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I like a bit of bling. There's nothing that makes me feel more like Carrie Bradshaw than a nameplate necklace and plane ticket to NYC. I was given a sold silver name necklace for my 21st birthday and have treasured it ever since - although it does make for some interesting introductions when people start nattering away to you using your name, and you have no clue who they are! I was contacted by Jewellery Personalised to find out if I was interested in them making me a necklace with my blog namesake on and I jumped at the chance to be adorned with 'LBQ'. A couple weeks later this arrived in the post to a round of 'oooohs' and 'aaaahs' in the office. It's blingtastically beautiful.

The necklace is solid gold (9ct) and quite a bright colour, featuring an 18 inch chain and quite a heavy 'LBQ' chunk of metal. The letters were much bigger than I imagined, but that's what I love about it and makes it stand out. Being really comfortable to wear and matching everything I own, the nameplate makes an impact and has had comments from everyone in the last couple of days. I know how much personalised jewellery costs and what poor quality it usually results in, but this necklace was nothing short of a delight. Although not cheap as chips (coming in around the £79 mark) it's a lot cheaper than what you'd expect to pay elsewhere for similar quality (about double that price.) Here's a picture of it on while I was hanging out with Daisy Lowe yesterday (more on that later,) so it's safe to say I'm hearting this a lot right now.

Are you a fan of personalised jewellery? Check out their website here


  1. it looks really nice on you :) thinking of getting one! love personalised jewellery!! love your blog :)

  2. Oh I love that FONT! The oversizing is what makes it unique...LOVE

  3. Anonymous17.6.12

    That is totally awesome! I think Skin Scrubs deserves one in silver at some point!

  4. I bloody love Daisy Lowe, and she has one of the coolest surnames around too ;)

  5. I love that.. it's really, really pretty!

  6. Just chilling with Daisy Lowe...nothing out of the ordinary about that! Haha. She's gorgeous.
    Love your necklace!
    Mel x


  7. I think silver is much more attractive with this nameplate. But it looks pretty still.


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