Turn the straighteners off!

We’ve all been there; the alarm didn’t go off, you’ve rushed to put an acceptable amount of slap on your face, tamed your barnet and fled out the door. Halfway to work it suddenly dawns on you that you didn’t check that the straighteners were turned off and you may be returning to a huge scorch mark in your carpet. (You don't want to know how many bed covers and sideboards I've gone through.) 

Newly released research by British Gas found that 30 million people in the UK suffer from ‘appliance anxiety’ and can worry for up to 80 minutes each week about leaving appliances switched on when they’ve left the house. This equates to an incredible 8 months of an average person’s life spent worrying about the consequences of leaving hair straighteners and the TV on. (You could watch the whole of Sex in The City ten times over in that time.)

It’s no wonder we worry; leaving appliances switched on is expensive - £740 million a year is lost due to applications being left on standby. I'm guiltier than most when it comes to leaving my straighteners, hair dryer, laptop and chargers all left in the socket. It’s money that should be spent on far more exciting things (i.e. shoes) than ironing the carpet!

Thankfully measures are now being developed by British Gas to eradicate the hours spent worrying about appliances left on and reduce the money wasted. The next generation smart meter from British Gas has a traffic light system that indicates when appliances are switched on. Technology is also currently in development to allow British Gas customers to remotely control their central heating and household appliances. So all it takes is a quick look at the smart meter as you sprint out of the door to check that everything is switched off. You’ll save yourself money, energy and you can spend the tube ride to work worry-free. 

Do you ever leave the house in a mild panic? Have you ever burnt the carpet with your straighteners? 

Find out more about the technology here.


  1. I worry about this a lot and 9 out of ten times they're off. Just glad my GHDs have an auto off after a certain amount of time.

  2. I very rarely rush about in the mornings... If Im late, I shove my hair in a messy bun and leave my house make up free!! LOL. Tramp!! :) When I was younger and at school though I did used to worry about things being left on all the time!! xx

  3. That sounds like a cool idea. Ive spent many days worrying whether or not ive left my hair straightners/curling tongs/electric blanket on!! xxx

  4. Agh this happens to me ALL the time! Thank god GHD's turn off after half an hour anyway! This post was really interesting! I can believe the whole 8 months of your life worrying about it!


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