I'm in Milan!

If you've been following me on twitter you'll know that I'm taking it easy in Milan for a few days, recovering from a mental few weeks that culminated in London Fashion Week. I've never been to Italy before, let alone one of the fashion capitals of the world, so it's been quite an eye opener. The architecture here is amazing and the views are stunning, although there's not much to do apart from shop and drink coffee... not that that's a bad thing! So far we've been for coffee at Gucci (as in Gucci's own coffee shop - amazeballs) followed by a little splurge, as well as visits to every designer shop imaginable. We've had the most relaxing few days, chilling out by the fab hotel pool and relaxing in the sauna. Totally what I needed. Normal blogging will resume soon, but for now I'm gonna make you a teeny bit jealous with a few snaps... Ciao.



  1. Did you go up onto the roof of the Cathedral? Its a pretty good view of the city up there

  2. Anonymous25.9.11

    Italy! I really want to go!Not only Italy though... Milan! Jealous!!!!



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