Meet my new friend Lily

This is what happens when I get to the airport far too early... I buy Mulberry. While waiting for my flight to Belfast last week I spotted a Mulberry store and couldn't resist going in for a look. I already own a fabulous purple Mulberry number, but it's pretty big and not really 'multi-functional'. Having seen a few of these on the pages of magazines I'd secretly fallen in love with the green Lily bag, but when I saw this nude beauty I couldn't resist. The very pale pink colour (or skin colour as my sister called it) will go with everything I own, day or night, winter or summer. It's not huge but has plenty of room for my essentials: purse, kindle, keys, phone, lipgloss.

The Lily was originally £495, but with 30% off in the sale and the airport discount I managed to bag this for £288. It smells amazing and the detail alone makes this a worthwhile investment; the little horseshoe keyring, the inner zip and the classic Mulberry lock have me drooling far too much. The metal is also a rather unusual rose gold shade, which is totally the 'must-have' hue this season, giving it an extra 'wow' factor. The distressed look of the material make this feel quite vintage, while not having to worry that you'll disturb the perfectly formed material.

The long metal handle with intertwined leather can be worn either long or doubled-back to be worn short over the shoulder - it's two bags in one! There's also a handy little zip pocket inside to hold your oyster card or ipod; even the zip has a little Mulberry branded addition. Spending nearly £300 on a bag isn't everyone's cup of tea, but for me it's an investment in something I know will never go out of style, that will give me years of enjoyment and make me feel a little bit special when it's hanging off my arm. Who needs an expensive dress when you've got some Mulberry arm candy?

Check out the rest of the Lily range of Mulberry bags here.


  1. omg its beautiful x

  2. oh this is just gorgeous! Just my cup of tea!!! I think it's a much better investment than a £20 piece of tat that will only last 2-3 months.... which is what ALWAYS happens to me... :)


  3. Anonymous25.6.12

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Mulberry, and this really was a bargain! Enjoy it!
    Oh, and the rose gold is perfect.

    Amber xx

  4. such a gorgeous bag! :D

  5. Can't resist airport shopping!!! I want it too!!!

  6. Such a gorgeous bag! I love the rose gold detail and the hidden horse shoe charm. xx

  7. Lovely bag, I totally want a Mulberry! Not going to happen for a looong while though! x

  8. Oh gods, I covet sooooo much!

    That colour and horseshoe just elevates the bag to a whole new level! Obviously the goddesses of handbags wanted you get get that one, what with the sale and airport discount and all :D

  9. That is one very beautiful bag Hayley! I swoon...x

  10. Such a pretty colour and a classic shape.

  11. I'm actually drooling - Lily is stunning!


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