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LBQ seems to be rapidly expanding - so much so that it's getting a bit ahead of me and sometimes I'm struggling to keep up, but I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it! The latest string in my bow is that I've proudly been asked to be the guest blogger on top fashion destination High Fashion Society. I'm so chuffed about this because HFS is a great site that is really unique, offering vintage darlings and fashionistas the chance to get their hands on some top designer goods at second hand prices. If you've always fancied that Chanel bag or LV sunglasses then this is the place for you... One woman's trash is anothers treasure after all! I'll be writing about all things fashion, beauty, gossip, celebrities and anything else I can squeeze in. Make sure you take a look and have your credit card at the ready.

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Summer Scents

It's about now that I start to think about changing my fragrance selection for something a bit lighter and fresher, ready for when the weather catches up with me and starts to be a bit sunnier. The shelves of our chemists and department stores are now beginning to be flooded with Summer scents and I've got four launches from perfume mega-house Coty to share with you.

I'm a big fan of Kate Moss' previous fragrances, having finally bought into the celebrity endorsements with her Velvet Hour (and later Vintage) launch which I adore. Her latest offering is Love Blossoms, a sweet, simple fragrance in an equally sweet, simple bottle. "Love Blossoms is a beautifully uplifting fresh fragrance that exudes hope and happiness. This sparkling juicy scent opens with a spicy dash of pink pepper mingled with soft peach nectar and lily of the valley. The romantic floral heart blooms with a delicate trio of frangipani, Egyptian jasmine and peony before giving way to a warm and sensual signature of patchouli, white musk and vanilla sorbet." This is a much younger fragrance than her previous offerings, being quite sweet and floral, but I do still quite like it. It's easy to wear and it doesn't offend my nostrils at all, which seeing as I normally don't like sweet scents is an achievement in itself. The bottle is basic and the design simple, but for £15 you can't argue - you're getting a simple, fresh fragrance for a snippet.

When Beyonce launched her first fragrance the World seemed to go a little bit mental for it, but personally I didn't like the scent itself. It was too heavy and just didn't hit the right notes, but her newest addition 'Heat Rush' is much more up my street and updated for the change in season. "BeyoncĂ© Heat Rush instantly captures attention with sparkling top notes of passion fruit, blood orange and Brazilian cherry. The heart of the fragrance is a delicate floral bouquet of yellow tiger orchid, mango blossom and orange hibiscus. The base engages with hints ofteak wood, honey amber and a musk accord. “I created Heat Rush to bring the feeling of warmth and sensuality to every woman who wears it. It’s feminine and sexy, fresh and beautiful,” describes BeyoncĂ©." This would explain why I like it - some of my favourite scents are passion fruit, mango, cherry and honey. This is a more mature Summer fragrance that is one of the nicest I've smelt for 2011 - deep, layered and fruity without being sweet, this has that 'je n'est c'est quoi' that makes everyone I've asked love it.

Another great scent for the new season is Guess 'Wild Summer', which is quite similar to Beyonce's 'Heat Rush' but with more of a woody base. "The top notes are a flirty wink and coquettish giggle as the day dawns: fruity Lychee and crispy Pear sprinkled with vibrant Red Berries. As a relationship blossoms in the steamy dusk, the heart of the fragrance unveils: a floral bouquet of iconic Rose and tender Orange Flower draped in ethereal Jasmine vapor. Finally, night blooms: an intense dry down of sensual Vanilla, deep Cashmere Wood and intoxicating Musks." I've worn this quite a few times over the last week and I think it's a really great day-to-night fragrance that makes me feel pretty on-trend. I've never worn a Guess fragrance before but this dabble has made me intrigued to find out what other treasures have gone before me unnoticed.

The final fragrance is by pop princess Kylie. She seems to have launched enough fragrances to fill a perfume shop, but 'Pop Sparkle' is something different from the rest... "Modern and edgy yet still undeniably glamorous, POP Pink Sparkle opens with a spicy dash of dazzling pink pepper, blended with fresh, sweet notes of crisp apple and white peach. The floral heart is built around the light and fluffy tones of Bulgarian rose with delicate hints of tiara flower and marigold, giving the fragrance its beautiful vibrancy. Finally, it settles on a warm and sensual woody base of musk, sandalwood and ambrose." I have to admit that I don't really like this. It's a bit too sweet for me and doesn't settle into something particularly enjoyable. It reminds me of those fragrances you get in Next or La Senza when they've clearly tried to create something good but it just smells like room spray. The bottle is a letdown too as I expected a bit more glamour and quality from such a stylish lady. Better luck next time Kylie.

All four of these fragrances are really complementary and embody the Summer season, providing a perfect excuse to update your fragrance wardrobe. Do you change your scents to match your footwear? Wild Summer would go perfectly with a pair of gold gladiator sandals!


Got2B Powderful

Schwarzkopf have launched a new volumising powder for that messy, bedhead look. Take a look at my video (yey) and see what I thought of the product, plus a little cheeky demonstration.

Got2B powderful is available now in all major high street retailers priced around £4.00 (If you're quick though they're currently half price in Boots!)


Down to Earth

There are few brands that I like more for their ethos than their products, but Aveda is one of them. That's not to say they don't have some fantastic products, because they do, but that they're such an ethical, thoughtful and considerate brand that that's what I remember. Aveda have just re-launched their make-up range which was discontinued some time ago because it was basically not up to scratch. I've had a sneaky peek at the new products on offer and the range is comprehensive, yet has something for everyone. Inevitably the focus is on the ingredients being naturally derived and ethically sourced, and the colour palette reflects this as it's mostly focused on neutral shades. There are some shots of colour in there though for girls like me who like to colour themselves in a little bit!

The make-up range contains everything for face, eyes, lips and cheeks and includes some star products like the eyeshadow transformer which literally transforms the shade of an eyeshadow from a subtle hint of colour to an impactful metallic look. You can see below that the shades really differ depending on the amount of formula you add in - you literally dip the brush in the water-like formula and swipe over the colour: easy peasy.

All of the products come packaged in recycled boxes and minimum amounts of plastic - so much so that the shadows, blushers and foundations come simply in their metal casings and no outer pack at all. There's another reason for this though, because Aveda are a clever bunch of people... They've developed cute little palettes which contain a magnetic base so all of the individual colours/blushers etc simply click in the bottom. This means not only are you helping the planet and keeping your make-up bag tidy, but also reducing the amount of space you need in your bag to carry all your make-up around! There's even a secret place to put your lipstick - in the hinge! Genius.

I love this range and think people will be falling over themselves to get their hands on it. The colours are great, the eyeshadows pigmented but the other colours subtle, the lipglosses and lipsticks available in a really great range of shades and everything is easy to work with whether you're a professional or clueless. These aren't cheap as chips, retailing at £13 for a lip gloss, £11 for an eyeshadow and £21 for a foundation, but with the ethics that are behind it and the ingredients that are within it it's worth every penny.



Long, luscious lashes

If I'm not wearing false lashes on a night out I don't feel complete. I may as well not be wearing any knickers because it just doesn't feel like I've gotten fully dressed. I've been wearing false lashes for a few years now and nothing has come close to my favourite Eylure ones which seem to fit my eye perfectly, giving me a fuss-free flutter in no time. I've gotten so fed up with a lot of other brands that they don't even make it through the night, so when I was asked to try Ardell lashes I was dubious and thought they'd probably end up in the trash too. However, after fluttering my way through the weekend I can honestly say I've been converted.

Ardell lashes have a long history in the USA, dating back to the 1970's, but they've only recently been popping up on British shores. All the lashes are made with real human hair so they're super soft and lightweight, meaning your lashes won't way you down. They're also a bit more natural than a lot of other false lashes because they blend into your own and you don't get that ridiculous 'stuck on' effect that looks like you've joined the cast of The Only Way is Essex. What I love about them is that the lash glue comes in a little teeny sachet which makes applying the glue easy - especially as it becomes tacky quickly and attaches itself quite nicely to your lid. No fiddly pots of fish-smelling glue here.

The lashes come in this really useful carry case too which is incorporated into the design of the box. You can't see it that well but it closes shut and carries the lashes and glue perfectly so you don't lose them amongst your other bits and bobs of make-up... very handy! They have as many designs, if not more, than Eylure at around the same price - they start at around £5.00 and move upwards depending on the style. After being an Eylure addict for so long it's nice to find something different that I know I'm going to love just as much, if not more.

These are available from many high street retailers, including Boots and Superdrug, as well as online through retailers such as lookfantastic.com


Brow fixer

If you ask anybody if they have anything about themselves they don't like you'll inevitably get something along the lines of this: 'My bum is too big' or 'my nose is crooked'. Maybe even 'my thighs are wobbly' or 'my lips are too thin'. For me I've had an issue with my eyebrows for many years and it's been the one part that I wish I could change because your brows are just so visible. I can't remember why they stopped growing, maybe it was to do with stress or hormones, but they stopped short by about 2cms and have never grown back since. Every time I've been to have my brows plucked or a make-up artist has come near my face they've told me off for over-plucking... and every time they've had a response based around the fact that I don't pluck them! (If I did do you think I'd choose to have eyebrows that are 2cms short for my face?!)

Anyhow, I digress. So I've got an issue with my brows so I've been on a mission to find something to help. When I found out about M2Brows I literally couldn't wait to get my hands on a tube and give it a whirl, hoping that this little bottle was going to be a miracle in liquid format. I'd heard ace things about it with people saying it had literally transformed their brows in a number of weeks so I got stuck right in, applying the clear formula with the brush wand to the area I wanted to sprout miraculously. You're supposed to do this twice a day, but with my memory it was more like once a day when I remembered.

"M2BROWS is an innovative renewing serum for out of shape, spare or over-tweezed eyebrows. Infused with the proven effective MDN complex and enhanced by the purely natural ingredient, black sea rod oil, the potent M2BROWS Eyebrow Renewing Serum stimulates the growth of your eyebrows, restoring and transforming them.  After just a few short weeks, your brows will be visibly healthier, denser and darker." M2Brows claim to have visible results in 4-6 weeks and I've been using it for about 8. Already I'm really pleased with the results, as you can see. I've got lots of little hairs sprouting on the inside of my brows - you can see clearly where they stopped before. I've got a long way to go, but this seems to have created eyebrows out of nowhere so I'm sticking with it. This is meant for sparse brows, not non-existent ones, so I'm pleased that I've even got as many hairs as I have out of it. (Who would've thought I'd be pleased to be hairy.) Stay tuned for updates as, hopefully, my brows get bushier!

Available exclusively from Harrods and harrods.com for £133.00. Pricey, but worth it.

Time for tea

There's nothing I love more than sitting down for a good cup of tea. It could be while watching the telly, over a gossip at work or out for the afternoon with a posh tea set and scones to match... Could I be more British? Well iconic British fragrance brand Jo Malone has identified this quintessential pastime as an opportunity and have launched their own range of five tea inspired scents. This may sound strange, but it really works! There are five different flavours (or scents) to choose from, which include Assam & Grapefruit, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Fresh Mint Leaf, Sweet Lemon and Sweet Milk.

What's great about the fragrances is you can really layer them, creating a unique and individual fragrance depending on your mood. I've got the Earl Grey & Cucumber fragrance which is delicious - really uplifting, refreshing and like nothing else I've ever sniffed - and it smells divine over the Sweet Milk. You can just catch a hint of that unique Earl Grey scent, but mixed with the cucumber and milk it makes something really special. I've been recommended the Sweet Lemon as an amazing fragrance to layer with too so I can't wait to hunt some down and have a sniff. These are limited edition so grab them while you can either online or through their high street shops and concessions.

RRP £34.00 each for 30ml


24/7 Colour

Urban Decay have launched new 24/7 Glide On Shadow Pencils that boast bold colour and ultra-staying power. The pencils are super easy to use no matter how talented you are at applying your make-up... Literally swipe the colour across the lid and colour in wherever you want, using the new blending brush around the edges to really smudge the colour into the socket line. The shades are incredible, probably the brightest thing I've ever seen, and really stay put all day long with no change in look or feel. They're waterproof, smudge proof and really soft and blendable so you get fab colour without the hassle.

I've been trying the bright blue shade and I adore it. The subtle sparkles really make a difference too, giving you a bold look that's perfect for Summer nights. You can even use the pencil around the waterline, creating a really strong catwalk look, without any smudging or the colour wearing off. I'm massively impressed with these as I went all day and all night, rubbing to see if I could budge the colour and it didn't move a millimetre. The brush makes it really easy to move the colour around too and blend out the edges, being perfectly designed to work with the soft formula. I need some more of these colours in my life!

These are available in limited Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams stores, as well as online. The pencils are £14.00 each and the brush £10.00


Get Dirty

I'm falling a little bit in love with Lush again. We had our moments, fell out for a while, but now they're back on form with lots of lovely products for me to write about. This time it's the turn of 'Dirty' which I first saw nearly a year ago, but it's finally out there and available to buy as a whole range. The signature fragrance is really refreshing and minty - it reminds me of a fresh Spring day! The main notes are spearmint, tarragon, thyme, oak moss, lavender, sandalwood and neroli so it really is a unisex scent. They've used the fragrance in the rest of the range which includes a fabulous uplifting shower gel, a hair styling cream which is really light and leaves practically no residue in your hair.

Dirty takes the common idea of ‘layering’ with beauty products a little bit further.  Mark Constantine, one of the Gorilla Perfumers, comments: “We’re all used to layering – different products with supposedly the same perfume.  However with Dirty, we’ve created a new fragrance concept. Layering in the old-fashioned sense is a bit tedious; I thought that if you really want to harmonise yourself (in scent terms), you need to extract the different parts of the perfume and put them in each product you’re using in your grooming regime.  By the time you’re finished, you’ve put the fragrance together”. So basically if you use every product in the range you're creating a really complementary and unique scent... Interesting, eh?

The toothy tabs though are by far the most interesting product in this range! A new invention that contains bicarbonate of soda, a whitening agent and spearmint, you literally crush the tab between your teeth instead of using toothpaste, wet your toothbrush and brush away. It does feel a little strange but the result is the same - clean, fresh teeth. It's not as minty as your regular toothpaste so it takes a little getting used to, but these are perfect for taking away with you... They're going to be in my festival kit all Summer long! For £2.00 for a pack of about twenty tabs they're a bargain and good for the environment. Getting dirty never felt so good.


Pop and go

I love eyeshadow palettes because it means I don't have to carry millions of different individual pots around with me, especially when I'm going away for the weekend. The problem is though that there's always one colour you don't like, one colour you don't use and one colour that you always wish was just different. The genius people over at Front Cover Cosmetics have come up with a new concept that means you'll never be carrying round unnecessary colours again. I really like FCC as they're great quality, colourful and reasonably priced, but the big issue I had was their eyeshadows and blushers being packaged in huge boxes and not being able to remove them. This has totally solved that problem, so bravo to them.

You get a black 'shell' case which contains a mirror and four holes to fill with the colours of your choice. The colours come individually packed in little plastic casings which are then popped out and clicked into place in a jiffy. It's really easy to put them in and take them out again so you can always chop and change depending what colours you're rocking that day.  I was a bit concerned that when you put them in they'd never see the light of day again, but it's very easy to change them around when you want.

I think this is a fab idea that will do really well. I know a couple of more premium brands that have a similar product, but this is the first one I've seen that's way more affordable. The palette is £5 and the shadows £4 each, but if you buy them together you save £6 because you can grab the lot for £15! There are 25 shades to choose from too so you can go for neutrals, greens, blues, deeper hues or something crazy. You're investing into some really great eyeshadows too because the pigments are always very impressive... grab some now before they're gone!

Pick these up in selected Boots stores and online now.


Oh la la Mademoiselle

Coco Mademoiselle is one of those iconic fragrances that can never be imitated. It reminds me of Summer nights at festivals because I take the hair scent with me every time! To celebrate the launch of the new campaign featuring Keira Knightley, Chanel have introduced a Coco Mademoiselle bottle shaped pop-up cinema in Selfridges where you can go by, chillax, see the new advert and take in the beautiful surroundings. You can also pick up a limited edition 200ml of the fragrance which has never been available before. I know how I'll be spending my weekend...

This is in store now until Wednesday 30th March.

Calling Dr P

When I was invited to go and find out about a new skincare launch from Doctor Linda Papadopolous my first thought was 'what does that psychologist off Big Brother know about skin?' Well, Linda has studied the skin for many years in conjunction with her studies as a psychologist, specialising in the effect of our appearance on our mental health. She's established not only that certain textures and smells affect the way we feel, but also that we need to see quick visible results to believe a product is of benefit to us and continue using it. She's developed her range with the help of skin care experts, ensuring that her products not only look and feel good, but also have a very positive effect on the skin. This may not be rocket science, but the result it a range that looks great, smells amazing and contains some great ingredients so you're getting a product that should be twice or three times the actual RRP.

Within the Skin Therapy range is a facial wash, day and night moisturiser, two eye creams, a lip exfoliator and plumper and a toner spray. When I first saw the products I instantly fell in love with the luxurious, glamorous packaging that felt and looked like great quality - purple means regal after all. It's lovely to see a range that has a really strong and clear identity in such a cluttered market and that so much care and attention has been taken to ensure the customer feels like they're buying into a lifestyle rather than just another product... Linda even includes tips on the back of each product to help you on your way to a happy life!

The products contain essential oils and natural fragrances so the scents are amazing. I personally love the orange smell of the lip products and the beautiful rose-water scent of the toner. These are probably my two favourite products too as the lip plumper acts like a subtle pout enhancer whilst still being a great long-lasting gloss that smells amazing. The toner is simply fabulous and a product that I won't stop using for some time; packaged in a pump spray it removes traces of make-up and refreshes skin without leaving it tight, as well as acting as an overall uplifting spray that can be used over cosmetics to liven the skin and wake you up. It literally smells and feels like pure water with a hint of petal action... beautiful. The night moisturiser and eye creams also work really well to moisturise and uplift the complexion overnight, leaving you with quite outstanding results the morning after - I actually had to prod myself in the mirror to check that it was me the first time I used it.

I think this is a fab range and can't wait for it to launch in May so you can all have a look too. It will be available in Harrods, among other places, so I'll keep you updated with news when I have it!


My Beautiful Friends

In a world full of adverts pushing you the latest mascara and flawless foundation, it's refreshing every so often to sit down in front of the telly and watch something that's really important. Last night I, among many others, made myself a cuppa and sat down to watch Katie Piper: My Beautiful Friends, the inspiring story of tackling facial disfigurements.  Beauty and the Beast this was not - heartwarming, humbling and at some points plain tear jerking. Katie filmed a documentary in 2009 and allowed us to follow her journey from being horrifically subjected to an attack where she had acid thrown in her face, to now being in a positive and influential person who has made it her mission to help others facing similar issues.

This new four part documentary on Channel 4 continues to follow her as she meets and helps others suffering from facial and body disfigurements, including burn victims and people suffering from genetic abnormalities, as well as her journey to set up the Katie Piper Foundation as a beacon of support for others. In the first show you saw the amazing bravery of the men and women living with these issues on a daily basis. This included not only the pain and trauma of undergoing surgery, stretching skin to make way for skin graphs and their ways of dealing with their changing bodies, but also how this affects their relationships with others and even how they're treated by the general public.

I was on twitter while watching the programme and the outpouring of comments regarding bravery was incredible... It seemed that everyone was on the same page and that page was praising this amazing lady, Katie Piper. What got me the first time was when Katie underwent a procedure to remove fat from her thighs to put into her face, giving her structure and definition. The acid attack burnt not only the skin, but also the fat underneath so she had no 'features' other than those that have been created for her. Seeing someone almost in tears because they had cheeks had me crying into my cuppa. It makes you wonder what's important doesn't it?

I spend my life writing about beauty products, how this foundation will cover your spots, how this lipstick will give you an awesome pout, how this shampoo will make your locks luscious... It all seems a bit menial and superficial now. So for today I urge you to think about how lucky you are and how minor our problems now seem to be. That spot on your cheek may be annoying, but at least you've got a cheek.

Watch the first episode here on C4 on demand and tune into the next episodes every Tuesday at 9pm on C4.

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Glam Media


Starry Eyed Surprise

Lush bath bombs seem to be taking over my life. If I don't have one in my bath then it's just not a good enough bath. In homage to the Twilight phenomenon which seems to be taking over the solar system they've launched a Twilight bath bomb - it doesn't contain blood, it doesn't look like Edward's face and it doesn't smell of teen desperation. In fact it's rather sweet being a pink and blue colour with cute little stars on the outside of the bomb.

When you drop this in the bath the pink casing starts to crumble away leaving a pale blue centre. Together they create a really cool subtle marble effect in the bath water which really doesn't photograph well, but take it from me it looks prettier than Robert Pattinson in a feather boa. The bomb contains lavender so it's a really relaxing and sensual experience, that although not as dramatic or theatrical as some of the bath bombs available, is certainly worth a try.What's also a bonus is there aren't any of those annoying floaty bits that you spend two hours trying to get off the bottom of your tub... less time cleaning, more time soaking.

These are available from Lush stores and online now for £2.99


LBQ does QVC

Last week I was invited down to QVC by Liz Earle to celebrate their 15th anniversary on the station. Liz created the brand from nothing and QVC were brave enough to launch it when it was barely a sapling in the world of beauty products and when they had only a handful of beauty brands in their stockroom. The gamble clearly paid off as Liz Earle now sells like hotcakes and the classic Cleanse & Polish has become one of the most iconic products of the last ten years. I was lucky enough to have a tour of the channel, meet the lovely Liz herself and even film my own screen test, which is hilarious - I'm a bit of a technophobe so I can't quite figure out how to change the format so I can upload it for you to have a look at, but if I can I'll let you know! In the meantime celebrate the fact that Cleanse & Polish has spent 15 years at the top by treating yourself to a bottle... and if you've never tried it then why the hell not? Read my first ever Liz Earle review of C&P here.

Congratulations to all the team at Liz Earle and here's to another 15 years at the top.



Little Luxuries

If you haven't noticed then pay attention - it's Mother's Day next weekend. If you're still in need of gift ideas then these little luxuries may give you a quick and easy way of putting a smile on Mum's face and a lovely roast in your belly. First up is this really cute bath set from one of my fave brands, Aromatherapy Associates. You get three little pots of oil (relax, revive and de-stress) all wrapped up in this cute box which even includes a little bow. For £12.00 you can't go wrong either because it's an absolute bargain... with each bottle giving you three baths that'll keep her going until at least next birthday.

I love Connock London, it's a really sweet and luxurious brand which pays as much detail to the packaging as it does to what's inside. This beautiful body lotion smells phenomenal and you can really sense the shea butter, macademia oil and hints of spices coming through. It absorbs quickly and is super light so it moisturises the skin without leaving build-up or residue. Mum will be thankful for this too because at £32.70 you're not only giving her smooth legs, but a beautiful decoration for her dressing table.

These beautiful little packages from Rose & Co may look good enough to eat, but the cupcakes are actually for sprucing up and bathing. They smell sooooo good you may actually feel like you need to eat a cupcake after using them, but they make your bath a real luxurious experience. Starting from £3.50 for individual cakes you can customise the gift you give depending on how big a sweet tooth Mum has. Pop down to The Apothecary in House of Fraser and check them out for yourself.

Finally we've got a specially designed gift for Mums across the globe from skincare specialist Liz Earle. I'm a huge ambassador of her range so what better gift to give than the gift of fabulous skin? This set contains the essentials to get skin looking tip top and includes a body cream, face cream, superskin concentrate and a trial of the new superskin eye and lip treatment, all packaged in a cute pillow case for only £30.00. If you're feeling extra generous you could always buy your Mum a year's supply of Cleanse & Polish which is delivered direct to your door - if you've got £159.00 and are feeling super generous that is!



Spray tan

This weekend we've seen the first sun of the year so it's about time we started thinking about sun protection too. It may seem a little bit excessive, knowing that this time next week we'll inevitably be back to donning our jumpers and carrying umbrellas (thanks British weather) but at least think about investing in some protection for when it creeps up on you again. As a fair skinned individual it's paramount that I wear a high factor or I end up looking like a character out of Benidorm. The downside though it that factor 50 normally comes hand in hand with thick, gloopy, white formulas that end up making me sticky and uncomfortable - a sure way to make me question whether I skip applying it all together. Piz Buin have come to the rescue though with their new lightweight spray which is going to be a staple in my Summer holiday wardrobe... it's not all about the flip flops.

The 'In Sun Ultra Light Sun Spray' (catchy eh?) comes in a really light formula that is non-greasy, non-sticky and absorbs really well into the skin, even in factor 50. It's so light that it comes in a spray so you don't even have to mess up the bottle attempting to squeeze out the formula, getting muck all over the outside. The nozzle at the top twists around and turns into a pump that squirts out a small blob onto the skin - although this is slightly tough to get going and you do end up with excess that needs to be wiped off or you'll have a crusty bottle. That's a small price to pay though for an all-round pretty ace formula.

I sprayed this onto my skin quite a few times to test it and you can see that it really does absorb into the skin easily and quickly - the picture below was taken after a really quick, swift massage into the skin and you can see how well it absorbs, leaving no nasty white marks. It's got a really lovely delicate fragrance which makes me want to go to the beach, but that's not going to happen... I'm going to have to settle for Clapham Common instead. The 50+ variant retails around £16.00 and the lower factors (30 and 15) are slightly cheaper, so for this you get a really good lotion that won't stop you enjoying your Summer days but will stop you having burnt and painful Summer nights.

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