River Island's HOT summer footwear

I don't really need an excuse to buy more summer shoes, but alas, as I haven't taken any of my sandals out of storage yet I felt the need to expand my wardrobe. Although initially shopping for some sturdy brown classics, I stumbled across these beauties and fell in love. Who needs brown and boring sandals when you can get a nude leather pair with rainbow studs? Although initially they may look a bit OTT, if you think about it they'll actually go with every single item in my wardrobe - it's like Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat in shoe form.

They're so comfortable thanks to the soft and slightly cushioned material, kept on securely using two ankle straps. I don't have particularly fat ankles (a scene in Friends is coming back to me) but I do have to keep the straps on one of the furthest holes - the issue is that the studs then don't go all the way around your ankle and ruin the effect a little. However, I can't really complain as the sexiness of the shoe just comforts me too much. I'm going to be wearing these at every given opportunity, so if you see me skipping down the street just watch out for the studs... They may catch.

Available now from River Island priced £34.99


  1. Great sandals loving the multi coloured studs :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE them:)

  3. They are summer with a heel

  4. These are brilliant! I love them!

  5. Mmmmm hmmmmm. Yup, amazeballs.

  6. These are cute, I love! xxx


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