Visibly Clear

Neutrogena launched their grapefruit face wash earlier in the year and are now adding a cream wash to the collection. Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Cream Wash claims to gently cleanse, preventing and removing impurities while awakening the senses. The formula is a creamy lotion which smells subtly of citrus fruits (I don't really know what grapefruit smells like to be honest.) You need a small blob mixed with water to cleanse the whole of the face, the formula delicately removing dirt and leaving you with a refreshed and clean complexion.

The formula doesn't really foam, but it does work well around the skin without leaving any residue. I normally stay clear of cream based face washes as they tend to leave a film and sticky feeling over the skin - this is easy to use and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. There's a very slight minty, tingly sensation when you use too, meaning it's perfect in the morning to uplift your mood and wake you up. I can't say I've noticed any less blackheads or impurities after using this, but it is a nice overall facewash to keep in the shower for a daily cleanse.

Available in all major retailers - £4.49 for 150ml


  1. I had really bad results using the scrub version of these. It gave me blemishes and made my cheeks awefully dry.
    It is however, quite good as a foot scrub.

  2. I'm a cream wash kind of girl but as you said, some can leave a horrid residue. Will have to give this one a try. x

  3. I tried this product out a while back and didn't see much difference. Love the smell of it thou.

  4. love this face wash , i love the scent of it , i hope we can follow each other britters89.blogspot.com


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