You're a Force of Beauty

A little while ago I launched a competition to celebrate the new campaign from Bare Minerals: Be a Force of Beauty. The campaign celebrates the inner beauty of all women, taking their mantra one step further by casting for their new adverts without ever seeing the models' faces. That's something of a feat in a society that seems so utterly obsessed with how we look. You can have a look at my original post here, but make sure you take a little peek at the video below which explains exactly what the lovely people at Bare Minerals did.

In celebration of this I asked you who your force of beauty was and I got some amazing responses...

Lucie: "My force of beauty is my mom, she is disabled with MS. She raised me and my brother all by herself and she did a great job. She still cares for my brother who has Cystic Fibrosis and is there for me whenever I need her. She is amazing and is my best friend. xxx"

Kirsten Murphy: "My sister is my 'force of beauty', she certainly doesn't fit the stereotypical classic beauty and her curves are amply rounded but she has that mysterious 'it' factor. No matter how she's dressed or whether she's made up, everyone's eyes are drawn to her when she enters a room. Whether its her innate happiness or her determination to grab life & wring it dry, she shines from within and that's impossible to ignore!"

Joselin: "I think the force of beauty is Katie Piper (Model who had acid thrown in her face), even though such a terrible thing happened to her she didn't let it get her down and she is still staying strong and inspiring thousands of women out there and proving that anyone can be comfortable in their own skin if they show that they are beautiful on the inside as well as the out."

Dvora: "My force of beauty is my grandmother, who has had a mastectomy today. She will always radiate beauty and femininity regardless of what life may throw at her. She has always been the love thats held our family together and radiates warmth and affection x"

Beverley: "My force of beauty is myself. I make the best of what I have and don't care what anyone thinks. Chasing after dreams just leaves you tired."

The winner (picked at random) was Louise: "My force of beauty would be my friend, Leanne. I've been through a really tough time recently- self-harm, family moving away, close friends vanishing, medical problems- and she's remained here, as she has for seventeen years, my friend, even though I haven't deserved a friend like her. She's endlessly elegant, with perfect hair and make-up, and very poised. She's wonderful-beautiful inside and out."

Thank you all for sharing your lovely stories and telling me about the amazing people in your lives. If you want to see the stories of all the new faces of Bare Minerals you can check out their YouTube page, but for the time being why not check out my favourite, Lauren. She's kick-ass, a fire fighter, a red head and makes me feel a little bit sick inside she's so perfect. Enjoy.


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