Get Fruity

There have been a lot of summer collections launching over the previous months, but the fruity and bright collection from YSL has to be one of my faves. I'm a lover of all things bright and bold so these are right up my street and perfectly on-trend to match those palato pant things we're supposed to be wearing. The collection consists of two vibrant nail polishes in a beautiful blue and striking yellow/gold shade that will have you moving from desk to date to beach to bar. They apply like a dream and you can get away with only one coat as the formula is thick enough to cover lumps and bumps. The polishes do chip easily, like a lot of other premium brands, but this is forgiven because of the beauty they bring to my talons.

The collection also consists of an amazing cream blush in a stunning orange shade. Orange blush you say? Don't worry, this won't have you looking like a TOWIE extra, but adds just a hint of colour that perfectly complements a slightly tanned tone. Maybe not one to use before the beach, but definitely one for after. The formula is possibly the smoothest most beautiful thing I have ever felt between my fair fingers (me, exaggerate?) and melts into the skin so well. A teeny amount goes a long way so this is one product you can invest in and use sparingly.

There's also a stunning teal eye liner pen which catches the light and shimmers in a way like no other. I don't think I've seen a colour as striking as this in some time, especially as it's easy to build up a strong look or blend away for a more subtle one. This is quite timeless and not a traditional colour to use in the summer, but when mixed with a tropical bright I think it'll really work. All of these beautiful colours, plus they're packed in gold... What more could a girl ask for this summer? (Well... Maybe a mojito wouldn't go a miss.)



Splash out

Tom Ford has been a bit naughty. Not in the telling off sense, but in the sense that they've got some models in the nuddy to splash around and promote the new range of body products. The image is stunning, even if a bit controversial, and has made me want to get my hands on the beautiful range for some time. With his first step into body products, Mr Ford has launched a range consisting of shower gel, body lotion, body oil, scrub and soap that looks delicious enough to eat. I'm a huge fan of his range already as it completely epitomises luxury in the highest sense and makes you feel like a princess with one slick of lipstick or splash of fragrance. I can't wait to see what else he's got up his sleeve...


Feathered Friends

I'm seriously starting to work out my festival wardrobe, even though my first one isn't for at least another 6 weeks. I look forward to it all year long so it's essential I have the most random and pointless stuff I can find close to hand. It's just not a festival unless I'm covered in glow sticks, face paint and a have a trilby on my head. This year I can add one more thing to my list... feathered hair accessories. Although these will blatantly last a day (if that) once I'm in the mosh pit having beer (and more) thrown over me, they aint half fun. They clip in using little grips, like traditional clip in extensions, and the feathers can be strategically positioned within your hair to add a bit of festival fun to your look.

The extensions themselves are quite well detailed, featuring beads and feathers of different lengths to make them really stand out once their clipped in. They're light on the hair and the grip doesn't pull so you can easily wear them for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Although they're quite long, the feathers are put together in a way that you can chop off the end if you've got shorter hair without it looking odd. These are available in ten different colours (including pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, red...) and priced £3.99 for two strips, so they're pretty reasonably priced too. I'm gonna have all kinds of fun with these come July.

Available from http://www.hairaisers.com/ or from professional outlets such as Sally's... but I'm sure these will pop up all over the place in the next few weeks!



Superdrug exclusive brand GOSH have become well known for their colours, and in particular their brightly coloured random nail collections - holographic anyone? Well they've recognised where their strengths are and have decided to launch a limited edition collection of mini polishes to keep their fans coming back for more. The range of polishes cleverly called 'Oh My GOSH' come in mini 5ml bottles and there are 20 different colours to choose from. Be it a brightly coloured, pastel, tropical or nude nail you're after, they have every base covered. And at £2.99 each you can afford to pick up a few and not worry about skipping your morning latte.

These will be available exclusively in Superdrug from July-Aug only, so grab them while you can. 

Blush and bronze

I love a bit of blusher in the colder months as it helps to give me a bit of colour, define my cheekbones and stop me looking like Snow White. Creating depth and definition in your skin can go a long way in making you look awake and alive. The only problem is though, as the weather gets warmer and our skin a little fresher, blusher alone is not enough. You need a little highlighter or bronzer to put a bit of colour back in your cheeks (literally) and phase yourself into the next season. These two palettes combine the best of both worlds and are perfect for this time of year when you don't want to ditch the blush altogether. I'm a little bit in love with them both so I wanted to share with you two products you NEED in your makeup bag to make the transition into summer that little bit easier.

First up is a 'Shimmer Shade' quad from Collection 2000 which contains four complementary shades to create a really three-dimensional result. The individual colours are stunning, catching the light and really helping to sculpt the cheeks. You can either use the colours individually or sweep a giant brush over all four at once for a light and easy look. I've been using this on a daily basis for a little bit of colour when I want to look refreshed and natural, popping a little bit of blush over the top if I want to create a stronger result. At £3.99 this is a bargain too, especially seeing as the quad is pretty huge and will last you all season and beyond.

Next we have a cute palette from one of my favourite brands, New CID Cosmetics. This comes with two sides, including a subtle blush and bronzer, which you can either wear alone or layered over the top of each other. The formulas in the range are always so soft, blendable and wearable and this is no exception. I love how delicate the colours are and how you can build them up to create the result you really want - perfect for day-to-night looks. What makes this uber special though is the little light and mirror included inside, making it a perfect travel product. This i-blush product costs £24 so it's much more than the Collection 2000 one, but with this you get a beautiful compact, the fun of the light, plus the separated product inside so you can only use one if you want. It's all about the little details!

If there's one thing you buy this spring-er time (a mix between spring and summer FYI) then make it a dual palette to solve all your fresh face dilemmas.


When celebs need the cash...

I know we're currently in a recession and everyone is a little bit strapped for cash, but does this really extend to the celebs that grace our screens too? I can't imagine K-Middy shopping at Primark or Posh popping out to TU at Sainsburys, but there are a few people that apparently are desperate for cash... or why else would they put their name (and face) to these random projects?

First up is Bieber. I know everyone under the age of 18 seems to go weak at the knees at the mention of his name (and to be honest, I did enjoy the Glee 'Beiber' episode just a little bit) but he's taken the world's obsession a little bit further by launching his very own fragrance. For girls. Yep, you can smell just like what JB would want you to by spritzing a little of his first fragrance, optimistically called 'Someday'. (That is in no way encouraging a legion of 12 yr olds to run out and by this in the hope that they'll 'someday' meet and marry their idol, is it?) This advert also freaks me out a bit. Hmmm, not convinced.

Also doing their bit for the economy is none other than TOWIE Queen herself, Lauren Goodger. Not satisfied with launching her own tan and taking over the pages of Heat magazine, she's only gone and launched a fragrance too... with a fox. The fox from Foxy Bingo to be precise. (If you have a job and don't watch Jeremy Kyle you probably don't know what this is.) Lauren has given her face to the campaign which sees a man dressed as a fox flogging a scent that embodies bingo. Oh for the love of god. This isn't even a joke as you can actually buy the scent for £19.99 from http://www.gorgeousshop.co.uk/ or (cough) win a bottle on the bingo.

What has your favourite (or most hideous) celebrity endorsed product?

Pocket Gem

Space saving products are the top of everyone's list come summer time. Who wants to carry around six different types of suntan lotion, when you could make room for a pair of sandals to go with that dress you probably won't wear? Avon have just launched one of the cutest, coolest suncare products I've seen this year - plus it's teeny enough to slip into your pocket. We always forget about our lips and eyes in the sun, so this double ended sunscreen will solve those burnt bit issues. One end is a sunscreen developed specifically for eyelids, the other being a lipgloss with added SPF. Both ends contain product with an SPF30 rating so you'll feel safe from the sun, whether you're on a beach, up a mountain or in a field camping. The formulas are thick enough to protect, whilst being light enough to wear comfortably. Definitely one for your 'must have' list this summer time.

Available online or through an Avon representative priced £13 (currently on offer for £11)


John Frieda LIVE!

This Friday there's something a little bit exciting going on. John Frieda are hosting a LIVE event on t'internet where you can get summer hair tips, info on the products, ask questions and even watch the professionals at work. From 1pm over at http://www.johnfrieda-live.co.uk/ you can see all of this and more... that 'more' being muggings here having her hair done! Oh yes, LBQ is going down to the salon and putting her tresses in the hands of the experts... and you can watch it all LIVE. (Did I mention it was live?)

Watch the trailer here and for more info visit their facebook page.


London Beauty Queen launches the LBQ Social Media Consultancy

Want to know how to run your brand’s social channels effectively?
Want to ensure your social competition has high engagement?
Want to understand how to best build a rapport with bloggers?
Want to get a fresh perspective on that new idea or pitch?

Let an award winning blogger, social media manager and brand strategist help you and your brand to reach its full potential.

Hayley Carr set up her blog www.londonbeautyqueen.com in 2010 after working in the beauty industry for many years. Using the knowledge and experience gained from the heart of the industry, the blog quickly grew to a brand in itself – now receiving over 150,000 hits every month from around the world. The growth and presence gained within the ever-expanding blogger-sphere has been down to hard work, but also the use of social media to spread the word and cultivate a community of beauty enthusiasts.

Simultaneously, Hayley had been working with one of the world's biggest advertising agencies on some of the world's biggest brands to help shape and develop their social media strategy. In some cases this was launching a Facebook page from scratch; in other cases it was taking an already established brand and helping progress its social presence to the next level; for some brands it was about developing a social footprint outside of their own networks using partners and forums. In all cases it was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work too.

Hayley has now chosen to take her expansive knowledge and experience working with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Google+) blogs, blogger outreach and partner networks (MumsNet, NetMums, BritMums, Glam Media) direct to brands that want to grow their social presence, or simply want to establish a creative and unique idea.

LBQ Social Media Consultancy Services will offer a bespoke service to your needs. Hayley can help with everything from a chat over a coffee, to aiding the creation of a brand new social strategy.  She’s probably been there, done that already!

To get in touch, ask for an intro kit or just for an initial chat, email: HelloLBQ@gmail.com
Follow us on Twitter for the lastest news and updates: @LBQConsultancy

Epilating in all its glory...

I recorded this video ages ago to talk you through the process of epilating and the new Braun Silk-Epil 7 Dual Epilator in particular. Excuse the hair (it had rained,) the shiny face (it had been a long day) as well as the fact I say literally a lot (pah, deal with it) and try and just absorb my babble!

For the full product description and detail see here.
RRP £159.99 but I believe in Boots they frequently run offers with £50 off.


Get Glossy

Twitter has gone a bit crazy for Glossy over the last few days. There's a new company on the block that seems to be offering something that's too good to be true - a box of premium brand samples delivered to your door once a month for the teeny price of £10.00. The idea behind Glossy Box is that they provide you with samples of skincare, makeup, hair and body products so you can find which ones work for you and therefore spend your pennies wisely. By filling out their online questionnaire they can find the products that suit you best, meaning you can really try products that you could choose to invest in without paying for the full size. Sounds too good to be true right? Well I've had a sneak preview at the first Glossy Box and I have to say I'm bloody impressed!

The box comes delivered beautifully so there's no getting it confused with the gas bill. There's a box within a box, all packaged with so much care and attention you feel like you're unwrapping French lengerie and not a box of samples. Inside you get five different items - this time it included a NARS Orgasm Illuminator, All For Eve red lipstick, Alterna Rapid Repair Spray for hair, Bionova cleanser and a Como Shambhala moisturiser. On it's own the NARS Illuminator retails at over £20 so you've got yourself a bargain here! How chuffed would you be to open a package that had about £50 worth of product that you paid a tenner for? It's a bit like winning the lottery! This is such a fab idea and I can't wait to see what's in the next few boxes - I hope they can keep this high standard up and not end up sending out crappy perfume samples and sachets you may as well rip out of Cosmo. Here's hoping they stay just as glossy...

Fine out more info here: http://www.glossybox.co.uk/

In the cowshed

Cowshed are a brand that have been creeping up on us for a while, bringing their moo-fun into department stores and larger Boots and grabbing our attention. The cute packaging, fab story (they actually started in an old cow shed, hence the name) quirky names and ace performing formulas have placed them firmly on the beauty map. It's no wonder then that iconic British brand Whistles has teamed up with them to launch a very special limited edition collection. The 'Cowshed for Whistles' collection features four of the most iconic products from the range (hand wash, hand cream, body lotion and shower gel) in a new fabulous print that has been designed specifically for Whistles. The red pattern looks like a mix between hoof prints, hearts and confetti, so it definitely stands out against the black and white patterns of the regular packs. Ranging from £14-18 for a 300ml bottle these won't even cost the earth to get yourself a piece of fashion for your bathroom. Grab them now before the cows go home...

Available online and through Whistles and Cowshed stores only.


My way or the highway

So just to keep you ticking over while TOWIE is on its summer holidays and building up to more drama in the autumn, I've got a blinged up Essex review for you. This is no vajazzle, but Lauren's own range of fake tan: 'Lauren's Way'. Crap name but stay with me. Lauren launched a lotion and a mousse version of the tan online exclusively through her facebook page to much nitter natter across the web. "Should a reality TV star really be launching their own beauty products when they've been known to us less than a year? What does a 20-something girl from Essex know about developing a fake tan?" Well, quite a lot actually. If there's one person who knows their way around a fake tan factory it's probably Lauren as she's never seen without a covering of bronze.

I've tried the lotion version of the tan and it's actually quite good. The pump bottle makes it easy to apply onto a mitt, although it takes a good twenty pumps to get the lotion out - maybe the slight work out is intentional. The product itself applies to the skin well, working around and smoothing out easily, although it does leave you slightly streaky to look at as it seems to dry at different times. The colour is quite dark when you first apply so I was hesitant to apply more than one coat. I wacked it on and went to bed, hoping to awake to a bronzed goddess looking back at me in the mirror.

What did appear was someone standing in PJs that looked like they'd been tan massacred. OMG, shut up and all that... look at the state of them! Now these are my 'tanning PJs' because they're light, made of cotton and are perfect for sleeping in without affecting how the tan develops. They're really old and probably get used every few weeks, having seen pretty much every tan on the market. Never in all their days have they been abused like the did with 'Lauren's Way'! But anyway, the tan. The result on the skin was actually quite nice - even, sunkissed, delicate and not too strong. There were no dodgy orange masks around feet, hands or knees like I always seem to get, and the skin looked enhanced but not overly tanned... So much so that a picture was pointless because you can't really tell as I'm normally so pale anyway! The colour didn't last that long - three days tops, but by that stage I normally want to scrub it off anyway so it didn't bother me at all.

Considering this tan has probably been developed uber fast to capitalise on the hype of TOWIE, it's actually quite good. I hate the packaging, the name, the logo, the branding - but that's a personal choice. I think it looks a bit tacky and considering it is actually quite a nice tan should have more of a classy and professional exterior. It's also a real shame you can only get this on Lauren's facebook page/website which kind of de-values what she's trying to do. Personally I would've waited until a retailer like Superdrug had a space on their shelf as inevitably the bottles would fly off like hotcakes. But who am I to give advice?! If you love TOWIE and want your own little souvenir then this is definitely worth a look. It's not the best tan I've ever tried, but it is a bit of reality TV history so why the hell not try while you can.

Lauren's Way (RRP £15.95 for the lotion) is available through her website and facebook page: http://www.laurengoodgerofficial.co.uk/

Tilt me up

I’ve spent so much money on the hunt for my perfect mascara that I may as well have purchased a Mulberry bag and be done with it. Nothing quite gets my eyes looking as I would like, so I rely heavily on fake lashes to get my flutter perfect. When I heard about a procedure from Karen Betts that claimed to ‘tilt and straighten’ your lashes instead of perming them, I practically dialled straight away without any hesitation. I popped down to her Harley Street practice last week for my appointment and happily skipped into the chair ready to see the results.

No mascara, blurry tired eyes...!

The procedure is quick and absolutely painless. After removing all your makeup, a silicone (I think!) guard is placed along your lower and upper lash line to protect the eyes and skin. Your lashes are then painted with a formula and lifted/straightened from the root backwards to sit against the upper guard. Now obviously this whole time I had my eyes closed so I’m not entirely sure what was going on, but I’m pretty sure it was just some painting and waiting! There’s a formula that goes on for 15mins and then a second one is applied for a further 5mins. Once the formula and guards are removed you’re free to jump up and look at the results… I had one word: wow.

Little bit of day mascara, just for colour.

My lashes had been titled so much that they were practically standing upright. They looked as though they’d been curled and fiddled with for hours to get them that way, not a few minutes falling asleep with some chemicals on my eyes. The procedure works by lifting lashes at the root and straightening rather than perming them with a curler, meaning you get a more dramatic result that’s not only more effective, but lasts longer too. To prevent your lashes from messing up and ending up wrong in all kinds of ways, you have to keep them free from any products or water for 24hrs and apply a serum to keep them protected. I had a shower the next day and rubbed my eyes for hell and they were fine, just be careful for the first few hours and try not to sleep on your face!

Full on Saturday night eye look. Look at the lashes!

After a few days my lashes have now settled down and are looking pretty fantabulous. Rather than my mountains of mascara, I’m now applying the most subtle of layers just to define and colour my lashes. It makes my morning routine that much easier and I don’t have to faff for hours with a mascara wand. The only issue I have is that because my lashes were tilted so much it’s a struggle to apply mascara without getting it all over your eyelid – but this can be removed after and is a small price to pay. If I was to get it done I would probably go for a more subtle result rather than the dramatic one I had, but I would definitely recommend this and will be having it again in the future for sure. Perfect to have just before your holidays or festival season as it lasts for 6-8 weeks!

LVL lashes start from £40.00 - more details here www.lvl-lashes.co.uk


A Touch of Silver

My Nan has been grey ever since I can remember and she always used to have a little bottle of ‘Touch of Silver’ in her bathroom to maintain her super shiny grey locks. It was her secret and she kept with it for many years, basically until I kept buying her other products and giving her tips on what to use instead. When information on the brand popped into my inbox I had to take a second look… that age old product that had been on my Nan’s shelf back in the 1990’s has had a makeover! And look how pretty it looks.

The range consists of shampoo, conditioner, twice a week conditioner, dry shampoo and hair spray. It’s original use is to brighten blonde hair, making it super shiny and taking away the dull brassiness you can sometimes get a while after colouring. Being brunette myself I can’t play testimony to how well it works, but my Nan used it for years and I had to prise it from her hands! I may be going back on my word now and buying her a fresh supply myself…

Available from Boots and chemists nationwide RRP £1.99 each (£2.99 for the twice weekly conditioner)

Check out LBQ on Heatworld!

If there's one magazine I've read religiously for the past ten years it's definitely Heat. When I was at Uni I may have had a fiver left in my purse for the week, but I'd live on beans and buy a copy of my fave mag because celebrity gossip was more than enough fuel for me. When they launched heatworld.com I squealed with delight and have since made sure I have a 'heatworld' break to read the '9 o'clock news' every single day. (I know, I know, I should probably be doing work.) So imagine my excitement when Heat Towers called and asked little old me to write my top beauty tips for them! (Well they didn't actually call, they emailed, but you get my drift.) This is possibly one of the things I've been most excited about since blogging, purely because it's like Jim'll Fix It arose from the TV ashes and granted my wish. So check it out... LBQ's top tips for summer, as featured on HEATWORLD! *Squeals*

Read the full article here.


Pout to perfection

Collection 2000 are a brand that continue to surprise me. A couple of years ago a lot of you would’ve stuck your nose in the air at the thought of using a lipgloss that cost less than a fiver or an eyeshadow that cost the same amount as your magazine. (Me too.) All that seems to be changing as the lower priced brands are delivering more and more fab products, meaning you don’t have to spend the earth to get something great in your makeup bag. The latest lip launches had me all in a tizz as they’re pretty awesome.

Cream lip products are a hard one to get right, but with 'Cream Puff' C2000 has hit the nail on the head. The formula is a really creamy, matte texture that applies with a wand that enables you to get your lips looking hot. The formula isn’t drying at all and, if anything, actually imparts a bit of moisture into your lips. Think of it as a lipbalm mixed with an eyeshadow cream… A really rich texture that gives you a hint of subtle colour without too much focus on the lips. These would be perfect for the day or if you’re rocking a strong eye in the evening – plus they smell fab!

Lock and Hold lipgloss claims to last for up to six hours, giving you a full on glossy pout that lasts all night long. I don’t know why companies claim that the glosses last this long because they never do, (unless you don’t open your mouth at all!) but Lock and Hold does give you an uber hot result. The colours are a little unconventional, ranging from lilac to beige and pastel pink, but I like them! Who said we all have to wear boring browns and ridiculous reds – everyone needs a lovely lilac in their collection. The scent is really sweet, but not overpowering, and the gloss thick without being gloopy. The applicator is a little bristle brush which catches a lot of product and places on your lips, making them really shiny.

I like both these products a lot and have even swapped more expensive ones in my bag for these. Plus, they look pretty cool, there are six shades to choose from, and they come in at £2.99 each. What more could you ask for?

Starry Eyed Surprise

I’ve never been a huge fan of sparkly nail varnishes. They generally make me feel about ten and want to walk around with a Barbie that matches my outfit. There’s just something very ‘un-cool’ about decorating your talons as if they were a Christmas tree, so the sparkly nail varnishes I actually own only come out one day a year. When this polish from Leighton Denny popped through my letter box though I threw all caution to the wind and quickly stuck a coat on over my brightly painted orange nails. I was in love.

So, I’m fickle. I can be changed with one slick of glittery varnish. But that glittery varnish has to be special. This shade from nail genius Leighton is just that right level of sparkle that it won’t offend those of us that normally stay clear. The level of sparkle is quite subdued, meaning the sparkles don’t shimmer like fairy lights, but more like those lightbulbs in the street that are slowly on their way out. It looks ace over a bright colour (I’m wearing OPI in the new coral from the Autumn 2011 collection) and can easily be worn day or night.

The glitter applies really well, not getting stuck in one place like a lot of glitter polishes, giving you a really full and easy application. There aren’t flecks of glitter sticking out at angles and getting caught on things either – this stays flat and sticks around for a couple of days without any chipping. It does take a while to dry so be careful when you paint it on, as you may need to wave your hands around in the air for a good 30mins before it dries to the core. I can’t see me wearing glittery polish day in day out, but this has definitely made me think about wearing it on a Saturday night… even if it doesn’t match my shoes.

Shade worn is 'Starkers' - available individually or within the special edition 'Brit Pack' priced at £27 for three varnishes.


Glamour to go...

With festival season fast approaching it's about time we started thinking about those little accessories that make us feel more 'glamping' than 'camping'. You may be in a field of mud eating a pot noodle, but that's no reason to scrimp on the glam factor. Girls With Attitude have launched a new collection of fierce festival accessories to inject some 'roar' into your outfit.

If you want tip top nails in funky designs without the drama then these nail wraps are perfect. To apply them you simply place on the nail, heat up and file off the excess... pretty nails in five mins flat that last all weekend long. They come in three different patterns but my personal faves are the little stars!

For a bit of va-va-voom to match your Hunters, pop on a pair of these uber glamorous lashes to bag yourself a rock star. Really easy to apply and definitely making a statement, these lashes will even stay put after you pass out still holding that tin of beans at 3am.

To make sure you're hair is fresh and not smelling of portaloo, this cute little can of dry shampoo is small enough to carry all the way to the field but big enough to last all weekend long and beyond. A bit more glam than the normal tins of Batiste, you can even match the pack to your outfit. 

Girls With Attitude is available online or in Boots priced £3.50-£5.00
(Glamour to Go is only available online at http://www.girlswithattitude.co.uk/)

Mini me from He-Shi

I've reviewed the He-Shi tan before and I was really impressed. The formula is light and easy to use, giving a great even tan without fuss. It dries really quickly and doesn't streak, making it perfect for those first few days of the holiday when you've yet to turn from pasty Brit into bronzed Goddess. To make the transition even easier they've just launched this cute little kit which contains the three products you need in mini versions (body polish, gradual tan and express tan) as well as a mitt so you don't turn your hands orange. Not only is this a perfect addition to your holiday beauty kit, but it's also a great introduction to the range if you're a bit wary of trying fake tan. You can pick this up for £17.50 so it won't break the bank to find out if you like the bronzed look.



Smells like charity

If you can buy yourself something pretty while making a difference to the lives of people half way across the globe, then that makes that purchase even more worthwhile right? Tous, the famous jewellery brand who have been fronted by Kylie in previous seasons, have just launched their first fragrance called simply 'H20'. The fragrance aims to help people around the world that don't have access to drinking water by donating 1% of sales to building clean, accessible sources. Each bottle of perfume sold will provide the equivalent of 15 litres of drinking water via Oxfam - that's enough for around ten days. Not only that, but the bottles are produced and packaged via a charitable organisation that aims to prevent social exclusion by working with people with disabilities: The Iris Foundation. The bottle is made from 25% recycled material and is 100% recyclable, meaning that every angle has been thought of so you can feel good about picking one of these scents up.

The actual fragrance itself is clean and refreshing, smelling like you would expect a scent based on water to. "Tous H20 is an aquatic fragrance developed by perfumer Sonia Constant, and features organic alcohol with notes of organic lemon, organic lavender, rose, jasmine, mandarin, cedar, white amber and Australian sandalwood from sustainable development." It reminds me of Cool Water and is really quite delicious. A really simple, universal scent that fits perfectly with fresh spring mornings and walks on the beach... getting a bit cheesy now. The glass bottle is based on a water drop and includes a Tous tag to add a bit of glamour to your bathroom shelf. I love this scent and the fact that your cash goes to a good cause makes it even better.

Available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml - 50ml RRP £36.00 - from Boots, Debenhams and all good chemists.
Visit their website: http://www.toush20.co.uk/


Bronzed babe with Beauty UK

Palettes seem to be saving my travelling shoulders at the moment. If I were to take my usual makeup bag with me when I was on my travels I would have a lot less room for shoes and a lot more weight to be carried around on my arm. Palettes make things much easier by having all the products you need in one teeny place, and this one from Beauty UK brings together an amazing eleven of them. The sleek package contains four eyeshadows, three bronzers, two lipglosses and two lipsticks all for the bargainous price of £3.79... that's 35p each! Although the palette itself is a pain in the backside to open (it takes me about three minutes every time because the clasp is so stiff - NPD need to sort that out!) when you get inside you're greeted by an array of bronzed shades to turn yourself into a summer Goddess.

The eyeshadows are good quality for the price, giving you a relatively good colour pay off and a smooth finish. The darker shades are more pigmented, but overall the eyeshadows are a good base for any eye look and are perfect for day wear. These are definitely the highlight of the palette.

Eyeshadow collection (x4 shades)

The bronzers are three very similar shades that create a subtle glow and can be built up for a more sculpted look. Like the eyeshadows the formula is soft, but it takes a bit of playing to get the colours right - I advise some colour mixing here to get a shade that's perfect for your skin tone and also weather appropriate. These aren't offensive but they're also not really dark, so you may want to top up with something else for the evening.

Bronzer collection (x3 shades)

The lipglosses and lipsticks are all very similar shades. I'm not entirely sure which are the lipsticks and which are the lipglosses as the formula isn't that different between them - all very sheer and creamy. These are my least fave out of the palette as they remind me a little bit of those freebie glosses you got with your Sugar magazine (do they still make that?!) but at 35p each you can't complain... They just make the palette complete by giving you the tools to finish your look.

Lipstick/Lipgloss (x4 shades)

This isn't the best palette I've ever come across by a long shot, but at £3.79 it offers a lot of products in one small package that would be perfect for throwing in your bag or taking on a long weekend away. I'll be taking this to festivals over the summer as I know I won't mind if it gets a bit of mud, cider or grass in it! The shades are all very universal and the formulas basic, but Beauty UK aren't trying to be Dior - they're trying to bring cheap products to the masses. This is what they achieve very well... Worth a look!
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