Urban Decay: NAKED take two

I think the first Naked palette was the most hotly anticipated of all time. An hour didn't go by upon launch that I didn't see someone talking about it, blogging about it, tweeting about about it or generally lusting over it. According to Urban Decay it's the most successful palette that ever did exist and I don't doubt that for a second. The sequel is equally as sought after and they're claiming it's the most anticipated sequel since Sex and The City 2 - although hopefully not as disappointing once the reveal is made! The new palette contains five new shades and is cooler in tone than the original, also including a mini lipgloss and improved tin. I didn't actually get my hands on the first one, but this one looks like an essential part of any girl's beauty routine. It's not a replacement, but is supposed to be used in conjunction with the first (marketing spiel right there - cynical, me?) to create a spectrum of looks, from subtle to striking. Will you be investing in the Naked palette take two?

Currently available exclusively in Debenhams, but available nationwide from the first week of February. Priced £36.00 (RRP)


  1. I definitely will be buying the naked palette 2 I was really torn between the two but I think with the more cooler tones in this one I shall definitely be picking it up soon as possible! xo

  2. Anonymous12.1.12

    Yes! I ordered mine the day it came out in the UK and received it today. Keep checking back here for my review as it will be up in afew days www.allthingsbeautymake-upandshopping.blogspot.com

  3. I'm gutted that I first got wind of this palette a couple of days after investing in the first one! This one would be my preference, too, but I'm certainly not buying both.

  4. Mine arrived today, I love it. I have Naked 1 too and this is a great addition. Definately highly recommend both.

  5. I have Naked 1 so I won't be getting this one cos I really don't think you need both. They even included Half Baked in this one, which is in the original anyway! If I hadn't had the 1st one though, I think I might have got this one. That matt black at the end probably would have swung it for me!



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