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Today's guest post is a little bit different (I like to shake things up a bit) so you may want to get your boyfriend to peer over your shoulder while you read this one... Let me introduce you to Andii. 
Hey Male Beauties! As you can tell I am not London Beauty Queen - I am Andii James, or MrAJBx3, a makeup artist and blogger from Scotland in the UK. Recently there has been an increasing trend in beauty and makeup where men are becoming more and more interested in how good they look. A while a go it was the stage of the "metrosexual," but now everyone is metrosexual and everyone cares about how they look to some degree, be it more interest in skin care, eg a little moisturising right the way, or actual makeup.

Everyone likes to look nice and these guys know how to do it... Well some of them. There are even some celebrities who are noted for their makeup - even those you wouldn't think wore it! It ranges from the simple little bit of concealer, to eyeliner, to bronzed and beautiful. Some Men like to rock "guyliner," such as Pete Wentz from Fall out Boy and John James Parton from Big Brother in 2010. Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick and even Orlando Bloom have been spotted wearing eyeshadow - quite poorly I might add, but hey, every guy in makeup is a step forward. There are some basic tips in makeup that you could follow to make things easier and these are my suggestions...

1. Don't overdo bronzer. A little in the places where the light would naturally hit can be very flattering.
2. Try to use a concealer with a more thin, liquid consistency for under the eyes (thicker concealers tend to go cakey) rather than something like MAC Studio Finish which is really thick and used for blemishes.
3. "Guy Liner" can look nice if it is pushed into the base of the lashes to give them a fuller look. The Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner is a good choice because it’s in a gel format and wont smudge during the day. Alternatively there is the Maybelline Eye Volume Express Kohl Eyeliner which is really creamy, stays in place and doesn’t budge.
4. Glow enhancers such as the Armani Fluid Sheer #2 or the L'Homme Touche Eclat (it has less shimmer than the original Touch Eclat) which will help to give the skin a really nice glow without looking fake.
5. When using foundation you don’t need to cover your whole face; you could easily get a foundation with medium coverage, put it over your 'trouble areas' and blend in well. You should also use a primer, as this helps to give a smooth base on your skin - when you put foundation on it lasts longer and doesn’t cake together throughout the day.

I would say that the key to doing makeup on yourself for corrective purposes is to blend really well and make sure you have the right tones for your skin - “no makeup” makeup is different for everyone’s skin tones. All in all I think the best way to achieve flawless skin is to really know where to place the products and blend, blend, blend. I know its a lot to take in and makeup will never seem simple, but it's worth it if it's done well... I mean look at Ed Westwick!

These tips could work for girls as well, so don't feel left out. If you want to find more about me visit my blog at www.MrAJBx3.com and follow me on Twitter @MrAJBx3. I will answer any and all questions you have!


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  2. It's good to see a post on makeup for guys. There is no reason why guys shouldn't wear makeup too! Thumbs up!

  3. My boyfriend suffers from quite bad skin so when I suggested him wearing make up he was resistant, but I knew he secretly loved it haha. I brought him the Collection 2000 concealer and the ELF tinted moisturiser. No one would ever guess he was wearing make up but it makes him look flawless! x

  4. Really enjoyed this post.. haven't seen a serious make up for men post for a long time. Great read.


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