TOWIE lips

You've got to admit, I'm not that hard to buy for. I like lipgloss, I like TOWIE and I like a cheeky shimmer. Whoever got my Secret Santa this year can obviously put two and two together (and get TOWIE) as I ended up with this lipgloss set from the TOWIE beauty range. A set of three lipglosses, this gift set is perfect for anyone that wants a little pink sparkle in their lives. Considering this is basically a range of cosmetics jumping on the bandwagon of a tan-tastic TV show, it aint half bad. The lipglosses do completely smell of Calpol (you remember the cough medicine you had as a five year old) but the consistency is thick and smooth. There's a little hint of shimmer and sparkle under the shade and the colours are surprisingly subtle and wearable. Although the packaging is a little bit disappointing and short on Essex bling, what's inside is really quite nice. Who'd have thunk it?

I believe these are available from Superdrug and Argos. The gift sets start at around £5.00 up to £20.00 from memory - it was a Secret Santa, I can't look it up!


  1. Its a shame im not a lipgloss fan cos these look really nice!!! Xx

  2. How can you not be a lipgloss fan?! I can't live without lipgloss!


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