CK One to launch cosmetics

The fragrance, the name and the bottle of CK One evokes so many memories of high school for me. It's what we all wore (or wanted to wear) and we thought we were uber cool. The scent and brand name has proven its timeless attributes can only grow it further, as the announcement that there's going to be a CK One colour cosmetics line launching globally this March hits my inbox.

“With its fragrance roots, expanding into a color cosmetics line was a natural progression for the ck one brand,” said Tom Murry, President & Chief Executive Officer, Calvin Klein, Inc. “This latest extension embodies the energy and free spirit of ck one, offering fresh and unique beauty products that are ideal for today’s youthful, independent consumer.”

I'm really excited to see what this collection brings, especially in the current climate and with a market saturated with all kinds of premium cosmetics. Here's a sneaky shot for now, but I'll bring you the news as and when I get it!



  1. How exciting. Lara Stone is sickeningly pretty.
    I was wondering if you could tell me more about these TOWIB events I keep hearing of? x x

  2. Ohh thanks for sharing this little gem! Look forward to seeing how this launch works xx

  3. Haha, aww CK one brings back so many memories for me too! Laura xXxXx

  4. Ooh can't wait for this to be launched, I just hope it isn't too expensive!

  5. Calvin Klein is a great brand. Launching a range of cosmetics will definitely benefit them.


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