Tip Your Hat

I love hats, especially in the winter time. You can plonk a fashionable fedora on your head and use the excuse that it's helping to keep you warm, while channelling your inner boho chic. I've already become a little bit obsessed with massive floppy hats and have already picked up some statement pieces from H&M. You can pretty much get fedoras from every shop you go into now, but these ones have got my vote because they're great quality, fit well, aren't too floppy and withstand being folded up in a bag for over 24hrs. Why pay more for something so simple, especially when you can personalise the band... I'm going for a feather in my cap this winter.


Available from H&M for £9.99 - available in camel, black and wine.


  1. The hat really suits you, i love the brown version!

  2. Love this look, so glamorous!


    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Oh I love these types of hats! Even though I fear they make me look a tad...head-less?? ;) Have def decided to get one, & these are by far the nicest ones I've seen :) Thanks hun!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  4. You need big hair and then it looks good... Maybe not one for those that have shorter styles, but pretty much anyone can wear them : )

  5. Oh you look so cute! Love the hat, especially the brown one.


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