Personalised Bottles from Caudalie

I've reviewed the beautiful scents of Caudalie before, expressing how fresh, different and amazing they are. For only £28 you get a beautifully packaged scent, inspired by the grape vines in France, that lasts all day and gives you a little mood boost too. You can read my original post here, but right now they're offering a special service just for Christmas - personalised bottles. For no extra charge you can print a little message on the front of the bottle so your loved one gets a fab fragrance and a little something extra. There's only enough room for 11 characters on 2 lines so you have to be creative and succinct, but it's worth it!

Buy yours now on their website.


  1. these sound really interesting!


  2. Oh how gorgeous!! If it wasn't so close to Christmas I'd definitely buy this for my mum & ship it back home to Australia :)

  3. I love these.. they are so fresh and clean smelling. My fave is the Red bottle.. I have bought at least 4 bottles, love the stuff!

  4. I wear these all the time. They're so fresh and different, plus the price point is amazing for such a cool bottle. Defo a Chrimbo present!


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