate scratchy pencils so good to hear they are quite soft and creamy x

  3. I really like the green shade.

  4. The green shade is really pretty... tempting!

  5. Anonymous2.7.12

    I brought these and I love them :)


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