Lip tattoos... really?

I've seen things bubbling around for a while, but only now have I seen the images for myself. You can now buy temporary lip tattoos from a brand called Violent Lips, available in Selfridges. What the hell?! Who came up with this idea and who did they think would wear these - outside of a festival or fancy dress party at least? I do love the idea and think it's innovative and different, but at £10 a pop they're not cheap enough to buy just to play around with - although I'm mega tempted to grab some just for the kick of it.

The designs come in a variety of extremes, from the more 'subtle' (if you can call it that) poker dot to the full-on 'out there' American flag design. Going by this video they're a bit fiddly to apply too, and seeing as they only last 4-8hrs is it worth the hassle? Would you tattoo your lips?



  1. Really? £10 for that? No way! Whatever happened to good old fashioned lipstick? Cheaper and you can reapply it. It just makes more sense to me. But then again, I am the girl who almost wet her pants with excitement when she discovered crackle polish on Saturday.

  2. Lol thats so weird! But you've got to give it to them, its totally innovative! I wonder what they feel like? rachinald.blogspot.com

  3. I've seen these about too. Got to be honest they aren't my cup of tea. Yeah for a special night out, party or something wild I can see the appeal. Maybe I'm getting too old LOL? Either way I'd rather go buy a MAC lipstick and put the extra money towards it then get lip tattoos they only last a short time. My lipstick would last loads longer;)
    Mel xxxx

  4. I wouldn't use them myself but I do love the "hello" one, very cute!

  5. Caroline19.7.11

    You should check out Scrangie's blog - she used the American flag one on Independence Day.


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