The YSL Tuxedo

In the words of Yves Saint Laurent himself, if there was one fashion item in the world he would keep forever, it was the tuxedo. Elegant, classic and beautiful, the tuxedo is an item of clothing that sums up YSL and never goes out of style.

"In 1966 Yves Saint Laurent continued to innovate giving women the power and the freedom to break the mould. Yves Saint Laurent threw away the rule book and allowed women to wear heels with their trousers, trench-coats over their eveningwear and created feminine creations with a masculine twist. 1966 was the year that witnessed the launch of the tuxedo from Yves Saint Laurent. A classic masculine symbol reshaped for the modern woman. The Tuxedo quickly became an Yves Saint Laurent classic and has been reinvented with a new twist every season since."

In celebration of this story, YSL have launched their iconic Touche Eclat with a limited edition design that celebrates the history and beauty of the look. Inspired by images like the one below, (an original 1966 YSL picture!) the fabulous highlighter pen is sure to be a collectors item.

Available now priced £25.00


Look Good, Feel Better

Tomorrow there's something very special going on in London Town. Iconic department store Selfridges are hosting their annual 'Look Good Feel Better' Editors Day, where anyone can get up close and personal with the UK's hot property in the beauty world. For only a small fee of £20, you can book an appointment with everyone from Grazia, Elle and InStyle to The Times, Vogue and Tatler. If you want to find out the insiders tips for next season's trends, get advice on how to pick colours that suit you, or just have a mini makeover, then all you need to do is call the booking hotline on 0800 138 8140. Not only will you be getting a great opportunity (and a fab goodie bag donated by the partners,) but all the money raised will go towards the 'Look Good Feel Better,' the beauty industry’s charity which supports woman with cancer in a uniquely positive and practical way. Little things make a big difference, so do get involved if you can. 

Taking place in Selfridges Beauty Hall, 29th September, 12pm-7pm. Booking essential. 

For full details see the website

Feeling patriotic

Following on from my love of Rimmel's new eyeshadow collection, all in the shape of Union Jacks, I've found a new British feast for the eyes. Nail favourite Elegant Touch have just launched these stick on false nails called 'Queenie Rocks' - how very Royal. Not only do they look like you're flying the flag for Britain, but they're also metallic and shiny, meaning you're rocking the autumn trend with just one little finger. You better grab these fast though... they're limited edition.

Available from Superdrug for £7.10


Smoke and Mirrors

Autumn is normally all about deep, dark shades to complement your mood and the sky. Even though we're not quite ready to give up on summer (please let this mini heatwave happen) it's time to start thinking about the transitioning seasons. Topshop's new makeup collection for Fall 2011 is called 'smoke and mirrors' and these are the nail polishes within the range. Not your conventional autumnal hues, these subtle shades pack a punch in a makeup world overrunning with browns. I love the nudeness of the pink, soft and wearable without being too 'bubblegum,' as well as the khaki punking up your nails and adding detail to an overall outfit.

Available from Topshop stores from October.


Anesis: The God of Spas

Fish pedicures are old news. You can get them as easily as a can of coke now, even fitting one in while buying a pair of shoes in your local shopping centre. The intrigue and excitement of a bizarre treatment no longer pulls in the punters - it's about the experience that goes with it. I've had a fair few fish pedicures myself now, enjoying the tickling sensation and baby smooth tootsies I'm left with, but a visit to Anesis spa in Clapham left me feeling like I'd experienced something unique. The spa is situated right on Clapham Common between cake shops and fancy bars, standing out with it's glass frontage and chic design. This is no ordinary fish spa, but a fish spa which reminds you of being in Marbella with it's soft dance tunes, bright lights and subtle luxury.

Anesis is a franchise which has reached far afield, with spas in Ibiza, Marbella, Ireland and now in Harvey Nichols. The experience you get is different from anything else, not only because of the top notch service and attention to detail, but because of the extensive treatments that are on offer to complement the fish pedicure. So many times I've come away following fishies eating my feet only to wish they could paint them with little nail polishes too - Anesis offer a unique service which includes a post-treatment file and paint, meaning your feet not only feel fabulous, but look fabulous too. You can also pop in for an appointment with HD Brows, book in to have your lashes dyed or extended, or even relax with a full body massage.

The decor makes you feel at ease and that the experience is a totally enjoyable one - something that I've struggled with in the past in dingy or uber public spas. The bright lights and soft tunes, as well as the open spaces and clear detail about what the fish are actually going to be doing, make this a spa worth travelling across London for. I've never experienced a spa which offers so many fab services under one roof! With new franchises opening all the time, I would totally recommend you look out for an Anesis spa near you.

For more details on the salon visit their website: www.anesis.uk.com


I'm in Milan!

If you've been following me on twitter you'll know that I'm taking it easy in Milan for a few days, recovering from a mental few weeks that culminated in London Fashion Week. I've never been to Italy before, let alone one of the fashion capitals of the world, so it's been quite an eye opener. The architecture here is amazing and the views are stunning, although there's not much to do apart from shop and drink coffee... not that that's a bad thing! So far we've been for coffee at Gucci (as in Gucci's own coffee shop - amazeballs) followed by a little splurge, as well as visits to every designer shop imaginable. We've had the most relaxing few days, chilling out by the fab hotel pool and relaxing in the sauna. Totally what I needed. Normal blogging will resume soon, but for now I'm gonna make you a teeny bit jealous with a few snaps... Ciao.



I'm a fashionista

Eyeshadows are one of the most space hungry items of makeup. Even though the actual product is usually tiny, the plastic surround and elegant compact that holds it is usually three times the size it needs to be. I have boxes that are just full of eyeshadow palettes, most of which there's only one colour I actually like. Well ladies, this problem may be solved thanks to the new makeup brand hitting the shelves of Superdrug - FashionistA.

Not only do they have a huge range of eyeshadow colour to choose from in little plastic pots, but these plastic pots actually allow you to pop out the eyeshadow tray. These can then be added to an eyeshadow holder, meaning you can mix and match to hold your perfect selection of shades in one place. The eyeshadows themselves are really quite big, meaning you get a lot for your buck. They're easy to pop out and in again, meaning you can swap around your favourite eyeshadows depending on where you're going or what colour trend you want to rock.

The palette even comes with a giant mirror, so you've got everything in one place, and the eyeshadows themselves are really well pigmented for such a reasonably priced high street brand. Every colour under the rainbow is represented in the range, so you could go crazy choosing a colour to suit every mood. The beauty of this is that it's completely tailored to your individual needs, giving a bespoke service at a bargainous price. I've gone for a mix of wearable day shades and a bright turquoise to shake things up... What will you go for?

Available from Superdrug - a full palette with four eyeshadows and the case costs £12.


So pretty I want to cry

I like pretty packaging. I admit it - sometimes I'm sold by the cover rather than the book. The thing is that sometimes the cover is so pretty that you're just not that fussed by how the story ends inside, because it looks nice sat on your bookshelf. This is one perfect example of how I've been completely and utterly sold on something, just because it's so pretty I want to cry. Ladies and gents, I give you the YSL lipstick in all its golden glory.

Look at the detail around the centre! The golden 'YSL', the matching colour band to the shade inside, the sparkly glow of the metal. Oh my lordy, I'm in love. (Yes, with a lipstick.) What makes these even better though is the fact that the lipstick itself it utterly heavenly - the lightest, most soft lipstick I've ever experienced. You can barely feel there's anything on your lips, not like the usual heavy sensation you often get with lashings of red. Not only that, but the lipsticks smell of beautiful melon, giving you a fresh and uplifting feeling whenever you apply.

These are random colours that I wouldn't normally go for (and part of their autumn/winter collection,) but the pale pink is a great wearable shade for the day that makes eye makeup pop. The deep purple shade is a lot sheerer on, giving a striking and extremely fashion-forward pout that will have you rocking into the party season with ease. These don't come cheap, but with beautiful casing like that you don't expect them to. At £22.50 these are an investment, but an investment that will pay off more than those shoes you can't walk in.

Available from Selfridges and other department stores for £22.50.


Flying the flag

I'm proud to be British and I'm even prouder to be a Londoner. There's no greater place on Earth in my opinion, especially when we all rally together for something like a Royal Wedding or some sports contest called the Olympics. So you can have the flag, the tea towel, the coaster, the keyring and the snowstorm - but we've all been there, done that (and worn the t-shirt.) Now you can have the eyeshadow, courtesy of Rimmel London! These new 'HD' eyeshadows have been formed in the patriotic shape of a Union Jack and I bloody love them.

Available in five different colours, including very wearable browns, khakis and smokey greys, these really pack a punch in your makeup bag. The pigments are infused with little flecks of glitter too, meaning you can create impact and sparkle while rocking the London look. In a world filled with basic and boring eyeshadow palettes these stand out and will inevitably fly off the shelves; we're so over circles, square and rectangles... it's all about the Union Jack.

These are so pretty it's a shame to actually use them. I wasn't even fussed about the shades or pay-off, but both are pretty great too. Really wearable and complementary colours that give a god result on the eye, as well as being really blendable. The highlight of the range has got to be this 'true colour' flag... Even though I wouldn't be seen dead in a red eyeshadow, this is worth the £6.99 just to display on your makeup shelf. Never has it been cooler to be British.

Available nationwide priced £6.99 each


Handbag.com Beauty Awards

Want to shout from the rooftops about which beauty brands you love the most or what beauty blogger inspires you? (Cough *LBQ* Cough) Well the handbag.com beauty awards are open for voting and this year they've added a beauty blogger category. By placing your very valuable vote you'll not only be having your say and giving a stamp of approval to a lucky few, but you'll also be in with a chance of winning beauty goodie bags! For all the info tottle over here now... And in the beauty blogger box write 'London Beauty Queen'. Wink, wink.


The Saturdays: Fashionistas

Last week I had the pleasure of trotting down into central London to meet hot girl band of the moment, and all round hotties in general, The Saturdays. They weren't just there to look fabulous, be uber little and fabulously nice, but to launch their new range of magnetic nail polishes with FashionistA. (The 'A' is supposed to be capital, don't you know.) They've not only signed their name, face and signature to the bottles, but they've actually picked the shades and worked on the products themselves. The result is a great variety of colour which sums up each girl's personality, as well as the colour being names after a Saturday's tune.

The colours include green, red, blue, silver and purple, so there's something for every fashionista. Ahem. The nail polishes aren't just colourful, but actually magnetic; by holding a magnet over the top of the nail for a few seconds a wave pattern is created on the nail. The magnet brings out hidden pigments, creating a striking marbled effect on the nail that is totally integrated into the polish so it doesn't wear off. It takes practice to get it right, particularly as the varnish has to be wet for it to work. The pattern also fades after a few minutes, meaning you need to create a strong result to ensure it doesn't fade away and leave a bizarre 'half pattern' five minutes after you think it's looking ace.

The polish is thick and easy to apply, but a topcoat is needed to make this last longer than 24-48hrs without any chips. I love the variety of colour in the collection, which I'm sure will be expanded in the future. The cost of these is also relatively low, with the polish being sold at £6 and the accompanying magnet at £3. I love the fact that the magnet also slips onto the polish lid for safe keeping - how very practical. A must have for any pop princess.

Available exclusively at Superdrug.


Behind the scenes with Rimmel London

Take a look backstage at London Fashion Week with Rimmel London, and me, looking a bit like a donkey. Rimmel and Glam Media have been backstage throughout London Fashion Week to pick up the key trends, with the aim of recreating them for you so you can do a DIY jobby in your bedroom. First up is Ashish. Gawd, I love his sunflowers...

If you want a bit more makeup and a lot more fashion, you can try a bit of Antonio Berardi. Oh la la.

My favourite of all Fashion Week, icon Henry Holland. I'm a bit gutted I didn't get to meet him, but at least we share some video space.

Finally, how about some plaits and a bit of Hillary Alexander at the Sass & Bide show? Phew, what a week. 

Stay tuned because I've just filmed the actual 'get the look' videos which will give you a step by step guide on how to create the trends at home.


LFW: The Trends

As you may have guessed already, even the capital is going crazy for the togs adorning the catwalks, I'm more interested in what's going on above the shoulders. What hairstyles are the models rocking, what makeup are they wearing and how strong are the lips? Here are my key looks so far from London Fashion Week...

1. Keeping it real
There's a real trend emerging for simple hairstyles, ponytails and wet look textures, mixed with a very natural 'almost there' complexion, as seen at Erdem and Nicole Farhi. This leaves the focus entirely on the lip to create an elegant and timeless look, making the eye colour pop even more. I'm loving how simple this is to achieve too - perfect for a work day when you can only manage to scrape your hair back and apply some lippy.

Nicole Farhi

2. Give us a wave
Can I just shake the hand of the guy (or girl) who sat down and decided the trends for S/S12? Not only do we have uber simple up dos, but we also have long, straight hair with just a hint of curl. As seen at Burberry and Matthew Williamson, it's all about a teeny bit of movement in the hair. It's not overdone and is really easy to achieve with just a flick of a curling wand.

Matthew Williamson

3. Half and half. 
If you're after something a bit more sassy than the neutral barnets we've been seeing, you can go for a 'half and half' style, keeping hair off your face but keeping the length. Topshop slicked back hair and adorned it with gold leaf, which may be a little out of your league for a Friday night, but Antonia Berardi has kept it cool with subtle quiffs and easy to wear texture.

Antonio Berardi

So next season it's all about minimal makeup, power lips (but not too powerful,) and easy to wear hair. It's about time the catwalk reflected what's going on in real life and giving us something realistic to aspire to. I totally knew I was on trend when I tied my hair back in a pony after sitting in my PJs all day.

A-tishooo: Kleenex Skincare

Sometimes a launch comes along that makes you peer up like a meerkat. Kleenex skincare, for me, is that launch. Although it may seem like a random brand extension for some, the essence of the brand started with skincare products and cleansers way back when in the 1920's. This new range brings their knowledge of all things tissue into a slightly different arena, whilst keeping the brand values and trustworthy name at the core. There are four products to start with, including face wipes, eye makeup remover wipes, facial cloths and shine absorbing sheets.

The face wipes are good quality, thick and durable, as well as having a lot of product on there to really wipe away makeup. In general I'm not a huge fan of wipes as I prefer to cleanse properly, but I do use them when I'm being lazy. These do the job well and they last long enough to properly scrub the dirt of your face without drying it. A highlight of the range for me is the eyemakeup remover wipes - these are big enough to do both eyes, durable enough to get rid of mascara and come in super cute and handy packets. I really wish these had launched earlier in the year because they'd be perfect for travelling or festivals.

The facial cloths are a bit random, but they kind of work. They're made of natural fibres and soft tissue that's stronger than cotton wool, less absorbent than tissue and more practical than both. You can use the tissue to cleanse with, applying product on and using as if it was cotton wool, or you can even use with water instead of a flannel. They're really multi-functional, and although you think they're going to be useless they work really quite well - one tissue removes nail varnish from both hands, which is a huge improvement than the three giant pads it usually takes. They come in this handy box too, so there's no storage problem either!

Finally, the best product in my opinion, the shine absorbing sheets. Not enough companies make these, so I'm so pleased that Kleenex have launched them as a key product in the range. If you're not familiar with the product, then they're basically sheets you apply to your face to remove excess oil and shine without disturbing your makeup. They're perfect for slipping into your desk drawer to use before leaving the office, especially as they restore your face to its 7am state. These sheets are extra special though because every thought has gone into them - from the double sided sheet with a hidden panel to stop the oil being seen from the outside (who wants to show off their manky oil filled sheet?) to the sticky panel that ensures only one sheet of paper is removed at a time, they've made the simplest product really quite fab. Top this off with the fact that they're purple, have flowers on and they're super sturdy, and you've got an LBQ staple product for the next five years.

Overall I'm quite impressed with the range. It's much more practical and useful than I thought it would be and not just a brand extension for extension's sake. These products all fit into the range nicely, using their expertise and skill in a great way. Every product has the Ecoform stamp, meaning they're made from sustainable and green sources and contain natural fibres. I've already been told there are more Kleenex skincare products in the pipeline, so I can't wait to see what's coming next - not the most glam of product, but tissues may start taking over the world.

Available from October priced £1.99-£3.99
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