Think Leopard: 17 Cosmetics

Have you ever seen a more beautiful bronzer than one adorned with leopard print and sparkles? It's completely OTT, blingstastic and unnecessary, but I blimin love it. This bronzer from 17 Cosmetics actually has a leopard print design on the top, with gold glitter sprinkled for good measure, to give you a golden glow whatever the season. You may think wacking on the bronzer is a bit too much in January, but never has there been a more appropriate time to de-pale yourself and make the most of the fakeness available to get you through the season.

The bronzer is a universal chocolate brown that can be dusted over face or body. The leopard print design unfortunately doesn't go all the way through, so once you use a little the gold sparkles do disappear and leave a one-dimensional shad, but it's a nice touch to an otherwise standard product. The giant size of the pack also makes it really easy to dust a big brush over, grabbing some colour to contour and highlight your white bits. It gives an instant pick me up and injects a bit of animal magnetism into your makeup routine!

Available now in Boots priced at a bargaintastic £5.49 (and it's oversized!)


  1. This looks wicked, just like the Too Faced ones but much cheaper! xxx

  2. It's gorgeous :)

  3. Oh i think i need this in my life :P xxx


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