Happy Birthday K-Middy

Kate Middleton turns 30 this Monday, so what better way to celebrate than with your very own shoe? Now knowing she's a firm favourite with designers such as Alice Temperley and Alexander McQueen, who do you think has designed her a shoe called 'The Duchess' to commemorate this momentous occasion? Nope, none of those... It's the one and only Kim Kardashian. (Stay with me.) Kim has a range of shoes in the US called 'Shoe Dazzle' (I'm feeling a little bit sick in my mouth) and so decided to give Kate Middleton an early birthday present in the footwear form. She's designed a black heeled number for the Duchess and even recorded this little message of goodwill.

Now to me the shoe looks like a Chanel rip off that you could find down the market on a Saturday - why on earth would the Duchess of Cambridge even contemplate wearing this hideous attire when she could have REAL Chanel at the click of a manicured finger? Beats me. Kim had hear heart (and her publicity machine) in the right place, but I'm sure Kate would have preferred a nice spa day or head massage. Or at least a voucher to replace those boots she's never out of.

What do you think of these quilted shoes? 


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  2. Ughhhh... Kim is not even close to being sincere. She clearly has no intention to wish her a happy birthday ... but only to promote a shoe directed to kate (in hopes people will buy it).... (and the whole world will follow).
    I agree with you... it looks cheap



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