The best week ever?

I've been a bit rubbish at sharing my 'life' on my blog like I promised to do back in January. Sometimes I'm a bit rubbish at taking photos, sometimes I'm too busy and sometimes I forget what I've been up to! So here are a few picks from the last week, including a rather fabulous night out to celebrate my cousin's 18th birthday which involved pink champagne (which was soon downgraded to cider from a can) and dancing to MC Hammer. I know how to show a girl a good time. I also went to the British Gas Swimming Championships to watch Becky Adlington and Keri-Anne Payne compete against eachother and collect some medals, after having a pedicure and picking up a Rodial Beautiful Award for the 'best beauty blog'. All in all it's been a pretty awesome week.



  1. Wow! You mean business with that ring! :-D

  2. Haha, it starts to dig into my hand after a while... It's a weapon!

  3. you are insanelyy pretty and look 22 at the very most, if that! what's your secret young lady.
    liloo/@tsunimee xx


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