DIY: Easy Glitter Polish Removal

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Today I was wearing a layer of Nubar's Foundation Base Coat, two layers of OPI's Pedal Faster Suzi, two layers of OPI's Rainbow Connection and one layer of Nubar's Diamond Top Coat. Quite a few layers to rub off! Because of the two glitter layers I am using a special technique to get rid of all this polish: the tin foil technique. 

You'll need tin foil, cut into pieces small pieces that will fit your fingertips, some paper towels cut into small pieces that will cover your nail and your favorite polish remover. I am using OPI's Polish Remover, which has a mild acetone formula. Normally I use polish remover without acetone, but I find that some glitter polishes really need the acetone. That's why I only have a small bottle of OPI's Polish Remover: I need it only when the polish doesn't come off easily without acetone. Also, OPI's formula has added aloe vera to condition the nails. Don't be cheap when it comes to polish remover with acetone!

Pour some polish remover on a piece of paper towel and place it on your nail. Then, wrap the top of your finger tightly with a piece of tin foil. Do this for all of your nails. I do one hand at a time, as it gets quite messy when you're trying to do this for both your hands. Wait for about five or six minutes.

Before removing the tin foil & paper towel, rub the 'package' around your finger on the area of your nail to rub off the bits that are the hardest to remove. Then, remove the foil and paper. Now most of the glitter polish will be on the paper towel.

Now remove the glitter leftovers and was your hands with a mild soap. Be sure to use your favorite moisturizing cream afterwards, to take care of your delicate hands. 
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  1. Anonymous31.3.12

    Great idea! I needed this as I always struggle taking off glitter polish.

  2. Great post as getting rid of stubborn glitter can be realllllly hard!!! Xxx

  3. My God that's BRILLIANT!!!

    How does the tin foil concoction work - is it a heat thing?

  4. I have glitter on now, and I was just about to take it off! Definitely going to give this a go!

  5. Hi Georgina.
    I'm not sure, I think it's because the active elements in the polish remover can't vaporise like that. Anyway, it works! ;)

    Glad you like it!



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