Advanced Techniques

Dying my hair has been a regular thing for about ten years. I like to change my style, as well as topping up over my greys, so it's become a practice that my bathroom fears about every six weeks. (You know why... you can't dye your hair without dying half the bathroom too.) Avon are about the launch their new collection of 'Advance Techniques' Professional Hair Colour which claims to protect before, during and after colouring - something that's a must if, like me, you dye your hair on a regular basis.

The dye contains the usual elements - mixing lotion, creme, conditioner- but also a little sachet of 'primer' which you apply to unwashed hair before you apply the dye. You massage it in, avoiding the roots and it claims to create some kind of barrier. It's not entirely clear from the instructions or pack what this actually does so I can't explain the science of it, but apparently it's a new kind of professional treatment that means your hair follicles are protected so you don't do any damage. Always a good thing.

The dye is easy to use and didn't drip or flip around as much as a lot of other dyes I've used. It sat quite comfortably on my barnet for 20 minutes while developing and then washed out really easily, leaving super soft and shiny hair. I was really pleased that it didn't dye my skin either as I quite often end up with a red forehead for a few hours - not with this though... maybe that's the point of the primer? The resulting colour wash rich, shiny and bouncy. I have no complaints with this whatsoever, which is a good thing seeing as that's normally how I rate a hair dye! I'm pleased with my colour and the state of my hair so will definitely be using this again.

I took my new barnet to celebrate the Royal Wedding...

Advanced Techniques Professional Hair Colour is available from 12th May in 25 different shades. Available from an Avon representative or online.


Slapping on the fake tan and trying not to look like you're in TOWIE can be something of a challenge. I get asked a lot about which false tan brands are best to use for people who are a bit worried about looking like an Oompa Lumpa. If you don't know what you're doing then you need something uber simple that can't really go wrong, no matter where you put it or how much you slap on. Vita Liberata is the official tan of The X Factor, so it's already got a bit of heavyweight endorsement behind it, but I'd never heard of it before a lady attacked me with some in House of Fraser recently. My initial reaction was that it was quite good and worth investigation, so I decided to give the Rich Silken Chocolate tan a whirl.

The formula comes in an easy to use and practical pump bottle so you can apply directly onto a tanning mitt and rub over your skin. This eliminates the problem of ending up with tan everywhere and trying to squeeze the last bit out of the tube - easy peasy. The product itself is a really light tinted gel that's really easy to move around your skin, especially as you can see where you're applying. Because it's so light it absorbs into the skin really easily, leaving you with a tinted glow in no time at all while you leave it to develop for 4-6hrs. I've been using it before bed, but you don't get those dreaded tan marks on your bed sheets because within five minutes it's sunk into the skin and you forget you've put it on. You do get slight marks on your clothes, but nothing that can't be easily washed out.

All Vita Liberata tans are formulated with organic extracts and additional moisturisers to leave your skin not only looking healthy, but feeling healthy too. After you wash the formula off you're left with a subtle and natural looking tan and lovely feeling limbs because the tan hasn't dried them out. What I really like about this product is that the result is so natural that it's perfect for the 'first season tan' or newbies who are really concerned about using fake tans. There's no streaking, no blotchiness or problems at all - although you do have to be careful, as always, around hands and feet to ensure you're not left with orange digits. I've used this about five times and have only used about 25% of the bottle, so it lasts a long time too. This has been my recommended tan of late and I'll continue to sing its praises until something trumps it!

Vita Liberata Rich Silken Chocolate tan is available from high street chemists and department stores, as well as online through their website. RRP £22.50 for 200ml.


Match Perfection

It’s not easy finding a decent foundation on the high street. With so much to choose from and so many complicated formulas and names, it’s a struggle to find one that does the job you want without breaking the bank. The new Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation from Rimmel London does just that. Its gel formula features Smart-Tone technology which mimics the skin’s texture and tone for blendability and affinity with the skin, so it doesn’t look or feel like you’re wearing foundation at all. It also contains blue sapphire pigments to match the skin’s tone and create a perfect colour that lasts all day.

The formula itself is light and very easy to blend into the skin, creating a bright and luminous complexion. It’s practically invisible on the face once applied and smooths around so easily it’s a wonder that it’s only £6.99 for a pot. A little goes a really long way, especially when applied with a foundation brush, so this little tub will get you through for quite some time. It really does last the day, and even in the heat we’ve been getting doesn’t melt, flake or budge. 

To make this product even better, it’s also chalk free and claims that after four weeks your overall skin surface will be improved. What’s not to love? I’m impressed with this foundation and will definitely be adding it into my beauty regime. The gel texture makes such a difference to when you apply it as your skin feels refreshed and enhanced.

Rimmel Match Perfection Cream Gel Foundation is available in six shades, priced at £6.99.

Sponsored post on behalf of Glam Media.

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Teeny Tiny Idols

I'm getting a little bit excited about the nuptials that are only a matter of days away. I spotted these cute-as-a-button figurines a few weeks ago, but they've just popped into my inbox so I had to share them with you straight away. Big Wills and K-Middy (I'm going to copyright that) have been turned into characters that not only look super sweet but also actually contain fragrances! Tiny Idols have released these exclusively through The Perfume Shop and the scents sound fit for a Prince and Princess.

The Princess scent has top notes of green tea and lemon, mixed in with woody base notes for something that's as fresh as a daisy and perfect for The Big Day. The Prince scent has top notes of mandarin and ginger, with a cedar wood and nutmeg base for something a little bit manly and regal. These are limited edition so if you want your very own Prince to take home you better grab him quick.

Available exclusively from The Permume Shop priced at £10.00 each

I love my muff

It's true, I do. We have a very special bond. So much so that I've even treated it to its very own range of beauty products. Every other area of my body has got some, so it seemed rude not to really. I Love My Muff is a range of cruelty free and vegan range of products that are also free from parabens, SLS, synthetic colours and fragrances. They're all handmade in Canada with natural plant extracts and essential oils to create an exceptionally gentle and natural range of products - only the best for your muff. It's a bit strange talking about lady gardens in such a public place, but this range of cosmetics takes the taboo out of the subject and makes keeping your 'downstairs' area in tip top shape a priority. 

This isn't a range of hush-hush FemFresh lady washes and wipes, this is a loud and proud range of washes, moisturisers, spritzing sprays, wipes and more. It seems a bit strange paying so much attention to such a small area, but the washes are delicate, the moisturisers light and the sprays refreshing. It makes the whole process fun and enjoyable - like you're embracing being a woman and the weird and wonderful things we're allowed to do! The products would be a hilarious gift for someone or even an indulgence for yourself and your lady area. I just want to know when 'I Love My Willy' is going to be launched.

Find out more on their website: www.ilovemymuff.com
To buy in the UK: www.beautyworkswest.com


Find your perfect match

I went to the launch of new Boux Avenue lingerie brand a few weeks back and have since managed to pop down to their store in Cardiff for a peek at the collections. I have to say I am more than impressed. The stores are beautiful, the service impeccable and the bras amazing... I mean amazing. As a big-boobed-babe I really struggle to find bras that fit my baps and my narrow shoulders, but with Boux Avenue I may just have found the solution. A trip to La Senza can often be traumatic and involve me trying on 75% of the store, but with Boux I picked up bras in my size, tried them on, found the fit perfectly and ran to the till with a grin on my face. Not only are they incredibly supportive, but beautiful and detailed while not costing the earth - the ones I bought cost £24 each. Bargain. Right now if you buy a bra online you get the matching knickers for free so there's no excuse not to have a peek at the beautiful undergarments on offer.

Boux Avenue's website: www.bouxavenue.com  Offer available online from now until May 4th.

And so it begins...

There's only four days to go until The Big Day and the country (as well as the world) seems to have gone crazy for all things Royal. This Friday, if you haven't noticed already, Big Will marries K-Middy and I'm more than a little bit excited. I may not be a big Royalist or really care about their actual nuptials, but what I do love is the spirit that's sweeping the nation and putting a massive smile on all our faces - especially as we get another day off work to drink Pimms! Walking around London this weekend every shop seems to have done their bit for the couple, but Jo Malone on Sloane Street has gone one step further by creating this truly beautiful window display. Maybe it's because K-Middy has been shopping down that way recently and they think she may pop in to say hi?

If you want to buy the Royal Couple something to say congrats then why not pop in to Jo Malone and pick up one of their Orange Blossom fragrances. "The traditional flower gifted at weddings, the orange blossom is a symbol of love, fertility and commitment making it a perennial favourite with brides." So there you go. Oranges are the perfect scent for brides apparently, and also one of my favourite fragrances. I'm off to pick some up and grab some bunting while I'm there...

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne available RRP £34 for 30ml

Havianas - Rain or Shine

Havianas seem to adorn the feet of the masses come a little bit of sun, but now they've taken their cult brand one step further with the release of a new wellie range... hoorah! As a huge festival goer myself I'm over the moon about there being a range of exciting, innovative, colourful wellies to choose from as an alternative to the boring green Hunter ones. Havianas launched their new collection (which also includes new versions of their flipflops) in Selfridges last week. Daisy Lowe is the face of the campaign so you've got the cool stamp of approval too. Take a look at the video below for a sneak preview of the range and behind the scenes footage from the launch party... I can't wait to go down to the Shoe Gallery and take a peek myself.



Makeup is Art

Last week I was invited to spend a few hours at London's prestigious makeup academy, AOFM (Academy of Freelance Makeup) to find out about what they've been up to. If you don't know already, then this is basically the ultimate destination to go to if you have any interest in becoming a makeup artist by trade. They specialise in intense, short courses that teach you all the skills you need over a few weeks so anybody can change their profession - you don't have to take a year out and find the money to survive without income, you can simply do a two week course while taking holiday and transform your life within that time. It's not easy, as the founders told us, as they work their students hard and expect high standards, but they repay them by setting them up with amazing opportunities to work at London Fashion Week, Clothes Show Live and assisting on celebrity shoots within months of training.

All of the teachers at the academy are working artists and no day is the same - every single say students have a different expert helping them, so they're learning from the best and gaining as much experience and diversity as possible. This lends the academy to have such a huge amount of skill, talent and passion that it's no surprise they've just released a new book. Entitled 'Makeup is Art', the book is beautiful and contains images and tips on how to create looks from the simplest daytime glow, to bridal makeup, striking eyes, theatrical looks and even body paint. It's a book not only for the professional artist, but for anybody interested in makeup and has an appreciation for beautiful pictures. I've been fawning over my copy for a few days and I can't put it down... take a look at a snapshot of the images below or view the full preview online

More info on AOFM and their courses here. The book 'Makeup is Art' is available from all good bookshops RRP £25.00, although it's currently on Amazon for £13.99


My Face Works

I love a good face mask and have turned using one into a bit of a ritual. There's nothing that beats that feeling of putting on a detoxing mask that draws out the impurities and refreshes your skin so you're ready for the next week. The only downside is the mess though as I inevitably end up with clay mask all over my bathroom, made even worse by attempting to wash it off again. Mess is a thing of the past though thanks to MyFaceWorks. Their innovative paper masks make pampering super easy as you just rip open the sachet and bung on your face. The mask comes pre-cut in the shape of a face, even including holes for your eyes, nose and mouth! You simply take the mask and place over your face, smoothing out and moving around until it sits where you want it.

The masks are infused with a large amount of moisture so they stick in place while you carry on with what needs to be done. You may look like someone from a burns unit for the 15 minutes you keep it on, but it takes the fuss completely out of the process. The mask doesn't dry out either so your skill feels fresh and revitalised without the drying and crunchy feeling a traditional clay mask brings. The masks come in twelve different varieties including 'I need to detox,' 'I need to wake up' and 'I need to be firm' - I've been trying 'I need a clear day'. Although designed for mild acne, it sorted me out during that time of the month when every pore seemed to sprout a spot; it drys the skin without stripping it, but leaves you feeling awake and refreshed.

The masks can be bought in a box of six for £42.50 so they're not cheap, but you pay for the cotton mask to be soaked in a really high concentration of active ingredients that get to work to leave you feeling just the way you want. I love how they're all named starting with 'I need to...' as it makes picking the perfect one really easy. Definitely an indulgence for you to pamper in or if you just need an extravagant treat to get you through all this Royal Wedding palaver.

These can be purchased exclusively at Beauty Works West

Lauren's Way

Who knew this time last year that the country of Great Britain would be obsessed with fake tans, big hair, false eyelashes and the words 'shut up.' The Only Way is Essex has taken over our Sunday and Wednesday nights and seems to be the only thing we can talk of the morning after. What started off as a bit of a joke has become an iconic programme and we seem to be following the lives, loves, dramas and boobs jobs of the characters religiously... Or is that just me?

The star of the show, Lauren Goodger, has taken the smart decision of capitalising in on the success of TOWIE and our obsession with the way they look by launching her very own range of false tan. 'Lauren's Way' consists of a mousse and a lotion that deliver you a rich, deep tan that can be built up over a number of days. The lotion is infused with a rich moisturiser and the mousse super light and streak-free so you can bung it on without any worries.

The tans are available exclusively online through Lauren's facebook page or here. They're not a bad price point either, with the lotion being £15.95 and the mousse £17.95, and you can even pick up both together for the discounted price of £33.90. I've got some on the way and I literally can't contain my excitement. This time next week you may see me walking down the street matching my fake tan to a Lipsy dress and two pairs of false eyelashes. (Or maybe I won't go that far!)

Lauren's official website is here: http://www.laurengoodgerofficial.co.uk/ 


Lemon Fresh

As we become more and more conscious about what product we're using and what ingredients they contain, it becomes  harder and harder to find decent ones that do the job we want. I was so pleased to find that ace hair brand Label M (from Toni and Guy) had launched their own range of organic shampoos and conditioners that I couldn't wait to get them in my shower and lather up. They have two varieties, lavender and lemon, and I've been trying the Moisturising Lemongrass version for around three weeks. I couldn't be happier with my swishy locks and how great the formula works to really hydrate and moisturise.

The shampoo and conditioner both contain high levels of certified organic ingredients, including quince, oats, rice milk and jojoba oil, to leave your hair 'hi-drenched' without build up. This gives you the best of both worlds, especially when they're sulphate free too. Both products smell amazing as the lemongrass really comes through to 'zing you up' in the morning and awaken your senses - they're an absolute pleasure to use. The pump action bottles make it easy to get the amount you need so there's no wastage and the packaging is such high quality I'm amazed they can produce products like this at the price point.

The formula itself is rich and creamy. The shampoo lathers well, which is normally the main issue with organic and sulphate free shampoos, so you don't have to use loads or hurt your hands attempting to make a foam thick enough to wash with. The conditioner is thick enough to really coat the hair and stay in place in the shower, leaving really soft and silky hair when it's washed out. What I really like about this range is that it hydrates my hair without making it limp or lifeless; in fact it's swishy and bouncy which is exactly what I want. 

I'm so pleased that a high profile and respected brand like Toni and Guy has taken the time, effort and money to create products that people are demanding. It goes to show that buying a shampoo that's good for you and the environment doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style. These come thoroughly recommended by me to the point where I'm not quite sure how I'm going to cope when they run out.

Available online through lookfantastic.com and Toni and Guy salons priced around £13.25 each


A weighty issue

I'm mad. Like properly boiling over with rage type mad. If you've been following me on twitter you'll know why, but if not then here's what's been going down: I ran out of my pill and since I've moved I haven't changed doctors. Being lazy I decided to go to the 'health centre' aka 'family planning clinic' as I was told I could just walk in, pick up my prescription and be on my way. That's not exactly what happened. After waiting for well over an hour to be seen I finally got called in by a middle-aged female Asian doctor (just to set the scene) who proceeded to weigh me and measure my height. I've been going to the doctor for my entire 28 years and can't remember a time when they've ever done this, but I just let her get on with it and thought no more about it. How wrong I was. She pulled out this little colour coded chart from her desk drawer, mapped my height against my weight, frowned, turned to me and told me my BMI was too high.

Now I've heard of this BMI thing (body mass index) but haven't paid much attention. Apparently it means if you're out of your little box n the chart then you can't get the pill. That's right - I was one point above the BMI I should've been for my height and I wasn't entitled to contraception I've been using on and off for the past ten years. Not only that, she then decided to tell me to 'work on my weight' and if it hadn't reduced within three months then they would have to 'evaluate me'. What does this even mean - are they going to send me to fat camp?! I literally sat there with my mouth open in a complete state of shock... A medical practitioner was telling me, a healthy 28 year old woman, that I needed to go on a diet.

Would you say I needed to go on a diet?

Now don't get me wrong, I'm no skinny minnie and I could probably do with losing a few pounds, but I'm a healthy and happy size 14. I'm not obese, I'm not sitting on my sofa all day eating Pringles (only when hungover anyway) and I'm not panting and puffing walking down the road. I'm extremely active, I walk at least two miles every day, I've been having two Power Plate lessons every week, I am constantly on the move and I don't eat loads of crap. Yes I have a healthy appetite, yes I probably have too much junk in my trunk, but do you know what: I'm the happiest and most confident I have ever been. Who are these people dishing out advice based on a chart developed by some idiot behind a desk reading from a textbook?

What really riled me though was the fact that I can take this and deal with it. I'm confident in myself and my body and I know to take it with a pinch of salt and find someone else to hook me up with some Yasmin, but what about those girls (and guys for that matter) that aren't? How many people have walked away from their doctors having been given the same advice and embarked on an unhealthy binge diet, or god forbid eating disorder, because someone they trust has told them to do it? Who are they to measure what's healthy and what's not? There are so many measures of health and weight is only one of them - I almost challenged her to a game of Wii Boxing just to prove I could kick her ass.

Am I a gigantor? Really?

What made it even worse was that she was probably at least two sizes bigger than me (and shorter - I wonder how high her BMI is!) yet she sat there preaching to me about the size of my thighs. My thighs are very well thank you, so kindly jog on. If I hadn't had to answer a bazzillion questions (some extremely inappropriate and irrelevant) and prove that I didn't smoke, take drugs or have a history of diabetes/deep vein thrombosis/strokes in my family I would currently be having unprotected sex and filling the world with mini LBQs. (OK, that's taking it a bit too far but you get my drift.) If this is the policy our country is currently adopting then it needs re-assessing immediately. You simply cannot be telling people they're overweight, need to go on a diet or need to be 'evaluated'. How many stories have you seen on the news about kids that are developing complexes because they were told by the NHS they were obese? This has to stop.

I've included some pictures of me in this post just to prove I'm not a heffer. I'm a normal woman with a normal body who doesn't have any hang-ups about the size that she is... So why does my doctor?

Magic make-up

Bobbi Brown has become an iconic brand that it renowned for being at the top of every MUA's list when it comes to filling their kits. They're well known for their face products, and although I'm a relative Bobbi Brown virgin I was intrigued to see what their new Creamy Concealer Kit had in store when they launched in last week. The little kit contains a creamy concealer and matte powder to set the concealer in place, all in a handy little pack that you can pop in your bag. Now if my knowledge serves me correctly then the actual concealer isn't new, it's just been re-packaged - the previous version had a loose powder, but this new pressed powder is much easier to use.

I've got such pale skin I was worried about finding a shade to match, but I did! Unsurprisingly I opted for 'porcelain' concealer and 'white' powder... I'm secretly Snow White in disguise. The concealer itself glides on well and melts into the skin, while brightening and lightening under eye circles. The powder mattifies and holds the concealer perfectly in place, which is genius for those of you that don't like applying powder all over your face - especially with the hot weather we've got coming up. At £23.50 you're paying for expertise, but seeing as the concealer alone is £17.00 you're technically getting a good deal! Take a look at the uber swish video that the Bobbi Brown team put together...

The Creamy Concealer Kit is available now online and through concessions such as Selfridges.


Pins and needles

I get offered a lot of random treatments and experiences through my blog, but when I was asked to try a session of facial acupuncture I just couldn't say no. I've always had a strange interest in it but never had a chance to actually try myself... I'm not sure if it's the morbid fascination with sticking pins into flesh or just the bizarre link between doing that and actually seeing a result. Acupuncture has been well associated with people turning to alternative treatments to solve issues that traditional medicine or therapy can't help with; it's now becoming a treatment that ladies of a certain age are turning to instead of botox, as well as working overall to invigorate the skin with health, vitality and a subtle glow.

I went along to Pointspace (which is within Earth Spa in Victoria, London) for a treatment, just to find out more about acupuncture and how it works. Ka Hang Leoungk is a fully qualified acupuncturist and a member of the British Acupuncture Council, so I was in safe hands. The day spa itself is very relaxing, quiet, ethereal and soothing so as soon as you step through the doors and take a deep breath of the scented candles that await, you're in the right frame of mind. Ka Hang started by placing three needles at pressure points in my legs, which apparently are the key points to start with. Although she suggested I may have a heavy or tingling feeling I could barely feel anything at all and after a few minutes completely forgot I had needles sticking out of my limbs!

When she started on my face I was hesitant and worried about how much it would hurt inserting needles into sensitive areas. They were placed under my chin, around the line from nose to lip, under my lip, under my eyebrow and a few other areas to target specific pressure points. Although not completely painless, it really wasn't uncomfortable to have so many needles in my face... at one point I asked how many I had and was told 37, before she kept on going! Around the nose, lip and eye where skin is thin it felt like a short, sharp pin prick, whereas in other areas I couldn't even feel the needles being inserted. I was worried about talking or opening my eyes, but both are fine - even when you do open your eyes the needles are placed in such a way you can't even see them. They're also a lot smaller than I would've ever imagined, with the majority of needles used being the smallest two above.

The needles are kept in for twenty minutes while the lights are turned down and you have time to chill out and relax. Some people may feel slight tingling or tickling sensations, but I just felt a warmth and slight pressure. Once the needles were removed quickly and painlessly, my face was massaged and plumped to leave me with a glowing complexion and healthy looking skin. There was no bruising or marks of any kind (although some people may experience slight bruising) so I was left with a flawless face and a satisfactory grin. I would definitely recommend acupuncture for those of you who have been looking for treatments, alternative therapies or just a session to relax - each individual is consulted and treated accordingly so you get the best out of your session. I didn't come away feeling like I'd had an intense facial workout, but it was a good starting point to build upon and treat certain anxiety areas if you had them.

Teenage Dream

Right now there's only one lady in town that matters and she has a fetish for cupcakes, blue hair and sparkles. Katy Perry can seem to do no wrong - not only has she launched her own fragrance and range of OPI nail polishes, but now she's been signed up to be the face of every girl's must-have brand: GHD. Talk about a teenage dream. Katy has posed for these pictures to illustrate that GHDs aren't just for creating poker straight hair, but can also create very glam curls, waves and siren locks. Although these have been photoshopped within an inch of their life, the pictures are stunning and will no doubt have girls across the land running out to stock up on yet more hair straighteners.



Rock n Khol

Eyeliner seems to be the weapon of choice of Miss Middleton so who are we to judge the power of a simple stroke of colour across the eye? As if by magic, Collection 2000 are set to launch a new range of Intense Colour khol pencils to coincide perfectly with the Big Day. These simple pencils come in six shades, including black, brown, green, teal, grey and blue, with a formula that's easy to blend and really smooth to apply. You can get a really intense colour result (aha, that's where the name came from) in one swipe of the khol and create a stand-out look.

The shades aren't particularly revolutionary, but I feel a wave of new hues being launched in the not to distant future. They do have a tendency to smudge and move if you're not careful - if you're an eye rubber or hayfever sufferer you'd definitely want a primer and a dusting of powder to keep them in place. For £1.99 though you can't go wrong - these would be perfect to stock up on if you're going away or just in need of a spare set that you don't mind shoving in your bag. I'm impressed with the colour and quality from a brand that's charging less than my lunchtime sandwich!

These launch in May across Boots, Superdrug and other Collection 2000 stockists.


Surf's Up

Because it's a new season/month/week/day/random Tuesday, MAC have decided to launch a new collection. This time it's inspired by surfers and beach babes and actually looks quite exciting and up my street. The main product of the collection is the Magically Cool Liquid Powder which I tried when it was launched as part of the Disney Villains collection back in 2010. It's a very strange texture and sensation as it actually feels like it's wet when applied to the skin and dries into a soft powder. It was a bit too heavy for me overall as it wasn't that delicate and tended to cake, but I've heard from many others that they adore it. I love the imagery, but I do find it really strange they've used a male model in the main shot...

The collection is limited edition and launched nationwide in May

Chubby stick

This time of year with the change in temperature and constant exposure to the elements, your lips seem to take a battering. I don't go anywhere without a lip balm and these new Chubby Sticks from Clinique are the perfect companion. They contain a highly moisturising formula combining a special blend of decadent butters, oils and antioxidants to help protect and pamper lips with immediate and lasting moisturisation. Infused with Shea Butter, Mango Seed Butter and Jojoba Seed Oil, the Chubby Stick delivers a surge of moisture in a sleek stick leaving lips soft, supple and soothed. They're also allergy tested, 100% fragrance free and dermatologist tested so perfect for the more sensitive pouts.

They come in eight different shades, four brown and four pink, and they're incredibly sheer so you have a hint of colour with an extremely moisturising balm. None of the shades are particularly strong or offensive so they can all be worn by pretty much any skin tone. The pen format makes them easy to apply and when they go blunt you just twist them up and they automatically go sharp again. I think these are incredibly cute and can see them being so successful over the Summer because they're so universal.

At £14.00 they're not that expensive either so they'd make perfect little presents over Easter if you'd rather not get another chocolate egg! They're available now in Selfridges, Oxford Street (launching nationwide by the end of the month) where there's also a pop-up shop offering complementary Chubby make-overs and even a photobooth to take snaps of your Chubby pouts. Get your Chubb on ladies.


LBQ Birthday Giveaway FIVE!

Today the competition is all about embracing up and coming, small fish brands that rely on blogs so much to get themselves out there. I've loved discovering home made products and experiencing the benefits of natural skincare over the last year of blogging; it's nice to be able to occasionally talk about something different and support some of the companies that are trying to do a bit of good in the world. Step up 'myroo' skincare who use only the best ingredients, stay free of nasties like parabens and SLS, use only fair trade shea butter and make all their products using as much recycled material as possible. To support LBQ they've kindly provided a £35 gift voucher to use on whatever you wish from their range - be it body lotions, skin scrubs, bath lotions or even baby treats... the choice is completely yours! All you have to do (you should know the drill by now) is be a follower of this blog, comment below with 'Happy Birthday LBQ' and leave a valid email/twitter name. You'll be polished to perfection in no time.

Check out their website here: www.myroo.co.uk
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