Walking in a No7 Wonderland

I love the collections that come out of Boots No7 range because they always go the extra mile to create something fun, detailed and special. This festive season is no exception (anyone else think that they're talking about nothing but Christmas now?) with the launch of the new 'Midnight Enchantment' range. Even from the box you can see that it's going to be something quite stunning, decorated in some of my favourite colours with a simple flower pattern and gold lettering. These don't even need wrapping - they make perfect stocking fillers without any extra effort. Even when you remove the palettes from the boxes they're still adorned with a fab design and make a change to some of the more dark and dull boxes in my makeup bag.

The fab detailing doesn't stop with the packaging either. The range includes an eyeshadow palette, blusher, lipstick, eyeshadow stick and nail varnishes, but these two below are definitely the highlights for me. The eyeshadow quad contains four hues of lilac to create a different smokey eye look; even the palest white shade has a shimmer of underlying lilac. They're stamped with another little flower and can be used in about 100 different ways to create different looks, building up the shadow to really make the pigment stand out. Although these aren't the strongest colours I've ever used, they're definitely for those of you that don't like to be put off with deep, dark colours that could potentially make you look like you've been punched in the eye by mistake.

The blusher is one of the most beautiful things to have ever come out of Boots' factory in Nottingham. A raised floral design and three complementary colours make this lovely to look at, lovely to use and lovely to create a sculpted cheekbone with. You can either use the colours individually with a small brush, giving you a highlighter, delicate pink and darker rose, or together for a natural flushed look. The pigment in these is really subtle and perfect for winter when you don't want to overdo the redness of your apples. (By apples I mean of your cheeks by the way!)

This whole collection is lovely jubbly and definitely one of my favourites to come out of No7 for some time. It's not dark and sparkly like a lot of other collections at the moment, but gives you a great palette of colours to play with. Maybe Santa will bring you a few of these this year.
Available now - £13.00 for each palette


A little book of Jo Malone Christmas

Jo Malone have got the festive season totally wrapped up this year. Every single little Christmas gift is delightful, well thought through and perfect for loved ones... Who wouldn't want to unwrap something on Christmas morning that turned out to be in a little cream and black box? The Fragrance Chronicles is a little book of fragrance that takes their iconic scent layering to a new level with English Pear and Freesia. The scent comes in its final format, as well as three smaller bottles of the separate elements: King William Pear, Freesia and Patchouli. This enables you to wear the scent exactly how you like, elevating the individual fragrances as and when you wish, as well as wearing them all separately.

The fragrances individually are beautiful. I've never thought of wearing pear before, but it's scrumptious, light and perfect no matter what the time of day, week or year. By layering the core fragrance with the other three you can amplify the heart, base or delicate notes that make it up, changing it slightly to suit your mood. It's a timeless scent and pretty ageless too - I would wear this, as would my mother and probably my grandmother. It's a fail safe for anyone not knowing what to buy the lady in their life this Christmas.

To make it even better, the way the whole thing is packaged is delightful. It literally looks like a book, opening up to reveal the four fragrances inside. There's even a long description included on the inner cover to fully explain what it's all about and how to layer. You could keep these in the book for safe keeping in a bookshelf and nobody would be any the wiser!

Available from their website for £72.00.


The great Glossybox debate

There's been a lot said about the Glossybox service (and similar services, of which there appear to be more every day) over the last few months and until now I've kind of stayed out of it. I've avoided reviewing or talking about any 'direct to your door' sampling because they're on every blog going. Everyone seems to have an opinion and most of them aren't great, to the point where it's about time LBQ stepped in and had her penny's worth! I love the idea of these services as the whole point is to open yourself up to new products, innovative brands and generally things you wouldn't otherwise use. For a small fee you get these delivered directly to your door once a month and have the great Christmas morning feeling when you open it up to find out what's inside... And I think that's what's been lost along the way. Bloggers complaining that the products they've been given aren't as good as their mates, shouting about products like Batiste being included and having a good moan when they're given a fragrance sample. For a tenner, what do you expect?

Every month Glossybox promise to give you five samples to enjoy at home, most of which are premium and some of which are full size. If you were to buy these in the shops I guarantee you that every single box is worth much more than ten quid. Small or sample sizes actually cost nearly the same to produce as large sizes - I worked with the production of cosmetics for many years and the reason those mini samples in Boots are so expensive is because that's how much they cost to produce. A lot of companies actually sell them at a lost just to get them in the hands of consumers, with the hope that they'll invest in a full size one when they're done. You still have to pay for the plastic container no matter the size of the product, and that's what costs the dosh. I don't see a problem with the size of products in these boxes at all - that's the whole point of the scheme.

Furthermore, I wholeheartedly disagree with every single complaint about the Illamasqua Freak fragrance sample that was included in this month's box. I love the fragrance and was lucky enough to try it before it was released, but I was still happy to have it in the box. It's a premium brand that sells the fragrance for £59.00 for 75ml - if you take the actual quantity per ml it's around £4.00 for one of those mini samples. Not only was everyone given a chance to sniff it, but enough to keep you going for at least a couple of weeks. Isn't that the point of Glossybox? Giving you the opportunity to try a product for a while, see if you like it and buy the full size? It was never going to be a way of you stocking up on expensive, premium brands on the cheap. You wouldn't have a go at Glamour magazine for only including enough CK One on an advert for you to rub your hand on!

This month there were some great products in the Glossybox and I think it may have been one of the best ones yet. Nail wraps worth £6.65 alone, an iconic product in the form of Philip Kingsley's Elastercizer (again, it retails at £24.95 for 150ml so you're getting a good deal) and some other brands that are perfectly sized for traveling or popping in your bag. I continue to think that Glossyboz is a great idea, as long as you have realistic expectations. It's the price of a coffee and a copy of Elle magazine, so you shouldn't expect it to come gold plated with keys to a new Porshe inside. It's just not gonna happen. They put a lot of thought and effort into the box and the way its presented, which seems to be forgotten as soon as it's ripped open. I think we need to take a step back and remember what we signed up for and what we're getting - a lot for ten quid.

What do you think of Glossybox and the other sampling services?


Just Live with BIC Soleil

Shaving isn't exactly glamorous is it? It's one of those daily chores that you don't put much thought into until you cut yourself with a blunt, manky razor. BIC are putting the glamour back into shaving again with their new range of Soleil razors which are all designed with 'shaver grip technology' to make the chore easier and more pleasurable. They have four different types of razor, each incorporated with different features to match your personality and shaving requirements... Whoever thought of matching your mood to your hair removal system?!

There are four different ways to shave which say a lot about your personality (apparently!) and determine which razor you should go for. Which one are you?

Talk to the Palm Queen - You hold your shaver with four fingers on top and it acts as an extension of the hand. This grip allows you to shave quickly and efficiently and reflects your direct, driven and pragmatic approach. You don’t have time for high maintenance beauty regime but you always look well dressed and prepared for whatever life throws at you whether at work or at play. Perfect  shaver: Bella

The Pincer Princess - You normally hold your shaver between the top index finger, just like you would your tweezers. You love nothing better than girlie nights in pampering you and your friends, whilst having a good gossip. You are known for your feminine style and your friends consider you as a great mate. Perfect shaver: Miss Soleil

The Feather-Light Lady - You tend to hold the shaver at the end of the handle with your fingertips, a bit like a make-up brush and use a sweeping, smooth action. Your shaving stoke mimics your soft and gentle nature. You are happy to remain behind the scenes and are a trustworthy and loyal friend. You like to spend time on your beauty routine and you look like you take care in your appearance. Perfect shaver: Lady

The Pencil Painter - You hold your shaver with the thumb and middle finger and guide it with the index finger from the top, much like a pencil or paint brush. You are independent, free-thinking and known for your creativity. Sensual and intuitive, you instinctively know what goes together and looks good and you enjoy always looking your best. Perfect shaver: Scent

In celebration of the launch, BIC's Facebook page is full of top tips, ways to 'Just Live' and even bloggers of the week (watch out for more of that soon!) They're running weekly competitions to enable you to 'Just Live' too, including an amazeballs Christmas competition... They've partnered with Dororthy Perkins to offer one winner and 3 friends the opportunity to be spoiled by stylists at DPs, helping them with their Christmas outfits, as well as offering a one night stay at a hotel plus cash for a fun night out. A whole Christmas party sorted then! All you have to do is like them on Facebook and enter your details. Smooth legs and fun times? Sorted.


This is a sponsored post on behalf of Ebuzzing



MAC Viva Glam 2012

MAC have just sent through this image of their Viva Glam campaign from next year, featuring their rather controversial choice of representatives: Ricky Martin and Nicki Minaj. I have to say I'm loving the image and even though I completely slated the choice when I first heard, I'm kind of sold. The bold colours, the giant lipstick, the random motorbike that has absolutely no purpose... I could stare at it for hours.


Wrapped in friendship

Are you struggling of innovative things to buy your friends this Christmas? Bit bored with a bog standard lipgloss or set of bath melts? Well this year why not act like a three year old again and put your focus entirely on the wrapping paper... (Why is it that they're always more entertained by the paper than the super-dooper-flashy toy inside?)

Nivea have a pretty cool Facebook app that allows you to order a gift for a friend, including lipgloss sets and hand cream boxes, that also includes personalised wrapping paper. The app picks up the photos you're both tagged in and posts on eachothers wall, plonking them within a wrapping paper design to make it super special. If you don't like a photo or wall post you can click through and change it for one you prefer, as well as choosing to get rid of the wall posts all together. Click through and order your gift to put a spring in your friend's step, as well as eliminating the need for gift tags!

The only thing is that the gift doesn't come pre-wrapped, so you'll have to get out the sellotape once it arrives and deliver it by hand. This really simple personal touch is guaranteed to be really popular this festive season and best of all it's absolutely free. Why not even suggest to your male friends that they do this for their girlfriends, or your brother for your mother... Everyone will love the little touch of their face on the wrapping paper!

To get stuck in yourself, click through to Nivea's Facebook page.


Clinique: Service as you like it

I've written before about the new style of service from Clinique (cleverly entitled 'service as you like it') but I managed to pop down to Selfridges this week and try it out for myself. Clinique are aiming to address the needs of their customers whilst being aware of the fact that a lot of shoppers feel intimidated by over enthusiastic sales assistants. Shopping for skincare and makeup can be hard work, scary and time consuming, but on the other hand a very valuable and rewarding experience if it's done right. Clinique have made a few very crucial steps towards making the service you receive at their counters personalised, and more importantly, exactly what you need.

The first thing they've introduced are the coloured bracelets. These three colours indicate a different way you want to be served on the counter, from peaceful browsing to a full on consultation. Easily accessible, these bands are one of the first things you see when you walk onto the Clinique space and something the consultants carry around with them too. I noticed that the Clinique ladies do approach every person that comes onto the counter, but they all took the time to ask them what brought them to Clinique, giving them a band to indicate the level of service they were after. I was a bit skeptical about this whole scheme, but I believe the issue here is that service is being addressed; Clinique understand the issues that exist and are trying to tackle them head on. So far people seem to be picking up the bands and thinking they're a free gift, so there's some way to go, but hopefully this is a first step towards changing the way we interact with beauty counters.

The other big change at the Clinique counter is the ability to get 'great skin in 90 seconds'. A huge claim right? They've installed ipads in some of their top stores across the UK that allow you to create your own personalised skincare prescription after answering a few key questions. As you flick through, telling the virtual consultant what your skincare priorities are, what areas of concern you have and what they condition of your skin is, you have to really think about your routine and what you like/dislike about your skin. In as little as 90 seconds you're given a prescription detailing your recommended products, which can also be printed out or even emailed. This not only gives you the freedom to play around yourself, but also to give your prescription to a loved one and hint at a Clinique Christmas gift! The consultants would always aim to talk to you after you've done this to ensure that you have the right products, but it makes the shopping experience simple, fun and practical.

While I was at the counter I also had a skincare consultation to find out what products I should be using and how I should be using them. This for me was the highlight - getting down and dirty with a Clinique consultant to really think about my skin, how it behaves, what I use, how I use it... It's amazing how much you don't really think of until someone asks. The general idea of these consultations is to ask questions and get you as the customer to play with products to get the most out of your time. They have a diagnostic tool which they use to record your answers, a magic zoom mirror to take a closer look at your skin and lots of ways of getting under your makeup to the route of your problem. I was really impressed with the advice I was given and the reasons behind my current skin condition... Especially as I've always classified myself as a bit of a skin expert!

This is the first time in ages that I've visited a Clinique counter and I have to admit I was impressed on every level. I felt at ease, comfortable and confident in the advice I was being given. I very much felt it was all about me, not what the consultant wanted to tell me or sell - a massive step away from the majority of experiences I've had in department stores. I literally would've bought everything I was recommended because I knew how to use it and could see the results for myself. It's great to see a brand like this really embracing change and being at the forefront of customer-led experiences in store.

What's your experience of visiting beauty counters? Would you give these innovative experiences at Clinique a whirl?


Guest Post: I Heart NYC

I bloody love Claire from 'The World of Kitsch'. She's not particularly well versed in the world of make-up, but that makes her approach even more refreshing. Today she's telling us all about her encounters with budget brand NYC, so let's see what she has to say...

Hello, it's London Beauty Queen's make-up novice, Twitter friend Rudedoodle again. I've a few more products for us girls less gifted in the 'artist' part of putting on make-up. Last Friday I went along to a meet-up of fashion & beauty bloggers in Belfast, organised by the girls at www.Sugahfix.com Now strictly I'm neither a fashion or beauty blogger, but I am notoriously nosy, and Katrina from Sugahfix was gracious enough to let me tag along. After we had eaten the most glorious cupcakes I'd ever seen (from Belfast's Sugar Rooms), and chatted blogging dos and don'ts, the talk turned to beauty products.

Mmmm Cake.

At this point my badly-lined & shadowed, little eyes glazed over, I was out of my depth as the polished ladies compared notes on foundations & B B creams (no idea what the latter even are). We were joined by the stunning Fiona Cooke from Coty Ireland, who chatted away, genuinely enthusiastic about the brands she works with. Fiona had brought us some NYC products to try out, so here I am to report on how I found them. 

Eye-shadow is my favourite make-up product, and the Individual Eyes for green eyes is a perfect product for the likes of me. Each of the six shades in the compact are labelled, with a diagram on the reverse showing where to apply for the perfect look. Thank you, NYC! This is exactly what a girl like me needs. I've only realised in the past 3 years that you are meant to put more than one eye shadow shade on your lid, never mind four or five. Don't talk to me about YouTube tutorials either, I'm the sort of girl more likely to be looking up obscure Reeves & Mortimer sketches from the early 90's, not step by step guides to a smokey eye. I just don't have the patience, but I still want to look great. A diagram on the back of the package, so basic but such a great idea. This product is currently only available in the US & Ireland, but hopefully will go UK wide soon.

The next product, NYC Blushable Creme Stick in Big Apple Blush, an entirely new thing to me. I have very high colouring and don't use any blusher, but applied the stick anyway to see the result. I actually loved it. Very natural, no clown cheeks like I expected from my own application techniques. Gave a nice shape to my face and I will be using it daily now. 

NYC Smooch Proof Lip Stain in persistent pink next. This is like a big felt tip pen, which I love. If all make-up came in pen form maybe I'd be better at putting it on my face. Colour was very close to my natural lip shade, which means its brilliant for me to use on days where I'm a bit zombified, tired and need make-up just to look normal. Other mums will know that look. The three NYC products gave a natural, healthy look which ironically is the most difficult one to achieve for novices like me. With NYC's favourable price point, I'll be searching out their concession for more goodies to play with this week.

Written by Claire Smyth from www.TheWorldofKitsch.com

NYC is available from Superdrug

Bargain of the week

Bloody hell. Fancy a mahoosive hamper of Sanctuary Spa stuff for less than twenty quid? Then rush down to Boots and grab yourself one of these beauties, where they're currently on offer for less than half price... That's £19.00 instead of £40.00! The pack contains all of this good stuff all wrapped up in an ace travel case. I'm getting me two.

Sanctuary Intensive Rescue Heel Balm contains moisturising shea butter and a blend of wheat germ, vitamin E and rosehip seed oil to  leave your skin super moisturised and feeling silky soft, while tea tree and lavender your feet cools and refreshes
Sanctuary Body Wash is infused with essential oils and spices to gently cleanse and condition, with moisturising capsules of sesame oil and jojoba to help leave it feeling soft and silky smooth
Sanctuary Body Scrub can be used every day to gently polish your skin, leaving it invigorated, alive and gorgeously soft
Sanctuary Body Lotion is a wonderfully fragrant, super-absorbent lotion which nourishes and stimulates the body, smoothing away dryness and revitalising tired skin. Invigorating ginger root extract, nourishing jojoba and pro-vitamin B5 combine for a super smooth finish and a warm tingling sensation
Sanctuary Foaming Bath Soak is enriched with nourishing wheat proteins and soothing aloe vera, to fill your bath tub with rich and creamy bubbles and leave skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.
Sanctuary Body Butter is a luxurious, super moisturising, cream laced with Sweet almond oil, smoothing macadamia oil and protective vitamin E for all over. 



Lush Lips

It's time to pucker up and get ready for some mistletoe action. You can't be getting smoochie and festive without a good pair of smackers, so if yours are a bit dry and in need of attention you're gonna want to get down to your local Lush store and pick these up. The basis of smooth, supple and healthy lips is regularly exfoliating them to remove any dead, dry and manky skin. You can do this with a toothbrush in circular motions, but if you want to put a bit of glamour into the routine then this lip scrub is right up your street. It contains actual popping candy (like the stuff you ate when you were a kid) so it's pretty darn awesome! The grains of sugar work to gently exfoliate the lips, melting away rather than abrasively scrubbing off layers of skin, whilst the popping candy gives you a subtle sensation (as well as the giggles.) When I washed this away I could still hear it popping away in the pipes! It smells really sweet and even tastes good, so there's no reason to not use this regularly.

To finish off smooth lips you'll need a little slick of lipbalm. This beautiful little tin is so diddy it's perfect for carrying around with you. I love the name 'Celebrate' and the little gold dusting of glitter on the top to create the effect of pink champagne... Perfect for the party season! The lipbalm itself is very thin, meaning you only need a little bit to slick over your lips, but not at all greasy or heavy. The colour is very subtle, a soft golden sheen running under the pastel pink, so you can wear it alone or over the top of a colour. It's not extremely moisturising, but it does give a little bit of softness to lips - you wouldn't reach for it in a lip emergency, but you would if you wanted something pretty! It contains almond oil, organic jojoba oil and camellia oil to moisturise as well as icing sugar, cognac oil, grapefruit oil and lemon oil to make it taste great. Looking great and tasting great - a winner.

Available now in store and online. Pow Wow scrub and Celebrate lipbalm both £4.75


Rock n Roll Lashes

These days I feel a little bit underdressed without a big pair of false lashes on. Saturday nights aren't the same unless I've got some bad ass lashes on to complete my smokey eyed look. Eylure have been a staple favourite for ages, but these new 'Rock On' lashes from Girls With Attitude take posing with your eyes to new levels. I've used their lashes before and didn't really get on with them - the lash line was really tough and the glue was a bit rubbish, meaning it was near enough impossible to get the lashes to sit comfortably and stay in place. However, this new range seems to have addressed those issues completely. The lashes are flexible and the lash line much softer, as well as the glue being more up to scratch than it was before.

The range aims to inject a bit of rock n roll glamour into false lashes, taking the best of British and turning it into a set of flutters! I adore the packaging and the fact that they've made false lashes a bit more glam and interesting. (At least it makes the shopping experience a bit more exciting than picking between a white pack or another white pack.) The lashes come in five different styles, all big, bold and extreme... These are meant to be noticed. I love the wearability of these and that they're relatively natural looking, but just on a much bigger scale... The ones I wore last night were the biggest lashes I've ever stuck to my face!

These lashes are cute, bold and daring - all for the price of £5.00 each. They're available from their website (with free UK delivery) as well as Boots/Superdrug (I think!)

Batiste goes WILD!

Every girl should have a can of dry shampoo close to hand, not only to banish oily roots and refresh dull hair, but to give a bit of oomph and styleability to even clean barnets. Batiste have released a new variant of their cult classic and this time it's gone wild. Literally. The new 'Wild' fragrance is described as 'sassy and daring' - the most non-descript fragrance description ever! The truth is that it's a refreshing, slightly sultry and musty fragrance that's definitely unisex. It's quite similar to the Batiste Brit scent, in that it smells like a perfume and can be worn be dudes or dudettes. All that and it comes in a sexy leopard print can that even has a claw mark on!

Available now prices around £2.79


What would you like to see?

LBQ has been going for some time now and I've hit a bit of a brick wall. I'm not entirely sure where I want to take it, what I want to focus on or how I can inject some passion back into blogging. I want to know what you want to see... Is there something you want more of, less of, something completely new? Do you want to see more into my life, my regime? More fashion and lifestyle? Please do share your thoughts in the comments box so I can make sure I'm giving you what you want! XX



Myleene Klass: A marketer's dream

Is there a product/brand/retailer/type of jam this woman won't endorse? We've had books, maternity wear, kids clothes, singing soap stars, piano playing, popstar dancing... And now nail wraps. She literally will put her name and face to anything given the right (or any) price. Surely she's rubbing her hands with glee thinking "next time I'll endorse some Tena Lady just to keep my options open." For the love of god woman. Anyway, back to the wraps... So nail wraps have been around for a while, but these ones have something different about them (and it's not Myleene's face.) These wraps don't require heating with a hairdryer like all the other brands I've seen, but stick straight onto the nail. The pack also contains a topcoat and a nail file, so everything you need is in one package. That's all very nice, as are the cutesy patterns, but it's bloody Myleene's grinning face that is driving me nuts. Enough woman. Will you be getting you some Myleene nails?

Available from Boots, ASDA, Debenhams and Wilkinson for £5.99 a pack.

VIP Cosmetic Surgery

I've always been a believer that if something is bothering you, then you should fix it. It may be your dud haircut or the fact that your legs are pasty pale, but on the other hand it may be that your nose has been causing you grief or your boobs have been the bane of your life. Confidence is the most important thing and it can really affect every aspect of your life if you don't have it. I've had family members that have had cosmetic surgery and it's literally changed their lives. Although I can't see myself ever going under the knife (I'm a bit of a wuss amongst other things) I really believe that cosmetic surgery can be the answer to a lot of fundamental problems. With so many different clinics out there and so many horror stories on the telly, how do you know where to go to get great results and even better care? VIP  Cosmetic Surgery may be the answer you're looking for.

VIP Cosmetic Surgery was founded by a group of leading UK cosmetic surgeons, Guy Sterne, Mehboob Ali and Jonathan Staiano and is still owned and run by the three founder members. "Our aim is to provide the finest quality cosmetic surgery, service and aftercare directly from the experts. We have over 25 years experience as cosmetic surgery Birmingham specialists and each of us has an established practice in the West Midlands. This means that you can rest assured that they will be with you for years to come and will always ensure that you have a point of contact with them should you need any advice or further treatment." All the surgeons are a fully accredited member of BAAPS and BAPRAS, which means that they have been recommended by other plastic surgeons to be able to join these prestigious associations. They offer face, body and breast procedures as well as non-surgical procedures such as botox.

With safety and after care of utmost importance, the credentials of VIP Cosmetic Surgery go a long way in helping to reassure the more nervous among us. The doctors work across a number of hospitals in the West Midlands, making it a great location wherever you're based across the UK (Birmingham is only an hour out of London, don't you know!) Not only that, but there are various finance options, consultations and after care promises to make your journey easy, as well as the result perfect.

Fine out more, request a brochure or book a consultation here: www.vipcosmeticsurgery.co.uk

This is a sponsored post on behalf of VIP Cosmetic Surgery. 
I am in no way affiliated with the company.


YSL Opium - Emily Blunt gets personal

So yesterday I showed you some behind the scenes photos and footage from the latest YSL Opium campaign, featuring our very own British beauty Emily Blunt. Today I've got three short videos for you to feast your eyes on, going behind the celeb to understand what really makes her tick. What does Emily really think of fragrance? Have a little look and find out...



Visibly Fruity

I love a good face wash and scrub for the morning shower sessions. There's no better feeling than stepping out fresh faced, clean and exfoliated. I've tried a lot of expensive products over the years, but I have to say these fruity numbers from Neutrogena do the job just as well - if not better. I've used the cream wash before, but I've now become a little bit addicted to the face wash and gentle exfoliator. The pale pink formula brightens up my shower, while the delicate grapefruit fragrances awakens my senses first thing in the morning when all I want to do is drink coffee.

They both claim to help minimise spots and blemishes with a special 'microclear technology' but in all honesty I don't believe that for a second. What they are is a nice little product that smells good, cleans your face without stripping moisture and leaves you feeling refreshed. I'm loving the gentle exfoliator because it's soft enough to use every day if you wanted to, rather than ripping off half a layer of skin every time you use it. It cleanses while exfoliates, giving you the best of both worlds in one product. Even better is that you can grab these for less than a fiver and have change for a packet of gum.

Face wash and daily scrub available for around £4.95 each - watch out for 3 for 2s though!
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